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Harry Potter and the Pains of Existence

By Trance 1861

Harry lay in his bed, afraid to close his eyes because he knew he would see, within the darkness of his dreams, Cedric. Cedric, lying on the ground, eyes dead and cold. In his head he knew that Cedric's death was not his fault. He did not mean for Cedric to die. It was Voldemort's fault. His heart, well his heart was another story. He didn't know Cedric that well or anything but he knew he was a good person. A good person who died at the hands of Voldemort.

When he had found out he was a wizard 4 years ago he was so happy. Just think of all the possibilities magic opens up. He never thought of all the destruction magic can do. How with one flick of a wand someone could lay dead.

Of course Harry did not remember much of his parents since they died while he was so young. But every time he closed his eyes he would see them, dead like Cedric. Eyes, that once shone with happiness and love, now empty.

He wiped the tears off his face. He hated the nighttime. At least during the day his chores kept his mind off of these things. He looked at the clock. In about an hour the Dursley's would be getting up. "Today is going to be a long day," Harry thought. He had not gotten much sleep lately and it seemed as though each and every day he was losing more and more energy. And the chores kept piling up.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts when Vernon Dursley screamed for him to come down to breakfast. Harry sat at the table and hungrily ate his slice of grapefruit. The night before Dudley had accused Harry of doing magic, probably just to get him in trouble, and he was sent to bed with no supper. Although Ron and Hermione had sent some food, cakes and stuff, he longed for a real meal. After all, even a teen-age boy can only survive so long on junk food.

SMACK "BOY Listen to me when I talk to you!" Vernon Dursley screamed after slapping Harry upside the head, "Now, we are having company over later so you need to stay in your room and be VERY quite. One peep and I swear you will wish you died with your parents, those stupid freaks."

Harry could cope with things being said about him, but against his parents was a whole other story. He felt the anger boil in his stomach and screamed, "They are not freaks, and they are twice the person that you could ever be. And if my father was here right now he would make you regret everything you just said!!!!!!!"

"That's enough boy," Vernon screamed.

With that Vernon charged Harry and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. He dragged him to the cupboard under the stairs. He opened the door and punched Harry hard. Harry fell back into the small cupboard. Vernon raised his leg and kicked Harry in the stomach.

"You will stay in there until I say so, and I swear if I hear one PEEP out of you you won't be able to walk for a month," Vernon screamed, his face flushed with anger.

With that he slammed the door to the cupboard. Harry heard Vernon lock the door. He tried to sit up from his position on the floor but the pain in his stomach and head would not let him. Silently he began to cry. Tears and blood poured down his face. "Why?" Harry asked silently to him, "Why do I have to hurt so much all the time, why????"

Slowly he felt the blackness wash over him. He gratefully fell into unconsciousness.