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Snape Manor

"Now then, let me finally give you a tour of my abode. You have free reign around most of the house. I only ask that you stay out of my room and my office unless you are looking for me," Severus said, " Now follow me."

            Harry nodded and followed Severus around the mansion.

"This is the library," Severus said as they turned into a new room, "While you are here you might as well study on your free time." Harry's face turned sour at the thought of studying all summer. "However," Severus smiled watching the boy's reaction, "I have some more books here for entertainment purposes." Severus led Harry towards the back of the library. Harry stared, dumbfounded, as they walked deeper through the stacks of books. "Hermione would love this place," Harry thought. Finally they stopped at the other end of the room. There were couches and chairs next to a large bay window. Severus led Harry to one of the shelves near the window and pointed to a large shelf of books. "These are some Quidditch books I have accumulated over the years. Although I am not sure I should let you read them. I am getting awfully tired of watching Slytherin loose to your house," Snap sighed, "But I know when you are bored you manage to find trouble so I'll let you look at them."

            Harry looked at the shelf of books. There were hundreds of books on Quidditch. Harry felt the excitement rise in his throat. He could not wait to get into these.

            Snape grinned at the boy as he gawked at the books. "If there is one thing I know about teenage boys is their love for this sport," He thought to himself. "Now Harry, onto the rest of the house."

            Harry was surprised to see how many rooms were actually in the manor. There had to be at least 15 bedrooms, all with their own bathroom. Harry also discovered that the house had a series of intricate secret passages. Severus pointed out some to him and told him that he may have some fun later on and discover the rest. Harry did get a look at Severus' room, which was not at all like he expected. He was picturing something like the dungeons at school. In actuality, however, the room was quite nice.

            Harry's favorite room however, well maybe second favorite since all he could think about were those Quidditch books, was the potions room. In the basement Severus had this large laboratory of sorts. Harry thought that it came right from a science fiction movie. Potions seemed to be brewing all over the place. "Now Harry," Severus said dragging Harry away from his thoughts, "Please don't touch anything that I may be working on down here. As you know some potions take a long time to brew and I would be very upset if I had to start all of these from scratch again. That potion back there, the purple one, has been brewing for about four years now and the slightest tap against the cauldron could set the potion off and cause a rather large explosion. Am I making myself clear."

"Perfectly, I'll make sure to stay away from the purple-likely-to-explode-at-any-time potion."

Severus laughed, "That's a good boy."

            When they finished the tour of the house Severus informed Harry that he had to run some more errands and that he would be back later. "Sir, One more thing before you go," Harry said, "You showed me the inside of your house, but what about the outside?"

Snape sighed, "Harry, I am sorry but it is for your best interests that you do not go outside. I cannot have anyone notice that you are here. Actually, while we are on the topic we have to make up a bit of a warning system if I get any unexpected visitors. Hmmm, I suppose a simple charm will work. I can arrange it so that whenever someone else besides me enters this home you will here a ring. Only you will be able to hear it. When you hear it I expect you to find a suitable place to hide. Or better yet, how about you carry that invisibility cloak around with you. Also, carry your wand. One thing you should know Harry is that a good wizard is never without his wand. I am sorry for these precautions but your presence here must remain secret."

"OK, I understand. I'll make sure to carry the cloak around with me," Harry promised, "But sir, as for the wand, I am not allowed to do magic outside of school."

"Right, well, if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you have to use it I'm sure the Ministry will be forgiving. Besides I wouldn't want you to get expelled on a formality like that. I have so many more fun years of making your potions class a period of hell." Harry chuckled at this. "Anyway, I must be on my way. I'll set the charm before I leave. Now that you know the house feel free to roam it. I will be back later." With that Severus swept from the room. As soon as Severus had left the room Harry bolted to his room, grabbed his invisibility cloak and wand, and then ran to the library, pulled a Quidditch book from the shelf, and began to read. Harry thought to himself as he flipped through the book, "Maybe this summer won't be that bad after all."