Reborn Chapter 1 A/N: An story from where the anime left off. MegxJo, naturally. Alternate ending, one OC, may be out of character but I don't give a shit. In reality starts from where Jo shot that brain thingy.

Shit was about to blow up. Jo could feel it. "D'jango, defend Sei, quick!" yelled the gunslinger, instructing the mech. "Jo, what about you?" called Sei. "I'll be fine," said Jo, attempting to find shelter behind a machine. "My job is done." The brain exploded, sending debris, fire, and heavy-ass objects toward them. Jo's shelter backfired as she was slammed between it and a wall, the machine breaking. It flew away as the blast grew stronger, and she was overcome with pain. Her scarf flew off, and she saw it fluttering in the wind. She couldn't feel her legs. She couldn't find her guns. She couldn't even fucking see. She was in pain, and that was all she knew. In what she though to be her last moments, she though of Meg.

She'd left the red-head on the coast, wanting to keep her safe. She briefly wondered if she would ever be able to keep Meg safe again, and prayed to god that she didn't do anything stupid. Then she remembered that she didn't believe in god, so she merely hoped. Hoped that she would get out of this. Hoped she could see Meg again. Hoped Meg wasn't hurt. And hoped that Meg would be happy.

As she was lost in this train of thought, she felt something grab her, pulling her away from the explosion (when had it ended?). She looked into two bright yellow lights before she passed out. But not before she heard the voice. It was smooth and quiet, hypnotic in a way. But it had a had a demonic-sounding echo, that made her stiffen. It said: "It's okay, child. You'll be okay."

Jo awoke on something cold and hard. She opened her ruby eyes, trying to see, but it was dark. She tried getting up, but something pushed her down. Suddenly, a warm yellow light filled the room. She was lying on a metal table, covered in bandages. The walls were covered in machines and tubes, and she looked at the source of the light. It was a woman. She had short brown hair and gray skin. She, too, was bandaged. She had several scars all over her body. Her torso and most of her legs were covered in bandages, though she wore simple clothes over them. A black shirt and black shorts. But her eyes were shocking.

They weren't eyes at all, really. Just two empty eye-sockets with a yellow light coming out of them. The light was eerily familiar, but Jo didn't care. The woman smiled, the light shining brighter. Upon closer inspection, Jo saw that the woman had some of the tubes sticking out of her back, and the skin was torn off of one of her arms and both her legs, revealing metal.

"Hello, Jo." It was the same voice from before. "You shouldn't be moving unless you're sure you can. Got it?"

"I think I can," snapped Jo. "Now, why am I here?"

"Because I pulled you out of the wreckage. And don't get me wrong, I know you started it. All I have to say is that it's about fucking time someone did it."

Jo's head snapped up at this statement. "Was anyone else there? A woman with black hair, perhaps?"

"No, just a mech. Didn't look too badly damaged. Yours?"

"Yeah." Jo tested her injuries, relieved that she could move. "I can leave now."

"Good to know," commented the woman. "Goodbye, Jo. We may meet again."

Unsure what to say to that, Jo got up. Her whole torso was bandaged, and her legs and right arm felt stiff. The pain in her chest and... well, everywhere else burned, but she could ignore it. She still had her chaps, and the woman handed her her guns.

"I found these," she explained. "They were broken, so I repaired them. They're better than new now, so rest assured." Jo took the two guns, slipping them into her holster. She walked up the stairs that led to the door, pushing it open. She looked down, seeing a busted lock resting by it with several chains. The woman's home had been underground, it appeared. And locked up, right under RAPT headquarters.

As she looked around the wreckage, she saw a familiar head of red hair. She ran, surprised at how easy it was. Meg was looking up at Jo's scarf, tears in her eyes. Jo ran up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "What's wrong Meg?" she asked in a soft voice. Meg turned around, shocked. Jo smiled, putting her hand on Meg's head. Meg hugged her, crying into her bandages. After hesitating briefly, Jo wrapped her arms around Meg's waist, whispering comforting words in her ear.

Meg looked at her with wide, blue eyes. "Are you okay, Jo?"


"Who helped you?"

"It was..." Jo realized she didn't know the woman's name. "Some lady with some robotic parts. She looked like she was hurt herself, but I didn't ask questions. I remember that she pulled me out of the explosion when it was over, but I never learned her name."

"Well, whoever she was, it's likely she saved your life," said Meg, letting go of Jo. "I'm forever grateful to her for that."

"I guess she did save my life, huh..."

"Let's go back to the trailer," suggested Meg, taking off her jacket. "But first, take this. It's yours, after all." Jo slipped on the jacket, looking over to see her scarf.

"Just a second," she said, ignoring Meg's protests as she ran up to the ruins, jumping up. She'd planned to grab onto a ledge, but somehow ended up on right next to the scarf. She grabbed it, wrapping it around her neck.

"Woah," yelled Meg from the ground. "I didn't know you could jump that far, Jo!"

"Me neither," muttered Jo to herself. She jumped back down, landing perfectly. "Let's go."

As they walked into the trailer, everyone stopped. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Leo stopped his hand where he'd been about to put food in his mouth, Amy stopped typing, Kyohei stopped cutting vegetables, Takane (she was visiting) stopped talking to Leo, Sei froze (simple as that), Meg looked at Jo and Jo looked at everyone. (A/N) If you're not lost, let's continue. (End A/N)

"What is everyone staring at?" asked Jo, acting as though she hadn't been gone. With that, Takane walked up, smirking. "Looks like Tokyo can survive some pretty big things, huh?" she patted Jo an the back. Leo laughed, and Kyohei smiled, waving at the silver-haired girl. Amy grinned wildly, welcoming her. Sei stood there, frozen in shock. "Jo," she ran up to the other girl, the disbelieving expression stuck on her face. "Impossible." "I thought you were originally looking for someone who could make the impossible possible, Sei. Thought you'd been mistaken." Sei shook her head. "Never. But Jo," she looked down, at Jo's legs, at her right arm. "Your arm and legs were blown off your body, I saw it before I knocked out."

A/N: And so ends the first chapter. So... yeah...