Keep quiet- Chapter One

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Hermione Granger sat behind the curtain of silver vapour rising out of her cauldron.

She watched as Ron struggled to add his powdered moonstone while stirring his Draught of Peace in the correct direction, biting her lip to stop herself from helping him.

Professor Snape's instructions at the beginning of the class had been clear; they were not to speak during the lesson in preparation for their upcoming O.W.L. examinations.

Hermione glanced up at the Potions Master and saw that his back was turned. She leaned towards Ron and told him what he was doing wrong in a hurried whisper.

Without warning, Professor Snape's cold voice called down the row of desks.

'Speaking out of turn Miss Granger, are you incapable of restraining yourself? Detention.'

Harry and Ron looked at her with sympathy. Spending extra time with the despised teacher was not anyone's idea of fun, let alone for Hermione who had served only one detention in her 5 years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Eating dinner in the Great Hall that night, the three friends discussed what horrible punishment Snape would have in store for Hermione.

'It can't be worse than the Forbidden Forest, you'll be alright', said Harry, trying to reassure her. He didn't really help though and by the time Hermione arrived at Snape's office door in the dungeons, she was shaking with dread.

'Enter', responded Snape's silky voice to Hermione's reluctant knock. She walked into the room and looked around, taking in the walls lined with bottles containing pickled animals, and a large wooden door behind Snape's desk.

She sat in a chair opposite him and awaited her fate.

Severus purposely ignored the girl for several minutes, pondering how best to go about revealing his chosen sentence for her.

He wasn't sure where the idea had come from. Perhaps it had been too long since he had relieved his needs with somebody, or Hermione's noticeable intelligence appealed to him in some way, or he simply wished to take the insufferable know-it-all down a peg or two.

Whatever had led him to his decision, Severus intended to introduce Hermione to something he was sure she had no experience with.

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