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"Leg braces? Hikaru, you know I can't use those. You have to have at least some sensation to do that."

"Trust me." Hikaru finished fixing them around Kaoru's legs after a bit of difficulty and troubleshooting. He stood and tilted his head as he took in the equipment on his twin. "They're pretty clunky aren't they? I wonder if they're heavy."

"I'm taking them off, Hikaru." Kaoru grabbed for the latches to unhook the offensive metal from himself. Quick hands caught his and pulled them up and away. "Let go. I don't feel like humiliating myself tonight."

"You won't regret it if you let me try this, Kaoru." He took both hands and squeezed them. They're eyes locked, one pair with a fiery determination and the other pair glassy with disinterest. "Please let me do this for you."

"You mean please let you embarrass me?" Kaoru commented drily. The only sign that he was beginning to break his resolve was his sudden lack of struggling. His hands were limp in Hikaru's, no longer trying to tug away to free his legs.

"I promise I won't embarrass you."

Kaoru let out a deep sigh and nodded. This earned him the widest grin from his brother. He was suddenly glowing with excitement and satisfaction. His slumped frame had straightened and now he seemed to be contemplating something as he paced the room.

Finally he came back to stand before Kaoru. "Okay," he held his hands out, "grab on."

Kaoru did as he was told and seconds later felt himself be pulled upward. Automatically fear kicked in at being up so high on legs that he knew wouldn't give him the support he needed. The braces seemed to help slightly, but he felt like the slight balance he had wouldn't hold for much longer. It was when Hikaru's hands let go of his own and shot quickly around to hug him close that Kaoru grew calmer.

"I told you this wasn't going to work. I'm going to fall and get hurt if we keep doing this. Put me back on the bed."

Hikaru hugged Kaoru close, not caring about the skewed pigeon toed position his brother's legs had taken on. They shook as they threatened to slip from underneath his twin. He buried his face into Kaoru's neck rather than acknowledging it.

"Hikaru?" Kaoru questioned. His arms had come to be wrapped around Hikaru's neck as if it was the only thing keeping him alive. His upper body shook with a warranted fear. "I'm going to fall, Hikaru..."

"Don't you see?" Hikaru's voice was muffled by the fabric of Kaoru's shirt, but his words were loud enough to float into Kaoru's ears and make him question himself.

The disabled twin looked around trying to see the thing Hikaru wanted him to. He could feel Hikaru's disappointed eyes watching him as he looked down and around. The most he came to see was how his legs were beginning to wobble despite being in the braces.

"We're the same height again," Hikaru whispered.

Kaoru sucked in a harsh breath, his eyes widening. His head slowly lift from his legs and up to his twin's. The happy tears pouring from Hikaru's eyes triggered his own.

"You weren't trying to get me to walk. You just wanted..." Kaoru sputtered in realization. His chest heaved with sobs that threatened to pour out. " feels like before doesn't it? Just a little. I wasn't wearing these stupid things before."

Hikaru let out a watery laugh and bounced Kaoru up as he began to slip lower. "Yeah, but this is good enough for me. Merry Christmas, Kaoru."

"We're Japanese. We don't celebrate Christmas."

"We used to when we were kids. We even got presents and believed in Santa Claus, just like Americans."

Kaoru sighed in mock disappointment. "Hikaru, we're not kids anymore."

"Kaoru, we're going to try something else too."

The body in Hikaru's arms paused to stare at his brother. His snot covered face was anything but attractive, nor threatening, as he tried his hardest to dissuade Hikaru without speaking. He frowned and his eyes turned back into the glassy one's Hikaru knew too well.

"You trusted me the first time, trust me again."

Kaoru's gaze dropped down. Hikaru was about to begin again when Kaoru's grip on him tightened and he looked back up to nod silently. The smile on Hikaru's face seemed to be contagious, soon Kaoru's lips twitched up as well.

"Don't let me fall this time," Kaoru warned. His voice attempted to hold an air of humor but instead seemed to shake with pent up emotions. It was as though tonight was wearing him down as each new surprise was thrown at him.

Hikaru shook his head. "I didn't let you fall last time. I caught you and I'll do the same thing this time. I know you won't though." Kaoru rolled his eyes. The eldest brother chuckled. "You remind me of a girl every time you do things like that."

"Hikaru! I admit I'm not...the manliest but I'm nowhere near girl status," Kaoru snapped.

"You're right."

This caused Kaoru to blink in confusion. Hikaru usually always gave more of a fight than that when they picked at each other. He could see the amount of thought his twin was putting into this though. It was if he was transfixed with whatever it was he was planning in his head.

Kaoru soon found himself back on the bed, sitting instead of walking as promised. Then his legs were being shifted and he was pulled up again. This time he was at least an inch or so taller than Hikaru.

"Why aren't we the same height?"

Hikaru pointed down. "You're crushing my feet. You're heavier with those things on than I thought you would be."

"Then put me down."

Hikaru shook his head stubbornly. He took a step back and then another with some difficulty until he got the hang of walking with Kaoru on him. He hummed. "It's kind of like walking but I can walk for you."

Kaoru slapped Hikaru's arm lightly with a laugh. "That doesn't count as me walking, Hikaru!"

"It does!" Hikaru shot back with a grin. "If your legs are moving forward and you are too then you're walking. Who said walking means you have to be touching the floor?"

"Or moving on my own," Kaoru added with a grin of his own. He pressed himself closer to Hikaru and hugged him tighter, he leaned down to whisper in his brother's ear. "I love you, Hikaru. Thank you."

"Love you too."

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