Keep Quiet- Chapter Six

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Throughout the following weeks, Hermione observed the way Snape acted towards not only herself, but the rest of his students.

While he may have been a passionate and expressive man in the privacy of his sleeping chambers, Snape's everyday actions belied nothing when it came to a sexual preference for his students. He remained the same old strict Professor, expecting nothing but the best performance in his classes, even going so far as to sneer at Hermione when one of her potions had the tiniest minor detail lacking.
If this wasn't convincing enough for the girl, not once did she catch sight of the man making eye contact with her outside of class. It seemed her unlikely detention had truly been a one-off, spur of the moment thing in the mind of Severus Snape. And it wasn't just Hermione being ignored by the professor; he paid no undue attention to any other witches or wizards in his care.

Her fears satisfied, Hermione began to think of ways to put the second phase of her plan into action. An attraction that began with sex was quickly becoming something else for the young witch; Hermione's feelings for her Potions professor felt infinitely stronger than a typical schoolgirl crush. Perhaps the weeks of careful observation had been a bad idea, since this had given Hermione ample opportunity to admire Snape without him being aware of it.
From the way he walked, to his captivating voice, and even the way that long, black hair fell across his face; it all added up to a sex god in Hermione's eyes.

Having him once just wasn't enough, that taste of pleasure only left Hermione hungry for more.

Before she went to sleep that night, Hermione touched herself.

Every night since she'd begun watching Professor Snape, Hermione released her built-up sexual frustration by thinking of him as she masturbated. Reliving the memory of his tongue on her clitoris went a long way in making her nightly sessions more pleasurable, but any orgasm she achieved was pale in comparison to experiencing it with her longed-for professor.

After another less-than-satisfying release, Hermione dozed off. Her final thought before falling asleep was a promise to channel her Gryffindor courage tomorrow by presenting Snape with an offer he couldn't refuse.


The following day turned out better than even Hermione could have planned. By 9pm, she was lying naked in Professor Snape's bed once again, this time blindfolded and pleading for him to touch her.

It really hadn't taken much convincing for Snape to agree to this. Hermione had waited until all the other students had left the dungeons after their potions lesson before approaching Snape's desk. Trying to project an air of confidence and channelling her inner flirt, Hermione had forced herself to maintain eye contact with the man as she spoke.

'Professor, I just wondered if you'd like me to... catalogue your store cupboards again. I'm sure I could do a better job than last time. It would be my pleasure.' A coy smile followed this proposal, Hermione crossing her fingers behind her back while she waited for Snape's response.

As always, he deliberated his choice of words before speaking.

'It seems, Miss Granger, that I could indeed do with your services once again. I expect to see you in my office at 8:30pm. Don't be late.'

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