Chapter One: The Unexpected

Lucy screamed as the pink-haired mage slammed into the boulder near her head, shattering it to pieces.

"N-Natsu? Are you ok?" she squealed as the said mage started pushing rubble off himself.

"Ugh…what the hell are these two?" Natsu growled, glaring at the two sneering figures ahead of them.

"Ahahaha….so he's a legendary Dragon Slayer, huh?" one of the figures chuckled. "Guess they're not that special lookin' at how weak you are!"

"Shut up!" Natsu roared as flames burst all around him, "I'll show you the true power of a dragon!"

He stood about a head taller than Natsu with jet black hair and purple streaks in them. His attire was a brooding black; clad with snake-skin boots and a contrastingly white jacket with sleeves torn off. It was topped off with fingerless gloves on both hands.

"Hmm, really? How scary." Sarcasm dripped from his voice as what seemed like shadows began to flicker at his fingertips.

Natsu noticed this and took a protective step in front Lucy and growled aggressively, showing his more pronounced white canines.

Wh-what is that power? Lucy thought, He fights like Natsu or Gajeel would, with Dragon Slayer magic, but…it feels different…and that other one….

Lucy's gaze dropped to the second man while a maniacal grin spread across his face.

Though considerably shorter, he was no less intimidating as he was as wide as the other was tall. Standing at only waist level to his partner, the man was very plump but had thick bands of muscle wrapped around his arms. His head was shaven bald, with a menacing face. Also, like Natsu, his canines were very pronounced but his were a sickly hue of yellow.

He laughed as a snake-like forked tongue slithered in and out of his mouth.

Lucy shuddered just looking at him.

"This was far easier than we expected." He hissed, looking up at his partner, "And he is far weaker than I thought as well. He is not necessary for our plans."

"Say what?" Natsu was fuming.

Lucy's heart dropped to her stomach. She didn't like this feeling; the look in their eyes burned with malice, and an evil aura poured out of them like rushing water.

The black haired man smiled.

"I agree. Eliminate him, but leave the girl. Someone must tell his friends what happened." At that the duo began to roar with laughter.

"Natsu wait-!" Lucy shouted, but a little too late.

The fire mage leaped at the two enemies, both hands ablaze. The black haired man flicked his wrist and shadows enveloped his hand. He lunged at Natsu with inhuman speed.

"What the-?" The man's shadowed fist connected with Natsu's face with such a force that sent him plummeting into the ground.

Natsu coughed up blood as he struggled to his feet, swaying a little to the side. Before he could react, another shadow fist connected with his stomach, making him cough up more blood as he was launched into another boulder.

"Natsu! Ah!" Lucy flinched as she tried to stand up only to fall again. Gahh my ankle! she thought, gripping it slightly.

Natsu burst from the rubble and charged the shadow wielder.

"Fire Dragon's" he shouted as he sucked in a huge breath. "ROAR!"

A blazing jet of flame erupted from Natsu's mouth, shooting toward his opponent. Reacting faster than what seemed possible, the black haired man crossed his arms in front of him and a shadow wall sprung up, completely blocking the fire attack.

"What-?" Before Natsu could finish his sentence, another giant fist covered in rock slammed into his back, sending him into the air. Before he could recover, Natsu was sent crashing to the ground again by another rock-fist.

"Natsu!" Lucy could only watch in horror, unable to help, as her closest friend was tossed around like a rag doll.

Natsu slowly tried to get to his feet. Dammit…he thought. He could feel his strength evaporating.

"I'm getting tired of this," the black haired man grunted. "finish him."

The other man chuckled as he slammed his fist together. Rocks began to float up into the air and fuse with each other into a crude spear. The short, fat man sneered.

The spear sped toward Natsu with uncanny accuracy. He tried to react, but he wasn't fast enough. The spear impaled him right through his chest.

Time seemed to freeze. Lucy's eyed widened in horror. No…

Natsu's limp body fell to the ground, his eyes dazed and unseeing.

A heart-wrenching scream, full of anguish pierced through the silence.


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