This is not an update chapter, it's pretty obvious. This is actually a note with regard to this story.

As of today, 5th of February 2013, Sins of Thy Sons will be discontinued. I will leave this notice up for a few days, and on 8th February 2013 this whole story will be deleted.

Okay are you guys plotting my death yet? Hahaha please don't ^^'

Okayyyyyy, I admit, I have my reasons for discontinuing my story! Apart of the fact that the twin!Tsuna story is getting a little overused, when I started on this story I did not have a distinct storyline in my head. All I had was a weak plot and a hell lot of continuity mistakes that I have no way of tying up in a satisfying manner. So, instead of continuing with a fruitless project I've decided to scrap it all.


And start on a whole new project.

*hides behind my umbrella as you guys attempt to stone me*

Aye aye aye, don't be angry with me guys! This new project will be more or less a reboot of this story, but with a completely whole new direction to it. There'll still be Takashi *coughI'mstartingtogetattatchtohimok aycough* as Tsuna's twin and as one of his main rivals for the position of the Vongola Tenth Generation Boss position, but this Tsuna will be VASTLY different. So. If you guys don't mind, please check it out when I post the next chapter this coming Friday, maybe? It'll come out the latest next week, since I go on holidays at the end of this week and CNY is this next week. So, I hope to see you guys again there!

Ciao ciao!