I'm suffering from writers block and homeworkphobia. So I'll just write this. Also everyone seems to do Truth Or Dare and I didn't feel like Would You Rather. Here you go then! I'm sure at least some of you have played this game before! This is set after season 5 but before Trouble in Tokyo.

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How To Play

Write down five each of the following: names, types of cars, colors, number of children, places, and careers. One person starts drawing a spiral on a piece of paper and the person whose fortune is being told tells her when to stop. Then, you count across the spiral top to bottom to get the magic number for the game. Count through your lists of items AND the letters M-A-S-H, eliminating the ones that you land on with your magic number. The last one left in each group is your winner. Keep counting through until you have only your last choice in each category left - et viola - your future.

"Starfire, Raven." The fearless leader called, "We're inviting some of the titans guys over for a stankball tournament."

"How exactly did that happen?" Raven asked.

The whole team stared at one green changeling.

"What?" he exclaimed, "It wasn't my fault that Cyborg was talking to Titans East when I challenged him to another tournament!"

"Yes it is, Grass Stain."

"Well it's not my fault that all those honorary titans were there." he said with a huff.

"Should I prepare my Pudding of Challenge?"

"NO! That's okay Star. We just wanted to let you know that the titan girls were coming too."

"Oh Glorious! I shall prepare for the girl talk! Come Raven!" the alien squeeled grabbing the empath.

Raven left while sending a death glare at the other titans.

In Starfire's Room

"What activities shall we partake in when the girls get here? Shall we do the painting of each other's nails, or the making up of our faces, or the telling of our deepest secrets?"

"I do not plan on telling any secrets." Raven frowned.

"Perhaps we shall wait until the others get here to decide." Starfire mused.

"Maybe we should go get some snacks." the empath said trying to shut the Tameranian up.

"That is a wonderful idea!" she said opening her window and flying out.

She beckoned to Raven and both girls left to go to a store.

When they arrived Star grabbed a basket and started to pile things in it.

"This shall work to prepare my Glorflax! Although it would taste much better if I used a Flomornian squid."

"Starfire! That's not the type of food I was talking about!" Raven freaked out at the thought of having to eat anything the alien cooked.

They walked over to the junkfood aisle and Raven started sticking various things in the basket.

"We'll need chips, and soda! Yeah. Um... Oreos! And... Brownies, and some of those sour patch kids! There!" she said looking triumphant, her hands at her hips, "That should do it."

Starfire just stared her mouth wide open in shock, her bright green eyes widened in disbelief. The girls went into the checkout line and purchaced the items Raven had piled in. Then they flew home, grocery bags in tow.

"Starfire, you might want to close your mouth, you'll catch bugs." the empath said with a slight chuckle and her amethyst eyes sparkling.

The alien quickly closed her mouth and remained silent for the rest of the flight to Raven's surprise.

Back At The Tower




The door was opened on Bumble Bee smacking the archer quite hard on his head.


There was a blur of red and yellow that ran right behind Beast Boy.

"Hey what's up BB!"

"EEEK!" the changeling screamed startled by Kid Flash's sudden appearance behind him, "I mean, hey Kid Flash. Hehehe."

The rest of the titan's just laughed.

"Hey Sparky! How's it going?"

"Going great Bee. How's my favorite little lady?" the cybernetic teen replied rubbing noses with his girlfriend.

"Eeew! Get a room Metal Butt!" Beast Boy cried closing his eyes and running around in circles like an idiot.

"Maybe later?" Bee said suggestively.

Cyborg smiled and everyone else blanched at the thought of what would happen in said room.

"So where are we girls supposed to go?" The Titan's East leader asked looking around.

"Last we saw they were in Star's room. I'd go there."

"Kay have fun boys!" she said walking off, the other females in tow.

Cyborg stared at the boys there: Kid Flash, Hotspot, Jericho, Speedy, Aqualad, Robin, Beast Boy, and him. Mas and Menos were supposedly out with some fangirls that thought they were 'absolutely super cute!' so it was a small group.

"All right y'all! No refs so no playing too dirty! It's time for some stankball!"

The boys cheered loudly.

"But first we have to go to the court. Raven say's she'll personally kill us all slowly and painfully if she gets hit."

They all gulped nervously at the though of the torture she'd put them in except for Speedy. He was thinking of something else the empath could do to him. Meanwhile in Starfire's room Raven shuddered for she sensed someone was having very dirty thoughts and she bet it was Speedy. The part that worried her the most is that she had no idea who they were about.

Meanwhile In Starfire's Room

"Hey girls!" Jinx shouted waltzing into the bedroom her hand in the air waving.

"Friends!" Star exclaimed rushing up to give them all bone-crushing hugs.

"Too. tight. Starfire!" was the response she got from all of them.

"So," Kole said sitting down her blue eyes happy, "What should we do?"

"We could do the painting of eachother's nails, or the doing of eachother's hair, or the making up of our faces!" Starfire said excitedly.

"I've got a better idea," Argent said sitting on Starfire's bed.

The girls leaned in, even Raven who was curious although she hated to admit it.

"M.A.S.H." she said grinning.

"I am confused," Starfire admitted, "what does a soft, pulpy mass have to do with anything?"

"No Mansion. Apartment. Shack. House. It's a game that shows you your future."

"Oooh! I would love to partake in this activity!"

"Okay, we'll pair up and do each others and then share it with everyone else."

The girls paired up: Kole with Starfire, Raven with Bee, and Argent with Jinx.

"So do you know how to do this Raven?" Bee questioned.

"No I don't." Raven glared at her.

The girl was unfazed by the gaze, "Okay, then you'll go first."

Bee grabbed a paper and pen.

"Pick 5 guys you might marry."


"Fine then I will." the girl grinned, "Hmm... Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Beast Boy. Five different jobs?"

"You'll pick for me anyways if I don't. Nurse, Titan, Shop owner. I can't think of any more."

"How about Writer and Toymaker?"


"How many kids?"


"You still need four more numbers." Bee replied looking at the empath, "Fine. Five, Three, Two, One. What car?"

"I know nothing about vehicles."

"Okay then. Jeep, Minivan, Camry, Motorcycle, and Truck. What colors would those cars be?"

"Um, black, blue, white, silver, gold."

"Wow! You actually did one! Where would you live?"

"First of all, if you're going to do that I won't do it again. New York, Jump City, Florida, Arizona, Virginia."

"Well then we're done! With that part. Now I'm going to make a spiral and you must tell me when to stop okay?"

Raven watched as she started to swirl the pen around and around in a circular motion. She almost fell into a trance at watching the slow steady movement.


"Okay. That's two, four, six, eight, ten, eleven times!"

Bee went around the board multiple times crossing off certain things and circling others. A look of concentration was evident on her face because her brows were furrowed and her finger was tracing every word and number. After a few minutes she perked her head up clearly very happy.

"I'm done!"

"Okay, let me see." Raven said reaching for it.

"No way. Not until show and tell time. Besides you still have to do mine." Bee said grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"I hate you." Raven said grabbing another piece of paper and repeating the process.

10 Minutes Later:

"Is everyone ready to show their partner's results?" Argent asked.

After letting papers float in the air for a while she spoke again, "Okay Kole, why don't you read Star's first?"

Kole stood up, "Well Starfire, you are going to live in a mansion with the boy blunder and one kid. You'll be a teacher in New York and drive a green Civic."

Starfire grinned and got up to read Kole's, "Friend you shall live in an apartment with Jericho," at this Kole blushed, "You shall have two children and be a singer! You will reside in Michigan and drive a pink bug."

"Well then I'm going to read Jinx's," Argent replied after Star sat back down. "Jinxie, you're gonna marry someone named Wally? What kind of name is that?"

"It's Kid Flash's you idiot!" Jinx shouted at her throwing a pillow.

"Sorry, sorry! You'll live in a house and have, SIX KIDS! Jeez Jinx, you guys got busy!" Another pillow hit Argent's head, "You'll live here in Jump, drive a white minivan and be a stripper!"

"What the Hell!" Jinx screamed.

"Just kidding dear. You're going to be a mom. Just working around the home. Did you plan this or something?"

"No." Jinx growled pulling Argent down as she stood up.

"Argent is going to marry Hotspot, have two kids, live in a house too, drive a red convertible, live in Jump as well, and be a bartender." She pointed to Raven, "Go."

"Okay, I guess I'm going next." Raven said. "Bee you're marrying Cy, but I guess you knew that. You'll live in San Francisco, you won't have any kids, but you could adopt, you're going to be a doctor, live in an apartment, and drive a yellow and black camaro"

"Alright! Well, Raven, please do not kill me for this. You're going to be a writer, drive a black camry, have three kids, and live in a house in Virginia." Bee said nervously.

"Hey Bee," Jinx said smirking, "Who's Rae-Rae's lover? Someone had to give her those kids?"

"Um." she said sweating.

"Oh just give it to me." Raven said snatching it from Bee's hands.

She read the list and her face paled. The paper fluttered from her hand and Starfire grabbed it.

"Friend Raven, why is friend Beast Boy being circled so bad? Don't you two have the feelings for each other?"

"What makes you think that!" Raven tried to deny the claim.

"But isn't that what you admitted at our last sleep over?" the princess asked innocently as the others snickered.

"I was half asleep when you started your girl talk! I probably agreed to everything!" the empath cried blushing profusely.

"If you say so." Star said.

The rest of the night went with very little incident. The girls decided to make it a sleepover and stayed in Starfire's room the whole night pigging out, telling secrets, and being girly. Finally late into the night they fell asleep to sweet dreams. Well with the exception of one dark titan.

'Ugh. Who opened the window?' Raven groaned as she woke up. 'Wait, window? My room's window is never open, I don't allow anyone in!' she sat up abruptly and looked around.

The room was very nice, there was dark wooden furniture and the room was painted a warm light brown color. There was a mirror on the dresser and two doors. One obviously led to a bathroom, she could see a sink cluttered with a few bottles. The bed she was in was very comfy. There was one thing that scared her though. The other side of the bed was warm and looked as if someone had been sleeping there. She got up and looked in the mirror and noticed a violet-haired and eyed pregnant woman staring back at her. She was wearing a pretty light blue nightgown and seemed like she was in her twenties. It looked like her but she knew it wasn't her.

Raven opened the door that led to the rest of the house she was in. She walked down the hall peeking through doors as she went. There was nothing particularly interesting in any of them so she didn't stay in any of them long. Finally she came to a living room area. The room was nice and cozy. The empath heard movement in what she assumed to be the kitchen. She walked in to find a green skinned- really just plain green- man. It registered in her mind who the man was and she gasped. He heard her because of his amazing hearing and turned around.

"Morning Rae!" he said giving her a hug, his emerald eyes shining with love.

He noticed the shock on her face, but misunderstood the reason for it. "Yeah I know, me getting up this early? Crazy right? I just wanted to do something for you and the little ones." he explained kissing her stomach.

"What are you talking about Beast Boy?" she said trying to get over the shock of the whole situation.

"Huh? I haven't been called that for years! Remember? We're not superheroes anymore. Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"I don't think so. The other day I was sitting with the girls playing M.A.S.H. and today I'm here."

"I think I know what happened." Beast Boy said, "You are either dreaming or somehow you must have come into the future, perhaps both. Right now you are in my wife's body because it's you in the future."


"Yes. Somehow you and me fell in love. I guess opposites really do attract. We got married, well most of us have. Still waiting for Starfire and Robin to tie the knot, but you know how they are." he paused allowing her to take it all in.

"What else happened?" she asked tentatively.

"Well, you're a writer. You write very amazing novels and sometimes even write for newspapers. Right now we're in Virginia so that's why it might not seem familiar. You actually got a drivers licence after we disbanded and drive a black convertable although you're planning on buying a silver colored camry for when the triplets get older."


"Yeah, uh, I guess that might have been due to my animal DNA or something." he said sheepishly.

Both of them looked at each other, blushed, and looked away again.

"So how do I get back to my time?" Raven asked.

"I don't really know. I guess if you're asleep you just have to wake up."

"Then I better start trying. Thanks BB."

"Just call me Gar." he said as she began to fade away.

Raven woke up eyes wide heavily breathing.

"What is it? You woke us up!" Jinx complained.

"It was just a dream! Thank Azar!" she exclaimed.

"Why do I have the feeling this had something to do with a green changeling?" Argent asked smiling.

Raven blushed, giving herself away.

"Wow! It did!" Kole exclaimed.

"What happened?" Bee asked.

"Um, I was in the future." Raven started.

"And?" the girls pressed.

"And everything in that stupid game either came true or was coming true. Except for the car bit. I had a black convertible, but I was going to get a silver camry." she smirked triumphantly.

"Minor details. So what was coming true? Please don't tell me you saw you two, doing, stuff." Bee gasped.

"NO! I was completely alone and dressed when I woke up. I talked to Gar in the kitchen."

"Ooh, so we're on a first name basis?" Jinx giggled.

"That's what he told me to call him!" Raven said.


"Hey girls! Breakfast!" Hotspot shouted.

The girls ran out of the room to the common room to grab seats. Somehow, Raven was seated next to Beast Boy.

"Hey Rae!" He exclaimed.

The empath choked on the juice that she had just started to drink and Beast Boy tried to help her. Everyone else stared at the exchange. The two teenagers blushed at the looks they were being given.

"So what did you ladies do last night while we had our Ultimate Stankball Super Tournament?" Cyborg asked.

"Friend Cyborg, we merely partook in doing the girl things. Nothing important." Starfire said in a way that meant 'This is all you are going to know about it'.

"So who won the tournament Sparky?" Bee asked.

"We don't know. Kid Flash cheated."

"I did not! You never said anything about not using my powers!"

"Well jeez, you're the fastest kid alive! No one has a chance if you use them!"

A lot of arguing ensued after this but at the same time something quite monumental was happening.

"Hey Raven?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah?" she replied turning to face him.

"Do you think maybe you might like to go and get some pie or something?" He said rambling.

"Are you asking me out?"


"Sure. That would be, nice..."

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