Trading Heartbeats

Chapter 30 - The Beginning

A total of six years had passed and so much had changed. For one, Sonelle had had had triplets, and both her and Kofi couldn't be happier. Secondly, Brittany and Justin had married - of course, Amelia hadn't received an invitation, but she understood. After all, Brittany had a valid reason not to invite her. Thirdly, Khaila and Punk were still travelling the world. Neither had kept in contact with Amelia. All in all, Amelia had been separated from her friends for a very long time now. She occasionally received phone calls from Sonelle and Kofi; however, those were always seasonal. Nonetheless, they were phone calls. As for Amelia's transformation, Amelia's once, brownish-red hair now stretched lower than it's original place, as she waltzed around the kitchen of her new, one-story house in Long Island, New York, getting two glasses filled with Sprite and a bowl of popcorn ready. "Mom! Mom," a little boy's voice sounded from outside the room until a crash was heard. Amelia's eyes widened, she dropped the bowl immediately on the counter and rushed outside to see a little boy pulling himself up off the floor. Amelia gave a sigh as he appeared to be unharmed.

"Luke, please," she said as she approached him, getting down on her knees and brushing him off, "be careful." Lucas merely smiled, a dimpled smile. Although the boy had the face, eyes and clumsiness of Amelia, his dimples and smile were that of his father's. The boy's hair, though, was an unusual colour. It wasn't the red that Amelia's hair had been naturally, nor was it the blonde-brown of his father's. Instead, this boy's hair was a dark shade of brown. One that reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. Amelia finished dusting the boy off and smoothing down his scruffy hair. "Go sit on the couch, and I'll be there in a second," she told him.

The boy nodded and leapt over to the couch seating himself in the middle and sitting cross-legged. Amelia smiled and retrieved the bowl of popcorn and two glasses of Sprite careful not to spill anything or trip down. "It's starting! It's starting," the little boy called from the sofa. Amelia made her way to the couch setting everything down on the floor in front of them. Lucas sank his way off the couch and onto the floor looking up at the small T.V. screen that sat upon two piles of stacked books. Amelia smiled as she propped her feet up on the couch hugging her knees into her chest. Yes, sir, we promised you a great match, the man on the T.V. screen had said. It always surprised Amelia how they never seemed to change the opening.

Lucas looked back up at Amelia and gave her a radiant smile before looking back at the T.V. screen and repeating everything the man had just said. Amelia giggled a bit as she watched her son enjoy something that was in his blood - wrestling. His music hit, and the exact person she'd thought she pushed out of her head appeared on the television screen. The camera zoomed in on his lip-ringed smile as he walked his way out down the ramp and towards the ring. Lucas booed the character on the screen, striking up chants against the superstar, along with the rest of the audience. A slight smile had broken out onto her face as she watched Lucas become involved in the programme. Suddenly, another song had hit and a man had stepped out onto the stage area.

"Yeah! Woo! Cody," Lucas cheered, clapping his hands and chanting along with the other fans. Amelia's heart sank as she looked down at her knees. "Mom," Lucas's little voice spoke up. Amelia jumped a bit and looked down at Lucas attempting to put on her best fake smile she could offer. "Are you okay, Mom," Lucas asked again as he rose to his feet and sat beside Amelia. A tear trickled down Amelia's cheek as she looked at Lucas.

"Yes, son," she whispered as she kissed his forehead lovingly. Lucas gave a half-smile revealing his deep dimple.

"Cody's definitely going to win this match, Mom," he told her informatively as he sank back down onto the floor. "Punk's no match for him!" Amelia half-smiled.

"That's brilliant, Luke," she said quietly as she rose up out of the couch. Luke looked up at her curiously.

"Mom, where're you going," he asked. Amelia looked back at him and smiled.

"I'm just a bit tired, Luke. I'm going to take a little nap. Call me when this match is over, alright," she asked. Luke gave her a small smile and nodded, turning to face the T.V. once more. Amelia retreated back to her bedroom at the far end of the hall. As she pulled open the door, she entered into the darkened room with only a bed, set of drawers and bedside table. The room was rather small compared to her apartment's, but it was liveable. As she closed the door to her bedroom, she flopped herself on the bed lying face first against the pillow. Turning her head, so that her cheek now rested upon the pillow she let her mind fill itself with thoughts of Cody.

She remembered his expression the time they'd caught her and Punk together. She remembered the way he barely wanted anything to do with her before he left. She remembered the note … his last goodbye. Tears stung her eyes as she re-lived all of these memories. She had everything before, but one mistake had ruined and changed everything. Her transgression is the reason her child knows not of his father or of why they can't afford everything his friends were getting. Her tears slid down her cheeks as she hugged onto the pillow she'd been laying on. What if nothing had happened between her and Punk? What if she and Cody had stayed together? She rolled onto her back.

You wouldn't be living in this dump, that's for sure, she told herself as she stared up at the unpainted ceiling. She'd never wanted to move from her apartment in Chicago, but after everything that had transpired there, what was a girl to do? Amelia sighed as she thought back on the way things were before she met Cody. She had friends, she hadn't any worries, her life was okay. She frowned a bit to herself, for she knew Cody hadn't caused all of this … it was her. Her mistake. She'd brought herself right around to that thought once more. It haunted her in her sleep, when she was at work, every second of the day. It's a mistake that she will forever regret and remember. Rolling over onto her side, she stared at the dark drapes that hung over the windows. Suddenly, the room door flew open, and Amelia immediately jumped up into a sitting position. Standing in the doorway was Lucas - panting and sweating as though he, himself, had been wrestling, Amelia giggled as she opened her arms and allowed Lucas to crawl onto the bed and wrap himself in them.

Reaching over onto the bedside table, she grabbed a napkin and dabbed his wet forehead. "Luke, what were you doing," she asked with a smile as his cheeks had gotten rosier every time he breathed. Lucas immediately jumped up on the bed.

"You should've seen it, Mom! Just as Cody was about to do the Cross-Rhodes," he stopped to form the move, "CM Punk slid out from under him and gave him a GTS!" The little boy performed the move on a pillow which landed itself on the floor. Amelia giggled.

"Aw, must've been a great match, huh," she asked as she picked up the pillow. Lucas nodded his head as he sat back down on the bed and wrapped his arms around his mom hugging her tight. Amelia smiled and placed a hand on his head giving his now dry forehead a kiss. Lucas looked up at Amelia and gave her a charming smile.

"Mom," he said very seriously. A smile couldn't help but stay on Amelia's face as she looked down at the little boy. "One day, when I'm in the WWE, I'll give you tickets to every match, and you can come to all of them," he told her. Her eyes filled to the brim with tears as she nodded once.

"That sounds lovely, Luke," she whispered to him as she kissed his forehead once more. Lucas gave her a half-smile as his cheeks blushed. Suddenly, there came a noise from outside - one like an audience erupting into applause. Lucas gasped and turned his head toward the door. Jumping off the bed, he pulled on Amelia's hand.

"Come on, Mom! The next match is starting," he said as he pulled Amelia back into their living room. Amelia giggled and took a seat on the floor next to her son. During the course of the show, she watched as he got up onto his feet and imitated the characters on screen - doing their signature moves, their finishers and pretending as if he were on mic. Amelia giggled and played along with him. His laughter rang in her ears, and the feeling it brought her was something she swore was irreplaceable. Evening then turned into night, and it was time for Lucas to head on off to bed. After he quickly showered, Amelia brought him into his bedroom, which was actually a pantry before now.

Once they moved all the rows of shelves and placed a window, bed and ceiling fan in the room, it became quite habitable. As Amelia pulled the blankets over him, tucking him in, she gave him a kiss on his forehead and made her way toward the door. "Mom," Lucas asked. Amelia turned around on her heel almost falling over in the process. "Are you going to be okay," he asked. A smile spread across Amelia's face once more. "Cause you could always sleep here, if you're afraid of sleeping alone, you know," the little boy continued as he jumped out of bed. Amelia raised one eyebrow and looked at the little boy curiously, making his way over to him.

"Why would you say I'm afraid of sleeping alone, love," she asked him as she sat herself down on his bed. Lucas merely shrugged and sat beside her.

"I hear you crying in your sleep, Mom," he looked up at her sorrowful. "People cry when they're sad or scared, don't they," he asked. Amelia gave a slight nod. Had she really been crying in her sleep? "Are you going to be okay," he asked her once more. Amelia looked at her son and kissed his forehead.

"Yes, Luke, I'll be okay," she said sweetly as she tucked him back into bed. "Night, love," she wished as she neared the door flicking off the night.

"Night, mom," she heard Lucas call back to her. Amelia smiled and closed the door once more. Heading back out to her room, she opened the drapes, looking out at the night sky. She wondered if anyone of her friends had thought about her just as much as she'd thought about them. She wondered what rich and fabulous lives they must be living with their loved ones. With a sigh, she lay herself down in bed letting the moonlight spill into her bedroom as she closed her eyes drifting off to sleep.

Amelia was walking through a crowd of people on a rather grey day followed by Lucas. She hadn't known where she was walking to or why she'd taken Lucas, but she simply followed her feet. She wore rags, literally, as she passed many others dressed properly. They seemed to have known her. They shook their heads disapprovingly at her. They made faces at her. They whispered on and on after her. "Whore," a woman had shouted in her face. Amelia dodged the woman, and just as she had done so, a man had seized her arm. "How about it, beautiful," he added with a smug smirk on his face. Amelia screamed and tugged her arm away from the man running toward the end of the street. Just as she'd reached the end, she knocked over a man stepping out of a bus.

"Watch it," he shouted at her. She recognized this voice. As they both stood up, Amelia stared into the blue/green eyes of her past love. The man shrugged her off apparently not recognizing her at all. Amelia saw him reach for the hand of a woman. As she stepped out of after him, Amelia's blood ran cold. She watched as a vision of herself, with her once red hair stepped out of the bus and strutted away with Cody down the street. "Cody," Amelia screamed after him. Suddenly, there were loud sounds - those that sounded like gun shots down the street. Amelia looked around her for Lucas. He was nowhere in sight. "Lucas," Amelia screamed running down the street. "Lucas! Where are you," she yelled. She ran up to every person on the street providing a description of Lucas and if they'd seen them. She'd felt deranged. Many ignored her, until finally something had shaken her out of her nightmare.

Amelia's eyes flew open and stared into grey/green eyes that matched her own. She realized it was Lucas who'd been standing beside her bed, wearing a worried look on his face. Amelia sat up and caught her breath instantly. As she'd begun to get a feel for her surroundings, she'd realized rain was pounding down on the tin roof of their house and thunder rumbled outside. "Mom," Lucas whispered to her. Amelia looked toward him knowing what he was about to say.

"I know, Luke, and thank you for coming, but I'll be alright," she told him. Lucas raised one eyebrow and then looked down at his hands before looking back up at her.

"What's wrong, Mom," Lucas asked as he sat himself up on her bed. Amelia gave a slight smile and then looked at him.

"I just had a bad dream," she told him. Lucas gave her a small smile before placing a hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright, Mom. You can just forget that and think of something else - something good," he said. Amelia chuckled a bit.

"You make it sound so easy," she murmured.

"Oh, but it is! Things that you're scared of can't hurt you if you don't want it to," he said. Amelia looked at Lucas with her mouth half-open. Had all that really come out of a six-year-old's mouth? Lucas gave her another small smile and another rumble of thunder shook the house. Amelia jumped a bit at the sudden noise. As she looked back down at Lucas, he looked just as startled as Amelia. Amelia immediately made space for both herself and Lucas on her small bed. With Lucas cuddled up in her arms, she could feel him immediately drift off to sleep. Hugging him close to her, Amelia smiled and closed her eyes.

She didn't want to remember Cody or Punk or anything from her past. She wanted to move ahead. She wanted a new beginning. She was finished trading heartbeats with everyone else. For now, she would keep her heart safe with the little boy who owned it entirely - Lucas. With her hand being placed over his chest, she felt his heartbeat in the middle of her hand. To her, there was no greater feeling than this.

Although he'd been short of many things a regular six-year-old normally had, she was sure the little boy she held in her hands was destined for greatness - whatever that greatness would turn out to be. She, however, was sure of one definite, great thing: her Lucas - her light - would be there to brighten even the darkest of her days. As she opened her eyes, watching the raindrops slide down the window, she thought back to what she'd told herself once before. She'd sworn that having a baby would be the end of her life completely; with Lucas in her arms now, she could never remember being happier, and with this thought in mind, her eyes closed themselves down one last time as she drifted off to sleep.

Perhaps Amelia will never get to live the life she always pictured herself living, perhaps she would never tell Lucas about his father or the real reason why she refused to watched matches with Cody Rhodes in them, and then … perhaps all of this wasn't a bad thing. Maybe, it wasn't 'the end'; instead, it was really just 'the beginning'.