"This is all your fault!" Chris yelled, pushing Darren on the chest.

"M-my fault?" Darren stuttered. "You were the one who gave out my phone number to the world!"

"Yes it is YOUR fault! If it wasn't for your swearing problem, I never would have done it! It was just to teach you a lesson! Fuck!" Chris paced around the trailer, "The paparazzi are going to have a field day with those pictures!"

"Oh, don't try to blame this all on me, Chris! You know you're just as much at fault if not more! I did try to make you get off of me!"

"Oh, don't even—"

"Oh, fuck you!" Darren cut off. Chris smirked, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms in front of his chest

"Oh, don't make promises you can't keep, Dare!"

Darren walked right up to the taller man, wrapping his arms around him and firmly placing his palms over the man's ass, pulling the taller ones hips flush against his own, growing into his ear, "Who said I was?" Chris' skin prickled at the declaration and no sooner than Darren's words registered was he being pushed against the couch, the shorter man straddling his lap, and their mouths needily pressed together, Darren's hands tangling in the brown hair.

Chris' hands fisted in the back of Darren's shirt, pulling his costar's shirt up. Darren broke the kiss, leaning back and raising his arms to allow the taller man to rid him of his t-shirt. Darren did the same, swiftly yanking Chris's shirt up and over his head, ducking down to suck on the now exposed porcelain skin at the man's neck.

Darren nibbled on Chris' neck and grinned when Chris moaned. He moved his mouth up a little and breathed hot breath onto the taller man's ear. "Do you like that?" Instead of responding, Chris thrust his hips into Darren's, showing him just how turned on he actually was. "I'm gonna take that as a yes." Darren smirked before he sucked on Chris earlobe.

Before Darren could get another word in, Chris had placed his hands onto Darren's arms and flipped them on the couch so that they were lying vertically with Chris on top. "You better take that as a yes." Chris positioned one of his legs in between both of Darren's and pushed up against Darren slightly.

"Oh god, Chris, god, please, do that again!" Darren threw his head back, biting his lip to keep from screaming. Chris shook his head.

"Now, what would be the fun in giving you what you want?" Darren's mouth fell open in a pant as he felt the heat beneath his jeans build to a painful level, and the glint in the other boy's eyes suggested there was no release in sight.

"Come on," he begged. "Please, seriously, this isn't f-fair…"

"Well, consider this your final punishment then," Chris smirked. His panting grew louder as the fingers ran across his chest, one just circling a nipple before it trailed along his collarbone and then down between his ribs to just above his belt, and stopped.

Darren raised his own hips in an attempt to get that delicious friction back, but Chris placed a hand on his hip and dug his fingers in, forcing Darren back down. He whined in protest. Chris responded by running his other hand slowly up and down Darren's side, light brushes of fingers forming trails of shivers on his skin. He jerked his hips again, but the hand only dug in harder, almost painfully. Chris lowered his mouth to Darren's ear and just breathed, in and out, hot breath on his neck an unbelievable contrast to the cold brush of Chris' fingers.

"Two people can play dirty, Colfer," Darren said, his voice hitching. His hand reached down between Chris's legs, giving the hard bulge in his pants a squeeze. Chris moaned, his arms shaking as he tried to hold himself up on Darren's chest.

"N.. no fair," he whined, his hips thrusting into the other's hold.

"Very fair," Darren grinned. More than fair, actually. After all the abuse Chris put him through, he was allowed to have a little fun now. Leaning up, he caught Chris in a deep kiss, rubbing himself up against the other's leg. He moaned into Chris's mouth, feeling his body shake from the friction.

Chris shook with pleasure as Darren rubbed against him, palming his cock and kissed him passionately. Chris swallowed Darren's moan and used his tongue to explore Darren's mouth, reaching his hand farther down to trace around Darren's belly button in a circle. Darren broke the kiss moaning, "More."

Chris smirked and slowly undid Darren's belt, taking his time as he pulled it out of Darren's jeans. Darren thrust up in pleasure again, but Chris was having none of that. He took the belt and tied Darren's hands together with it, just behind his body. The movement was so quick Darren couldn't really see how it happened but his mouth opened in a small "o".

"Holy shit, Chris." Chris smirked and thrust his hips into Darren's again, reveling in the control he now had.

Darren threw his head back in pleasure and once again mumbled, "No fair..."

"Well, you like talking dirty, right, Criss? I feel perfectly justified in playing dirty in return." Chris shoved Darren's shoulders back down so that he was flat on his back, chest rising and falling heavily as he stared up into the blue eyes above him. Chris' face was flushed red in a way that Darren had never seen before. His lips were parted in a half smirk as Chris surveyed his bound conquest, pink and shining with just a hint of Darren's spit. How did he manage to be so beautiful and so goddamn fucking hot at the same time?

Chris pressed his hips down again, a steady roll of heat against Darren's jeans. Behind Darren's back, his hands curled and twisted, aching to reach out and touch, to grab Chris around the waist and press his chest flush to his own. But his wrists were trapped. He was at Chris' mercy. Thank god, then, that Chris had decided to be merciful for once, he thought as a hand slipped down between them and pressed hard against his zipper as Chris ground down, eliciting moans from the pair.

"Chris, Please!" Darren pleaded, as Chris ground the palm of his hand against the bulge in the other man's pants, "Please, just… more." Chris cocked his head to the side, innocently looking down at the smaller man.

"More what, Darren?" Darren's hips rose to Chris', desperately searching for more friction.

"More.. anything! Chris, just please!"

"Surely you know exactly what you want, Darren." Chris bent down, whispering right into Darren's ear, "Just tell me what you want, Dare." Chris' warm breath against Darren's ear sent a sharp jolt of pleasure straight down the man's spine and straight to his groin.

"Just.. anything Chris, just please! I need… anything!" Chris licked a thick stripe from Darren's collar bone to his jaw, gently sucking on the skin below his ear.

"I promise I'll give you whatever you want, Darren," The taller man whispered, nuzzling into the man's neck, "You just have to tell me what exactly it is that you want." Chris slowly pulled at the zipper on Darren's jeans, casually popping open the button and slipping his hand down to palm the man through his boxers. "Just tell me, Dare, you know what you want." Darren audibly whined, struggling against the belt restraining his hands from coming apart.

Chris raised an eyebrow at Darren's reaction and licked his lips. "You've gotta use your words, Darren. Like a big boy."

"Fuck you." Chris let his jaw drop in mock surprise.

"You haven't quite learned your lesson about swearing, have you?" Darren locked eyes with Chris.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Darren challenged. Chris smashed his lips to Darren's, sucking on his bottom lip and biting it as he let go. He reached inside of Darren's boxers and wrapped his hand around his hard cock. Darren groaned.

"Oh god, yes, please, yes." Chris kissed his way down Darren's neck, stopping to suck on his collar bone. He used his free hand to swipe his thumb over Darren's nipple, feeling it harden with his touch.

"Please what, Darren?" Darren thrust himself into Chris' massaging hand.

"I want my cock in your mouth, now!" Chris's face was bright red as his head shot up to look Darren in the eyes. The other was panting, before he looked at his hands in the other boy's pants. "Chris, please," he begged, wiggling his wrists to try and loosen the restraints. Swallowing, Chris removed the other's boxers and there Darren was, in all his glory. His red, throbbing... Chris was feeling rather tight in the briefs himself. Blow job, right. He could do this. Moving his hands up Darren's chest, he leaned down, his tongue moving slowly up Darren's cock.

"God- Chris," he tensed, not wanting to thrust up into Chris. He could tell the boy had barely begun.

Chris looked up at Darren through heavy lidded eyes. He could see Darren was clearly enjoying himself, which caused Chris to grin a little, and he moved a little closer and slowly brought one of Darren's balls into his mouth. Darren emitted a loud groan as Chris used his mouth to explore, slowly sucking, before letting it go with a wet plop. Chris moved back to the head of Darren's cock and sucked at the pre come that was leaking out of it. He then swirled his tongue around the tip and Darren threw back his head in pleasure and he struggled a little with his binding, clearly wanting to touch Chris.

Chris opened his mouth carefully and experimentally lowered it onto Darren' cock, moving about half way down before stopping and looking cheekily at Darren, whose eyes opened when he realized Chris stopped moving.

"Oh god, don't stop," Darren moaned, relishing in the heat Chris' mouth emitted. Chris rewarded Darren's plea with a slow suck, hollowing out his cheeks, and making Darren even harder than he had ever been before.

Chris hummed around the cock in his mouth, causing Darren to thrust his hips upward a bit, searching for more, anything. "Oh god… Chris..." he whimpered, "Oh my god, your mouth… Chris…" Chris placed his hand firmly on the man's hip bone to hold him in place, gently rubbing circles into the skin with his thumb, his other hand fisting around the man's cock where he couldn't reach with his mouth. Chris pulled back, spreading his saliva all along the man's length, looking up at Darren with lust filled eyes.

Darren pulled at the restraint around his wrist, all he wanted to do was run his fingers through the man's hair, that damn belt was the only thing in his way. "Chris... Please!" he whined. Chris smirked.

"Please, what? You know the rule. All you have to do is tell me exactly what you want!" Darren's voice was rough and scratchy.

"Please for the love of god, I need your mouth back on me!"

"Good boy." Chris murmured, flicking his tongue against the underside and sinking his mouth back down again, taking the shorter man as far into his mouth as possible.

Darren shivered, feeling Chris' mouth go places that had never been explored before. Still pulling at the belt around his wrists, he whined and cringed at the pain. Chris took no notice, keeping his focus on making Darren feel things he had never felt before. When Chris started playing with his balls while his cock was still in his mouth, Darren finally broke free from the restraints binding his hands behind his back.

Instantly, his hands were on Chris' head, fingers entwining into the younger man's hair, pulling slightly as Chris used his tongue to put more pressure on the base of his cock.

Chris groaned at feeling his hair being pulled. With more determination than before, Chris started bobbing his head up and down, increasing the speed with which he was pumping Darren.

Darren's eyes rolled back into his head as Chris continued to suck his cock. He didn't know how much longer he could last at this rate. Chris' mouth was doing delicious things to Darren's body and each time Chris sucked, Darren could feel himself getting closer to an orgasm. Chris continued to suck as he felt his own dick press tightly against his pants, almost reaching his own climax. Chris quickly pulled away from Darren to make sure he didn't come too soon. Darren shrieked.

"No! Oh my god Chris!" and he pulled Chris back onto his cock. Chris resumed sucking with vigor, about to climax as Darren screamed, "I'm going to come!" Chris gave one huge final suck as they both came together. Darren's come spilled down Chris' throat as he eagerly sucked it down while Chris came with abandon in his pants. Darren and Chris both remained unmoving, chests heaving from their mutual orgasms, as they stared at each other and tried to catch their breath.

Darren pulled the taller man up to his mouth, crashing their lips together, his tongue darting out to lick at the other man's lips. Chris willingly parted his lips, allowing the shorter man's tongue entrance to his mouth. Darren savored the taste of himself on the other man's tongue, humming his approval into the man's lips.

"Fuck, Chris! I can't believe you… you know…" Chris shrugged.

"You know what they say; spitters are quitters..." Darren laughed.

"Right, and you're no quitter, Colfer! That's for sure!" Chris looked at the shorter man in confusion.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing. We should probably get cleaned up and get to set. It would be really embarrassing to have to explain why we're late." Chris grabbed a fresh pair of clothes and quickly changed, and Darren threw his clothes back on. As they moved towards the door, Chris stopped.

"We really shouldn't leave together, we've already given the paparazzi enough to work with, and we really don't need shots of us leaving my trailer together circulating, too!"

"Oh, right… I'll head out now, and you can follow in like five, sound good?" Sure enough, as soon as Darren stepped out of the trailer, cameras were going off left and right. It didn't matter that he'd left without Chris, the wrinkled clothes and tousled hair gave it all away.

'Fuck…' Darren thought as he passed by the newsstand the next morning. The story and photos were all over the tabloids already.

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