Chapter 1

The italic is thoughts. I don't own law and order: SVU. This is an Olivia and Elliot story so if you don't like Kathy you are going to love it, if you do like her don't read this story.

Miranda walks into the 16th precinct looking around. Caption Cragen walks up and asks "Can I help you?"

"Yes. I am looking for detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. Are they here?"

"Yes they do. I will go and get them." Says Cragen, he opens the door and calls Elliot and Olivia into his office.

Olivia P.O.V

"Elliot what the hell did you do this time?"

"Nothing I swear."

"Then why is Cragen calling us into his office"

"I don't know. We might as well go see what it's about."

Elliot and I start walking towards Cragen office. I'm thinking we better not be getting into any trouble. I keep telling Elliot to watch his temper it's going to get us in trouble one day. Let's just hope that's not today.

"Hi I am Olivia and this is my partner Elliot. How can we help you today." Ask Liv.

"Hello Olivia and Elliot my name is Miranda. I am from child service and it seems like we have your twins in one of our foster houses." states Miranda.

Walking over towards Olivia and Elliot Cragen yells "What! You two have children together. When I asked you last week if you had something to tell me you said no! Do you not think having children together is not important?"

"Caption we have no idea what she is talking about. We do not have children together we are only partners. Even though I love Olivia to death this job is to important to her." Says Elliot.

Olivia looks at Miranda "I am sorry that you had to come all this way, but Elliot and I don't have kids together.

"I thought you might say that. So we had a blood test ran against our data base and the DNA results say that you are a 100% match." Says Miranda

Elliot and Olivia turn and look at each other with a shocked look on their face.

"How is it possible that we have twins together Liv."

"I honestly have no idea El! We have never sleep together."

"I know that much Liv I think we would remember that. I am positive that you have never been pregnant."

"How is this possible El?"

"I don't know Liv but we will figure it out."

Elliot then walks up to me and hugs me tight. Trying to calm me down. I turn around still in Elliot's arms and look at Miranda an asks the question that has been in my mind "How old are they?"

"They are 10 months."

Olivia looks at Elliot and say….

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