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No One Ever Said The Joys of Heaven and The Horrors of Hell Were Mutually Exclusive

And purgatory's no picnic either.

Part One

First mistake of the night was thinking about the bomb, a single letter delivered as I drove my bike back to my house from my Dad's. My brain was about the equivalent of the desolation post-detonation. I was playing with fire just by trying to head home before patrol. Distracted and driving a very expensive, very fast Ducati was not a good idea. Could you really blame me? Ever since the words came out of her mouth, my imagination took the concept and went all Olympic marathon runner with it. Cursing, I pulled up to the house and drove my bike into the garage.

My second mistake of the evening was entering the house before listening to make sure I wasn't walking in on anything private. At least it was just Amber and Leah. A thankfully clothed Amber and Leah. In the kitchen, Leah and Amber were giggling and kissing in front of the refrigerator. An amusing site for sure. Still I didn't want to interrupt the moment for them but that was inevitable. I cleared my throat rather loudly, which got Leah's attention. "Didn't think you'd be back before patrol tonight," she said, a bit bewildered as to why I was here.

"Need a nap before I go. It's not for another hour or so," I explained. She nodded in understanding. Patrol, thankfully, was boring and more about tradition than anything else lately. Although there was always a chance of a nomad passing through - who did not know that this was protected land - could cross our path. This happened every once in a great while; however, since the Cullens moved back to Washington, that had become an even more scarce event. Other vamps knew this was - at least to them - part of Cullen territory. In some weird way, that actually helped me sleep easier knowing that if, per chance, someone came to start something that we'd at least have backup. Guess the treaty was good for something.

"You look upset," Amber noted. I sighed and shrugged. Her eyes narrowed. Damned woman was observant for a human. Worse than Bella ever had been. "'Fess up. Did you and Ness have a fight?"

I shook my head. Thank God we hadn't. It was a rarity, sure, but when she and I disagreed on something it was usually a pretty big deal.

Leah gave me a look and I mentally pleaded with her to drop it. "No such luck. What's going on?" she asked, going all big sister on me. Like I needed another one of those. I had two already, thank you very much.

I sighed loudly and explained the letter Nahuel sent Ness. I got the exact reaction I expected, two sets of very wide eyes. "Yeah, exactly."

Amber grinned widely and clapped her hands together like she was excited by the prospect. "Dude, you two can have a family now? How amazing is that?"

"It's not that simple. What was possible for one might not be possible for her. And she's half vampire, I'm a wolf - do you even realize how different any kid of ours would be? Talk about an identity crisis."

She chuckled and smacked my shoulder, which felt much more like a pat. "Hey, I've had an identity crisis, and its scary, sure, but I made it out all right."

Leah beamed at her girl, proud of her optimism. I grinned at Amber, because, really, you found yourself doing that a lot around the girl. She's worse than Seth with the happy. "Yeah, I don't even want to think about it and get my hopes up if it's not possible."

Amber nodded. I told them both good night, planning on a short nap before patrol. Trudging to my bedroom, I collapsed onto the bed face first into the pillows. This was mistake number three. Renesmee's scent was all over the one I buried my face into. Exactly what I didn't need right now to clear my head – more thoughts of her, even better, thoughts of her here and none of which involved sleeping. The idea of what happened with the sister was in my head and wouldn't get out. Instead of one hybrid with a rounded stomach I saw Ness, glowing, happy with her hands cradling her abdomen protectively, a ring on her left ring finger.

Damn it.

I rolled onto my back. It was completely futile to get the image out of my head now. It was everything I wanted for us in the future. Happiness, pure and unadulterated. We still had such a long way to go before any normal couple would even think like this. Then again, we'd never been normal. Watching her grow up, seeing her go from this innocent baby to this grown woman was quite the transformation. I could see it all like one of those animated flip books. The ones where you flip the pages quickly and the monster truck flies through a flaming hoop, or the bird flies from tree to open sky. It felt like it happened far faster than it had, even with her accelerated growth rate. I loved watching her grow up and just act like any normal kid; she was more exceptional than any snot-nosed human.

So who the hell was I to think I should have anything with her? That I deserved to be the one she called her lover, and maybe father of her kid someday? Sure, she's with me now, but she could leave me. And where would that leave me? Broken. Again. Only this time it would be much, much worse. It was the one thing I would always hate about the imprint. She held the power here, all the cards rested with her whims. In the beginning, I was obsessive about keeping her choices open, letting her decide for herself what she wanted to the extreme. Sixteen years later, I finally have a taste of how perfect my life could be, and I'm scared to fucking death of her ability to choose. One thing I learned — if anything else, there was one, universal truth about love — it gave someone the power to break you.

Maybe it was why she wouldn't tell her family about us. Or even say the one thing I wanted to hear even more desperately than the news that she and I could very well have a family. What if she was just trying this on for size? See how it felt, how it fit, only to decide she didn't actually want to buy it?

When in the hell did I go all angst-ridden again? Such a damn patsy. If only she could see what was going on in my head, she'd never have agreed to try this relationship that I'd been craving for a damned decade but had played the dutiful wolf and kept my mouth shut. I was certain she cared for me. Confident that she at least wanted to be with me. But there was always a chance that could change. I hardly, if ever, let that uncertainty show in front of her with rare exception.

One image came to mind as I raked my hands over my face. Ness's smiling face. But she wasn't smiling at me. No, that particular expression was directed at him. I shouldn't hate him. He'd never done anything for me to have such a judgment against him. His only offense was that she held him in such high regard. Fate would be a cruel, cruel mistress if she chose him. To be passed over, not once but twice would surely kill me this time. The memory of the echoing pain I felt when Bella married Edward was nothing compared to what kind of anguish Ness had the power to wield. Say she does choose him after all. Will she ever know what a decision like that would do to me? Never. I knew the imprint that much that if she found happiness elsewhere I'd swallow any pride I had left and be happy for her. After all is said and done, that's the only thing I wanted for her. The only thing I could ever want for her. I just prayed that I did the job better than anyone else.

Her voice came into my head then, reminding me that she was mine, if only for the present. She wanted to be with me, not him. She could have started something with him when she was in South America, but she hadn't. The proof of which I had because I was the first to kiss her. The first to introduce her to what it felt like to desire someone. I knew this because anytime some invisible boundary was breached she was surprised at the intensity. I didn't need to read her mind to know that much. It was plain in her eyes as much as it was corroborated with her sounds. And the result? She wanted me to be the one to touch and kiss her.

Not him. Me.

The greedy possessive side of me was far too pleased with that, mulling over the memory of her in my office this morning. Though my imagination went much, much farther than what had actually happened because that's where you'd want to have her the first time? In your office, on your desk with half a dozen grease monkeys just on the other side of the door. Yeah, that's all kinds of romantic. I didn't care, though. I held the pillow closer to my face and breathed in, letting myself drown in that scent. True, it wasn't quite the same as the one this morning. Her normal scent was fuller and far more enticing than any scent in the world, chock full of pheromones and a bloom of arousal. I'm such a sick fuck; the fact she was getting turned on had made me want to push all the books off my desk, do the same with her skirt, and drive myself into her. The way she held my hand to her chest told me that someday, in the future, she might be down for that. I groaned and put the pillow aside.

No, if it were honestly up to me, it'd be here, exactly where I'm laying right now. The first night I came home from patrol to find her passed out here, book in hand, I thought seriously, for a millisecond about it - maybe more than a millisecond. Having her sleep here occasionally, it was becoming more and more difficult to keep my hands to myself. You know what they say about idle hands and all that. So I kept them occupied, on her back, in her hair. Anything to keep them from wandering into places that we were just beginning to explore. I glanced over at the clock. Guess I'm not getting a damn nap. I get up and head to the bathroom to shower.

"Hope it's a boring night for you!" Amber called out.

I chuckled and thanked her for the good luck wish. It was an odd distinction between jobs. At the garage I prayed for it to be busy as hell, but on patrol? A nice slow night with nothing going on was the kind of night you hoped for and usually got. It was a rare occurrence that anything happened near the Rez anymore. I stepped out of my house and something felt off. The night was too quiet, the air far too still. Patrol was going to suck tonight. It wasn't something you could just see coming, but I felt it. There was a change in the air. The weather was changing again, the skies were a bleak and angry black color with no stars and no moon. It was completely overcast. Running patrol in the rain was one of the suckiest things about running. I will never understand why Ness loves running in the rain so much. Seth and Quil were already phased from the yowling I could hear. Sounded more like Quil was amused than anything else.

I tore off my shorts, tying them in the leather cord around my ankle. I closed my eyes as I let the change take over me. The heat pooled in my spine before exploding outwards through every nerve and cell, reshaping it into something other. A wolf on steroids. A mutant. Every once in a while when I changed, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song would pop in my head, but I would change the "turtle" to "werewolf"... even though I was no longer a teenager. When I opened my eyes again, my perspective had changed, bringing me up a few more feet. I stretched back a little, letting the muscles tense and relax before I took off to meet them. Quil heard me first.

Hey man, you seem kind of out of it...

Seth was next to jump in on the way my day turned out. Whoa. Seriously?

I rolled my eyes and huffed, the air coming out as a snort through my muzzle. Can we not talk about this? Distract me with your lives, please. I answered them, deflecting their overly curious minds. I didn't want to discuss it anymore. If I did I'd run the risk of doing something completely and utterly stupid like getting my hopes up. Nope, definitely not a good idea for that.

Why not? It's good to be optimistic. I didn't have to recognize the voice. The phrasing gave the thoughts away as to which one it was.

Either distract me or shut the hell up, Seth.

Shutting... Geesh, I was just sayin'...

I know, and I don't want to hear it tonight.

Quil was talking already, going on about Claire and how she's trying to graduate early. I think she just wants to get married. I don't want her to rush, but she's more stubborn than Leah when she has her mind set on something.

I barked out a laugh. Claire is just excited, cut her some slack, Quil. If anything, you should be pissed at yourself for proposing before she graduated.

He gave me the mental equivalent of a shrug.

We fanned out, the three of us. Quil stayed up to the East of the Rez, Seth to the North, and I stayed towards the South. If you could get up high enough you could almost see Hoquiam. That made the pain reverberating in my chest less. I knew where she was, home, safe, probably reading before passing out for the night. I tried not to feel the disappointment that I couldn't sleep next to her. That was always the best.

It is, isn't it? Waking up in the morning and she's the first thing you see? I hate it when I can't do that with Claire.

Ugh, patrolling with Leah would have been better than listening to you two, Seth chimed in.

Sure, then you'd get a bird's eye view to what I walked in on this evening. I said, showing them both the scene I witnessed in the kitchen. Sure, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for the two of them, and it certainly wasn't something that was going to make Leah pissed at me for intentionally sharing, either. Seth groaned. He liked Amber, hell, treated her like another sister, but just like I loathed the sight of Paul kissing my sister, it was nearly the same for him. Its one of the things you just deal with in a pack mind. Over the rocks and through the trees I could finally see a break in the clouds. The moon shone through, but the rain was coming, and soon. The musty scent of wet earth was all around me, and the barometer changed just a degree or two.

Rain's coming in from the Northwest. Big system coming down from Alaska, bringing all kinds of swells too. Might actually get to surf this weekend, Seth remarked.

You know, with a name like Clearwater, you could make it as a weatherman.


Quil laughed. See, he's perfect for it, don't you think?

He certainly has the personality for it. I added, though the image of Seth in a suit, pantomiming in front of a green screen and camera was pretty ridiculous.

I hate you both sometimes, really.

Things were going to be like this all night. At least it was these two knuckleheads I had to keep me company. I realized a moment later that instead of staying near the Rez, I was subtly trying to make my way south. I hung a left and came back up towards the boundary line. Quil would loop around Forks tonight. I'd make one myself just after dawn to check on Charlie. I couldn't wait to get home. More importantly, Ness should be on her way here in just a few hours. That eased the compulsion just a little bit. Knowing that I'd see her always made the separation just a little easier to deal with.

Uh, guys, I found a scent... Seth announced in the same instant the scent registered in his mind. My hackles rose as I took in what he was smelling almost as if I were right next to him. It was sickly sweet, that burning sweet smell that made me hesitate for a moment. It wasn't a Cullen or anyone from the Denali clan. I tried to remember where exactly the scent was from. I remembered it, as I ran through the nomads and other covens in my head when it dawned on me. Volturi.

It was Felix. It was a scent you never forgot even after sixteen years. Track it, Seth, if you find him do not attack, you'll need back up with that bloodsucker.

Should I get the others?

We should wait to sound the alarm until we know for sure Felix has breached the line. Quil offered, not wanting to cause a bigger problem.

Thing was, Felix was here for a reason, whatever that was. An uncomfortable knot formed in my stomach as I realized how dangerously close the leech was to our land. I couldn't risk the tribe like that. No, sound it now. Go get Leah and get her to wake everyone up. If we're going to track this guy tonight, we're going to need the others in case he gets by us.

What do you think is going on?

Caius hates us, remember? I wouldn't put it past him to order him to kill the entire tribe just to smoke the pack out. I stopped dead when I picked up a scent, just a mile east of the treaty line near the southern border. Only it wasn't Felix this time; it was their tracker, Demetri. Tracking us, no doubt. I wished Bella could extend her shield out over great distances now more than ever. Wait on getting Leah, guys. Demetri is here too. Too much at risk with Amber at the house. The three of us did the next best thing to sound the alarm. Leaning back, the three of us bayed at the sky, howling a warning and an SOS all in one. Felix, the three of us could handle alone, but Felix and Demetri? That would be a stupid move that would get one of us killed. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I'm definitely not down for dying tonight, how about you two?

Uh yeah, no, Quil replied. Aside from the situation at hand, the idea of never seeing Claire again stabbed him in the chest. Exactly my point. The thought of never seeing Ness again was just not an option.

Ditto over here.

Leah was the first to phase after the alarm. What's going on?

Scents. Volturi.

Well fuck.

Yeah, about sums it up. Get everyone going. This is not a drill.

Got it, boss.

Seth, Quil, stay with me and we'll keep tracking.

The scent wasn't easy to track. It was spotty at best. I looked up above me, nothing in the trees, but he must have been using those to plant markers that I'd pick up. At the end of a quarter mile, the trail turned hot. The burning stink of vampire was fresh and blazed up towards Quil.

Quil trail's leading me straight to you. Check Forks.

Charlie's! Seth's mind stopped thinking for a full second. His mother would be there, sleeping next to the Chief.

I got it, bro. Don't worry. I'll make sure Sue's sawin' logs. Quil ran up to the Swan residence and could hear their heartbeats and snoring.

Thank God.

Quil, check the old Cullen place. They might have come looking for them.

Already on my way. I kept my nose to the ground, tracking Demetri's stench and keeping tabs on everyone. Jared came up next, groggy with sleep.

You bastards are lucky my wife is pregnant and an insomniac, she was eating ice cream on the porch when she heard the alarm. What's goin'... Oh great... What do you need, Jake?

Help Leah organize everyone to watch the Rez. I want this place on lock-down, you get me?


Following the trail, the scent was still spotty at best but it was all I had to work with. Two of the Volturi guard were here tonight and they needed to be stopped. The why's and how's of it could be asked later. Containment is the key.

Should we alert Carlisle?

It was an option but I didn't want to warn them needlessly. A full pack could certainly handle two vampires, even ones as skilled as these two. Though Edward's gift would be helpful right about now, Bella's too.

Not yet...

Quil made it to the old Cullen house and his mind did a short freak out. What what is it?

We've got a third scent. All three of them were here. The third though, man, it's female.

Each one of my pack immediately had one tiny terrifying face flash through their heads. Jane.

No one needed to even think her name but all of us were scared to death of that leech. Bella explained the kind of damage she could do and without Bella's protective shield we're all sitting ducks. I cursed loudly, the sound of it coming out as a bark. Nobody panic. It might not be Jane, just because it's female. There's more than one female leech in the guard. If it were Jane, though, we needed the only person who could render her useless.

So what do we do?

Quil, Seth, with me south to Hoquiam. If it's Jane, we need to get Bella. Everyone else, stand on guard until you get a visual. Protect the reservation. That's your priority first and foremost.

Quil made it to me within twenty; it took Seth another ten. It made him very uneasy to leave the area. But this was far more important. By chance, if one half of the witch twins was indeed here, then we needed the only person who could protect us. Why not call her?

You got a phone on you?

Well no.

Same for the rest of us. It won't take us long to get there.

I know I just, it's my sister and Mom, okay?

Oh God shut up, Seth. I can handle myself.

I know, Lee. You're still my blood, and the idea of Jane, Felix, and Demetri anywhere near you or Mom frankly makes me want to vomit.

Don't worry so much, she replied. If I'd have been phased back and heard this conversation I would have smiled. The concern for each other was palpable. We went south, going along the coast, trying to use the land as much as we could to keep our exit as stealthy as possible.

As Hoquiam neared, I yelled to Edward in my head, You're never going to believe what happened on the Rez tonight, Edward. Guess the Volturi have come out to play, I tell him, showing him how the scents were laid out. Almost there. I could see the glow of the house as it sat on the very northern outskirts of town. Loping back into the trees, the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. We'd been followed. How had I not noticed? Running along the coast should have kept our exit on the low. I realized, though, they'd kept their distance just enough to make sure we didn't detect them until it was too late. It was clear as crystal to me now that the three vampires weren't interested in eradicating the world of Quileutes. No, they'd laid a trap and I fell into it just as they had hoped. They weren't tracking us to hunt wolves. They were searching for the one thing we were tied to. The one girl that I was bound to and the family to which she belonged.

Are you sure? I mean they could still be up near the Rez. Seth remarked, but even deep down, he sensed the same thing I had. It was that feeling of icy fingers crawling down your spine when you thought you were alone.

Only way to be sure is to stay at the Cullen's, see what they want. If anything happens... If they pull anything, they will die tonight. Though I was certain we were being followed. It wasn't something you could really see or even tell. The tracker and his companions were slick like that. I should have guessed. Should have anticipated this. They were looking for them and what did I do? I led Demetri right to 'em.

From inside the house I could hear Edward's voice. "Jacob's on his way here," he said through clenched teeth.

The three of us phased when we got near the yard of the house, throwing on our shorts with lightning speed. I could hear them now even with human ears. They weren't even trying to hide anymore. Their cloaks whispered against the brush and timber of the forest floor.

"They caught a scent. But they've been followed. I recognize it just as he does."

"Who?" Carlisle asked.

"Volturi," Edward replied.

"In the damn house, now," I barked, following them. The family was already in protective mode, mate guarding mate. Ness stood with her parents. The pull eased minutely as we came close to one another, but it heightened as I was reminded of the very clear and very present danger at hand. With my back turned to her, I looked over my shoulder seeking out her face. "Are you all right?" I asked. She looked nervous, tense, but there wasn't the least bit of fear present in her features. I tried and failed to temper down the swell of pride at her bravery.

"I'm fine, you?" she replied.

"Jumpy." I almost grinned but shifted on my feet instead. It wasn't easy to keep myself this on edge. The tingling heat and rage I kept pooled inside of me. I wasn't going to take any chances. If they wanted to start a war, they had to make the first strike, but if they did anything, three European vampires were going to die tonight.

"Obviously," she mocked. I could hear the eye-roll that accompanied her words. To my left, Quil snorted. I glanced back at him for a second and scowled. He straightened up then and focused. That's right, game faces on, people.

"Never is a dull moment around here, huh?" Quil asked, looking at Bella. She glanced over at him but paid him no real attention. I knew she must be focusing, shielding all of us in case it was Jane that had come tonight.

At my right stood Seth. With a look, he knew that I was about to do something I hated, but this was a special circumstance. "Get her the hell out of here if one of those leeches so much as tries something," I ordered, letting that deep double timbre come through my voice. Both of them nodded, understanding that when an imprint is at risk, you did anything to make them safe. She is the most important being in this room, and if a fight broke out, I wanted her far from it. I didn't care if she could take care of herself or not. The risk of her dying was not one I would take.

I glanced back at Renesmee for just a moment after I gave the order. I wondered for a split second if this could be the last time I'd see her face. The pain that rippled through my torso at the thought was enough to make me double over, but somehow I stayed vertical, the stress and tension focusing me to do one singular thing. Protect and defend. No matter the cost.

"Which of them is it?" Emmett asked from my right. "The brothers don't leave the tower often," he continued. His tone was more than a tad annoyed with Edward. With the tracker so close now he could certainly hear his thoughts and those of his companions.

Is it Jane with them? I asked, glancing at his face for any semblance of an answer. And there it was, so quick no one else noticed it, and wouldn't have if you weren't looking for it. Edward had shook his head no. I wanted to breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't the pint-sized terrorist herself, but there were other females on the guard who were just as gifted and just as deadly.

"Not the brothers, three of the guard," Edward curtly answered his brother. Everyone tensed, but at the epicenter of our little group was Jasper, pulsing out his blanket of calm. I wanted to glower at him; keeping me calm right now would only dull my reflexes, even only in a minuscule amount. I guess it was just as well, though. In a fight, Jasper was someone you wanted on your side, empathic ability aside, he was probably the most deadly vamp in the room.

I could hear the ragged breath of Esme behind Carlisle. The anxiety must be killing her. To have her family threatened like this? The look on her face, though, was anything but anxious. The only way to describe it would be something like a lioness protecting her cubs.

All eyes focused on the glass doors leading to the yard and then the forest. Three pairs of footsteps crunched loudly against the grass outside. The only thing that kept me rooted, kept me focused, was the fluttering heartbeat behind me. Safe. Alive. Here. That's what mattered and that's how it was going to stay.

Three figures, cloaked and ominous, came into the home. The whole cloak and dagger routine would have been comical on any other day, but right now it took everything in me not to lunge forward and start ripping limbs. Everyone was ready, waiting for them to speak, to fight, anything to break the intense silence.

The middle one — the one I knew was Demetri just by his size — raised his hand, stopping the other two. Ten feet from us, the essence of everything I hated about vampires stood, cocksure and unafraid that I was mere seconds away from ripping out of my skin to end them.

"Your family is not an easy one to find," he announced. His voice made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. A creepier voice than Aro's or the Dracula twins, I didn't think it was quite possible, and now? I stand corrected. The smallest of the three fluttered around the two of them like a fussing mother over her children. However, I didn't really get the maternal vibe from shorty over there.

Demetri stared at Bella, the proverbial cramp in his style. I wondered, though, why on earth had they come at all? Caius was all about the carnage. This kind of flourish had Aro's signature all over it. Then again, I didn't know the leech well enough to be the judge of that kind of thing. The three of them removed their cloaks, revealing their identities.

Behind me, Ness's anxiety was palpable. I wanted to reach behind me to let her know I understood, but I didn't. I couldn't. Focus was the key right now, not silly reassurances I couldn't promise to my imprint. In response, Jasper sent out another burst of calming energy. I took it in stride, hoping, beyond any right to hope that he'd keep everyone on an even keel. Felix smirked at the small half-vampire behind me. My eyes narrowed.

Try it, bloodsucker, I dare you.

The woman with them looked familiar but I wasn't sure of her name. Renee? No, that's Bella's mother's name. I knew it started with an R... Renfield? No. Too Stoker. Renata? Yes, that's it. Aside from that, all I could remember of her was that she was usually hovering around Aro, his personal bodyguard. A physical shield of some kind that worked on your mind. I fought off the grin. As long as Bella was here, she was pretty much useless. The anxiety etched across her face told me she knew that entirely too well.

My stare drifted back to Demetri. His eyes bore into Ness, leering in a way that made me see an even deeper red. He watched her, eyes moving up and down. Nope, not liking that one bit. Was this leech seriously suicidal?

For a moment, his eyes met mine. Call me a possessive bastard all you want, but I tried my very best to communicate just what would happen to him should he lay so much as a finger on her. I'd thoroughly enjoy ripping his stony body to shreds if that were the case. No one, and I mean no one, could look at her like that and get away with it.

Just as I had with Felix, I willed Demetri to be stupid enough to attack. Eight vampires, a hybrid, and three wolves had them sorely outnumbered, not just in numbers but abilities.

He continued to look at Renesmee with an expression that could only be described as predatory. Both Edward and I grit our teeth. Huh, seems I wasn't too far off with my estimation. In that case... He tries anything, Edward, you're going to let me take out the tick, 'kay?

Arrogantly, they moved forward, acting like they owned the place. Renata hovering as if she were about to have a heart attack. Which on any other day - the thought of a vampire having a heart attack would have made me chuckle.

"My, my Renesmee... You have grown," Demetri began. Carlisle may have relaxed but three of us were about two seconds away from ripping his head off. "You are truly more beautiful than I expected," he continued moving toward us.

Wow, bloodsucker really does have a death wish. Awesome. I'm game if you are, leech.

"My masters will be pleased with your maturation," he added, raking those disgusting red eyes over her again. Mine. I felt the heat pool even more in my spine. I was itching to shift and kill this jackass. Bella snarled. Nice. I always wondered what she'd be like if someone so much as glanced at her daughter the wrong way. I saw a piece of it in the clearing sixteen years ago, but it's nice to know Mama Bear is in there and ready to strike. I tried to cover Renesmee, my hand on her bare arm. No wonder he was getting an eye-full. Ness was still in her pajamas, though thankfully they covered her pretty well.

And then Ness did the idiotic. She sidestepped me to keep her eyes on the three of them. Damn it, woman, don't you see I'm trying to protect you here? The tracker moved in again, slow and steady, as if he were handling the entire pack, or a group of newborns.

"You may all relax." Sure, sure. Will get right on that one. Not. "You see, my masters have sent us here not to provoke a fight."

Defensive positions were relaxed but only enough to signal that we didn't want a fight either. Which we didn't. A fight, though satisfying as it would be, would set in motion a chain of events that would lead, no doubt, to a war. A fight was easy. Over in just a few minutes. A war, however, could take years, centuries if you were immortal. I kept up my position. The Volturi were not vampires you could trust. No, they were the embodiment of everything my tribe has fought decades and decades to keep at bay.

At this moment, the way he looked at her, there were only two things keeping me from killing the bastard. One was to avoid a war. The second was Jasper. His ability was the only thing anchoring me, Quil, and Seth in our human forms. Keeping us just calm enough to stay focused without falling off the cliff. I could feel my body vibrating like a tuning fork, waiting for the opportune moment to attack.

"Why don't you just get on with it then?" Edward snarled, annoyed as the rest of us.

Demetri was drawing this out, using his supreme creep factor to further piss me off. I wanted him gone, and far, far away from me, this family, and Ness, though not in that particular order. Felix chuckled, winking at Renesmee. And we have another leech just asking for a beat down. Looks like it's going to be an even busier night.

I felt Ness tense behind me, lurching just slightly forward, wanting to attack as well. I tensed up; hell no, I wasn't letting her anywhere near them. Uh uh, not happening.

"Yes, Demetri, let us not keep the vegetarians and their pets waiting, shall we?" Felix remarked. My fists clenched tighter. One reason, just give me one reason to rip your damn head off and you'll be ash by dawn.

Demetri took a seat on the armchair, crossing one leg over the other, wrinkling his expensive suit. Pompous ass.

"As I said before, your family is not an easy one to find," he reiterated, pointedly glaring at Bella. Score one for the shield in the family.

Emmett shifted, a growl brewing in him. Yeah, I don't think you want to mess with Em's little sis. Demetri ignored him while Renata came to his side. Her red eyes shifted warily throughout the room, wondering who would attack her charges first.

But Demetri was having none of that. "Renata, mia cara, loro non intendono farci del male," he said. I wondered what he told her, but whatever it was, she relaxed a little. "We had to track the wolves. Aro suspected Bella would be protecting all of you, but he suspected correctly that she did not include the mongrels you call friends." He rolled his eyes at us, annoyed at our existence. Rumbling growls came from the three of us in response. "It seems we're not welcome here. I digress to my point," he continued, half to his friends, the other to us. "Renesmee Cullen, you've been summoned. My masters, particularly Aro, are most curious as to how you've grown these past years that we haven't seen you," he explained as he stood procuring an envelope from his jacket pocket.

The leech held out the envelope for her but I stood in the way to keep her away from him, the envelope, and this whole melodramatic mess of a world we didn't have a say in belonging to. She moved past me, annoyed as her thoughts told me when she swept her hand across my arm. I relaxed for a fraction of a second before realizing she was walking right up to the monster I was trying to keep her from. What the hell is that all about? How could she just waltz right up there to get the envelope. Hello, that's how the bad guy gets the damsel in distress in every action movie ever. Play nice then swoop in when the guard is down. She took the envelope and stepped backwards, right into the protective sphere of her family and me.

I tried not to peer over her shoulder to read the letter with her but all I could see was annoying gothic script that I wasn't all that familiar with. Huh, Aro had probably handwritten the damn thing.

Edward gritted his teeth throughout his reading of the note. "Aro expects the three of us?" Edward asked, quirking an eyebrow at Demetri.

"Yes, he feels it would only be proper for an unattached young lady like Renesmee to come with escorts," he explained, eyeing her again. Once again with the death wish, eh? "Aro suggests that you make haste in your arrangements. He's very eager to see you," he added. She nodded in response, keeping quiet while the three of them made their departure from the house. Everyone stood silent, still, and in shock at the events that just took place. The Volturi had come once more, and sought to order her to go to Volterra. I didn't like this at all.

What I didn't like even more was when Carlisle's voice finally broke the silence. "Alice, make the arrangements. We leave as soon as possible."

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