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The Following

Chapter five: Le gasp

Gabriel lay in his and Vivian's bed with his beautiful mate lying against him sleeping soundlessly, his arms were wrapped around her, pulling her protectively against him, he looked down at her with eyes full of love, earlier he saw two someone's walk past the window and his thoughts were consumed with why, he distracted Vivian from noticing but she's smart she'll find out eventually.

Vivian had fallen asleep on the couch and Gabriel had undressed her and put her in her nightclothes and lay her down upon their full size bed. He looked down at his beautiful mate with a smile on his face, he grabbed the clock on his bedside and set the alarm on it for six AM, so that Vivian would be up in time for school the following day, he turned to look at Vivian and gently placed a kiss upon her forehead and then went to sleep as well.

Gabriel's dreams consisted of his deepest desire, which was to become a father, oh how he wants so bad to be one, he'll have a child that will call him dada and Vivian mama, it'll be half him, half her, both of theirs, in his dream he had a little girl with golden hair like her mother and blue eyes like his, they called her Sydney. Sydney Elizabeth, she was the most beautiful child, but that was because she was part of him and part of Vivian.

Gabriel woke up to the alarm going off beside him, he reached out grabbed it and shut it off; he turned to look at his mate who was slowly waking up from her peaceful slumber. He leaned over her and planted gentle kisses upon her face, helping her to wake up faster. Once Vivian was fully away she looked up in Gabriel's eyes, she leaned up to him and kissed him on the lips which he replied back passionately.

"G' Morning Gabriel." Vivian said to him once their shared kiss was over.

"Good morning to you as well babe. I hope you'll have a good day at school." Gabriel said kissing her on the forehead before getting up and out of the bed; he winked at her before leaving the bedroom.

Vivian got up out of the bed and walked to the closet, she opened it and scanned the contents of hers and Gabriel's clothes, she pulled out a little black dress and grabbed a set of lacy black undergarments, she then walked to the bathroom and proceeded to undress and step in the shower, she turned the water on and played around with the temperature until it felt just right. She grabbed her bath and body works shampoo -which was pink sugarplum- and poured a small amount in her hand and lathered it in her hair, once she was done with that she grabbed the sponge and poured body wash on it –which was winter candy apple scented- and cleaned her body. She then rinsed her hair out and washed her body off, after that she put shaving cream on her legs and shaved them, and she then shaved under her arms, after she was done with the shaving she rinsed her legs off.

She shut the water off and opened the shower curtain, reached out and grabbed the fluffy lavender towel -off the rack that was hanging on the wall- and wrapped it around her wet body drying herself off. Once she was completely dry she proceeded to don her undergarments and the little black dress, she walked out of the bathroom after that and into her and Gabe's room, she walked over to the dresser and picked up the brush that lay upon it, she then started to brush her hair until it shined like the sunlight. Once done with brushing her hair she grabbed the gold heart necklace –that Gabriel gave her- and put it on. She walked out of the room after her morning dressing ritual was done and entered the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen she saw Gabe at the stove cooking, walking up to him she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, she put her face against his back inhaling his scent as she did.

"Gabriel you know you don't have to make me breakfast, I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself." Gabriel turned around in Vivian's arms facing her; he leaned down and caught her mouth in an open mouth kiss.

"I know, but I like cooking for you." Gabriel turned back around to the food. "Why don't you sit down baby, breakfast will be ready shortly."

"Okay I will." Vivian walked over to the table and sat down in the cherry oak chair. She sat at the table for about fifteen minutes just watching her mate cook, watching the way his muscles moved underneath his tight white shirt as he stirred what was in the pan. A couple of minutes later he stopped what he was doing, shut off the burner and dished the food out on black glass plates. He then grabbed the plates of food and walked over to her. As he came closer she saw what he had fixed them for breakfast, a breakfast burrito. She grabbed both the plates from him and sat one down in front of her and the other beside her. She took a bite of her burrito and almost moaned aloud at the deliciousness of it, the burrito was full of eggs, bacon, sausage, onions, red peppers, green peppers, cheese, black pepper, and mushrooms. "This is delicious Gabe, I love it. Thank you."

"I'm glad and you're welcome. Is there anything you would like to drink?" Vivian thought about it a bit before answering him.

"Yes. I would love to have some apple juice." Gabriel nodded his head in acknowledgement and went to fix his mate a glass of apple juice. "Thank you Gabriel." Vivian said once he handed her the glass of juice. He sat down beside her where his own plate of food was. She leaned over towards him and gave him a peck on the lips.

"You're welcome baby, now finish eating up, you have school today." Vivian continued to eat her meal, Gabriel doing the same beside her, once she was finished eating her meal she turned in her chair to face Gabriel.

"I was thinking, since today is your birthday and all, when I get home from school we should celebrate it. No no's either Gabriel, you're now officially twenty-five and you're going to celebrate, you need to loosen up and stop being so uptight." Gabriel sat there staring at his bossy mate, one of his eyebrows rose when she called him uptight.

"Is that so? Well then instead of just waiting until you get off school how about I pick you up during your lunch break? After all you do have the choice of having an off campus lunch." Pulling his mate towards him and onto his lap Gabriel proceeded to leave a trail of kisses down her neck.

"I'd love that Gabe." Gabriel pulled away from Vivian which earned him a small whimper from her. He was about to say something when the door on the cabin just suddenly flew open, Greg and Finn tumbled on with an angry Lucien behind them, he looked like he was about to murder the boys, he had an angry look in his eyes which had turned a reddish in color, Lucien was stumbling about trying to get to the boys, he was swinging his fists at them in no doubt a drunken rage.

"Lucien that is enough. You're drunk, calm down." Gabriel said calmly going into Alpha mode; he jumped up from his spot at the table and went over to Lucien. Lucien took a swing at Gabriel, but with Gabriel being sober and with his fast loup-garou reflexes Gabe caught Lucien's fist in his hands, that enraged Lucien so he used his other hand and tried to punch Gabriel, but Gabriel caught his other fist as well. Lucien yanked his hands away from Gabriel causing the Alpha to stumble. The drunken loup-garou turned around to leave, but what Greg or Finn weren't expecting to happen happened. Sort of. Lucien turned around fast and charged towards Gabriel trying to take him out unexpectedly. But Gabriel being the awesome Alpha he is expected it, he blocked the punch that was thrown at him, he turned around surveying him home, looking for a place where he could fight Lucien without actually harming him, after all he has absolutely no desire to rid his pack of a member. As he was surveying his home he didn't expect what happened next, as he turned back around to look at Lucien what he saw enraged him beyond control. Lucien had grabbed the knife off of the counter top -that he used for breakfast- and had it against Vivian's throat.

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