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The Following

Character Page:

Gabriel: Black hair, blue eyes, Vivian's mate, Alpha leader, owns a Harley, twenty five years old, Loup garoux, lives in Vermont, has sisters who are triplets, father left when he found out his mother was carrying triplets, own inn where the pack now lives, muscular built, arrogant and a bit of a jerk, very protective of the ones he truly cares for, living with Vivian Gandillon.

Vivian Gandillon: Golden hair, Green eyes, Gabriel's mate, Loup garoux, seventeen years old, Queen bitch (alpha female), only child, artist, still in school, lives in Vermont, living with Gabriel, learning to drive, love hate relationship with her mother, childhood friend of the five, niece of Rudy, only child of Esme and Ivan.

Ivan Gandillon: DECEASED, former pack leader/alpha, husband/mate of Esme, father of Vivian Gandillon, killed in fire by Sheriff burning down inn, Loup garoux.

Esme Gandillon: Blond hair, former Queen bitch (alpha female), widow of Ivan Gandillon, had many flings after her husband/mates death, Tomas's lover, mother of Vivian Gandillon, hyper active, angered with her daughter easily, love hate relationship with her daughter, Loup garoux, Vivian is her only child, lives in Vermont.

Tomas: Esme's lover/mate, cooks, very kind and nice, Loup garoux, flirtatious when it comes to Esme, tries hard to make Vivian see that he's good for Esme.

The five:

Rafe: DECEASED, TRAITOR, killed by Aiden with silver bullet, Astrids play thing, flirts with Vivian, trouble maker. Loup garoux

Ulf: Son of Astrid, shy loves to cheer up Vivian, kind, bulky, jokester. Loup garoux.

Gregor, Finn, Willem: Jokesters, bulky, energetic, extremely cocky and sings to Vivian when she's down. Loup garoux

Astrid: DECEASED, TRAITOR, red hair, mother of Ulf, Rafe's lover, Loup garoux, framed Vivian for murders she never did. Killed by Gabriel by him breaking her neck.

Lucian: Father of Rafe, became a heavily drunk (more so then before) after finding out what Rafe did. Loup garoux.

Persia: Loup garoux, elderly woman, known as Aunt Persia, does witch craft as humans (meat) would say, can see glimpses of the future, medicine woman/healer.


Aiden: Meat boy, Vivian's former boyfriend, Human, wears all black.

Jem: Vivian's former friend, Meat boy, human, shy and outgoing, Aiden's friend

Bingo: Vivian's former friend, meat-girl, human, not afraid to speak her mind, Aiden's friend.

Kelly: Vivian's nemesis, Aiden's girlfriend, attention grabber, human, meat-girl, wears all black, spoiled, rich, rotten and snobby.

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