Sins Of Thy Sons

Chapter One: Heaven, Sky, Hell

What if Tsuna had a twin, a twin so much more capable in nearly everything? Living with the approval of his father and the Ninth, Takashi is everything the Sawada and the Vongola needs, while Tsuna has no choice but to live in his twin's shadow. However, a different upbringing means a different Tsuna. Darker and more vicious, Tsuna is ready to split the rank of the Guardians to get what is rightfully his. Dark Tsuna.

It was a dark and stormy night. Raindrops lashed against the window panes and the lighting would lit the sky up every few seconds or so, and as the clouds swirled dangerously threatening to bring more of Mother Nature's destruction with it, a Iemitsu Sawada, standing safely in one of the birthing room of Nanimori's hospital where the elements could not reach him, couldn't help but feel a sense of poetic irony about the night.

It seemed as if even nature itself celebrated the birth of two new Skies.

It had been a long and gruelling day. After Nana had gone into labour that afternoon, Iemitsu had refused to leave her side despite the fruitless and feeble attempts from the nurse, or the death threats his wife would throw at him every time she was sized with pain. She would have his hand in a death grip and would scream and cry and yell and attempt to hit him every time he said something seemingly witty or humorous. Very unlike the peaceful and sweet Nana Sawada of the norm.

"The first one is coming, I can see his head," The doctor, a Ukuken Seiryuu, said encouraging in slightly broken and strongly accented Japanese, "Just one more…"

The shrill cries of the first-born twin filled the air, and Iemitsu's view of his child was block slightly as the nurses quickly came forward to claim the kid. Ukuken had then turn his focus back onto Nana as soon as he was satisfied that the child was healthy and safe.

"You're doing fine," Imemitsu encouraged as he pressed a quick kiss on her forehead while Nana squeezed his hand again as the woman shuddered when spasms of pain wrecked through her body, "You just need to…"



"Just one more," Seiryuu said, not even paying attention to the death threats, "and he's out."

The younger twin's wailing voice soon joined his brother as they took their first few breaths of the unnaturally clean hospital air, and Nana let out a blessed sign as she slump back on the birthing table, her husband gently helping her get more comfortable. The two nurses quickly took the twins out of the room to clean them up as Seiryuu focused his attention on to Nana, a slight frown on his face and his black eyes narrowed with an indescribable emotions seeping through them.

"Doctor, is there any thing wrong?"

"No…" He murmured absentmindedly, but the strange look still persisted on his face as he looked to the ground and the shadows covered his expression, shielding them from view. Iemitsu's mafia instincts instantly kicked in, and the CEDEF leader narrowed his eyes with suspicion. "Is there anything wrong?" His voice was laced with venom and Seiryuu looked up, shocked.

"No, most definitely not," the doctor hurried to assure the new father, "I was just worried about your wife. It's her first time birthing after all, and twins are tricky issue. I'm just glad that she's okay." Iemitsu wasn't convince that was the real reason why Seiryuu was looking so worried and he definitely did not like the look on the man's face, but at his wife's comforting look and the sheer overwhelming joy over that fact that his family was okay and that he was now a father, he decided not to pursue the look any further.

"Well, Sawada-san," Seiryuu said cheerfully, a grin on his face, "Let's get you clean up and you can go visit that adorable kids of yours."

Iemitsu sat beside Nana, gently holding one of his sons as the yellow haired man caressed his son gently, the infant already asleep. Nana was rested on the bed, an exhausted yet utterly blissful look gracing her face as she carried her older son tenderly in her arms, a small smile on her face. She grazed at the small peaceful expression her son wore before bringing him near her to press a light kiss to his forehead.

Outside, the weather had finally calmed down. The clouds had parted to reveal the full moon, and it's watery moonlight shone into the room where only Nana and Iemitsu were…and of course, their kids.

"What do you want to name them?" Nana murmured sleepily, brown eyes blinking at her beloved son in her arm. Imeitsu looked down at the younger son, his entire being literally glowing with pride before whispering, "What about Takashi, after your father?"

"Sawada Takashi," Nana mused, touched that Imeitsu would name their younger son after her father, "It's beautiful."

"And for our older boy?"

Nana's eyes glazed over for a brief moment, before murmuring, "Tsuna. Tsunayoshi."

"Sawada Tsunayoshi," Imeitsu tried that name out, liking how it tasted it on his tongue. "That is an good name."

Nana smiled as she pressed another kiss onto Tsuna's forehead. She didn't know why there was more pressure in this kiss, a kind of desperation and filled with a mother's love, but it was as if she sensed something, something dark inside about Tsuna that made her want to weep. She didn't know what it was, but it was there, slowly creeping over the young child and gripping him in its dangerous grip.

"I love you, my beautiful son," Nana whispered softly but fiercely, "I love you so much."

"Welcome to the family, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Sawada Takashi, my beloved sons."

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