Hello all! Well, it seems that I have a life, and therefore little time to write- or at least that was the case. Right now however I find myself with little to do and endless hours in which to do it in. So I started a few stories, played with a few ideas and decided that since this one seems like the one that I am most likely to finish I decided to post it. I have several chapters of this story already written and I'm actually quite satisfied with the way it's turning out however for right now I'm planning on only posting one chapter a week (unless I receive a substantial number of requests for more*hint*) This is not because I am a terrible evil sadist who wishes to destroy your happiness, but because this story is rather complex and unlike many of my other stories (ok lets face it pretty much all of them) the sexual scenes will not appear until waaaay later in the story. (I kid you not I'm at one hundred and six pages on my word document and I have yet to insert a kiss scene) But if any of you are loyal readers, you can pretty much guess that eventually the sexual tension will lead to something terribly orgasmic and completely steamy and perhaps romantic.

Now...the plot.

Truly as much as I love all of you I'd rather not give away the element of surprise for this story. Buuut, I will give you a few hints. In this story Voldemort and the Ministry couple up and do horrible nasty evil things. In this story Dumbledore does not die by Snapes' hand and the whole thing with Draco trying to fix the vanishing cabinets neeever happens. However, the story begins during the summer before Harry's seventh year...and that is all I am going to tell you for now so you just have to read to find out what is going to happen! Now on to the warnings.








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Mistress Slytherin


Harry bit back a scream as the cupboard door trembled and the sound of frantic footsteps echoed through the house. Slowly and without realizing that he was doing it his hands rose tense and claw-like digging into the sides of his head as he clenched his jaw. A loud crashing sound followed by Petunia's short scream caused his lips to twist bitterly. After three weeks of near silence only broken by intermittent cautious whispering the sound was unwelcomed. More so was the sound of his pompous uncle's pleading. Harry forced himself to sit up and with shaky fingers slowly moved the slats that served as an air vent. He could just make out the living room through the distorted view marred by horizontal lines and the somewhat distracting crack down his right lens. Uncle Vernon was blocking Aunt Petunia his pudgy face much thinner than the last time he'd seen it and his hair in disarray as it stuck to his sweat and tear stained face. "No, no please we've done nothing wrong, please we're peaceful folk. We've got nothing to do with you freaks- please no, no please d-don't oh god please!" Harry trembled as the long arm rose wand lit with something purple and horrifying.

"Muggle swine." One of the men muttered contemptuously. The wand fell and the curse exploded from its tip causing Vernon's eyes to bulge and his face to redden further. Harry watched in horrified fascination as large meaty fists snapped reflexively over his stomach nails digging into the flesh as Vernon issued a gurgling pained cry. Aunt Petunia sobbed helplessly now wrapping her arms around herself as Vernon truly began to scream the sound inhuman and pained as blood began to pour out is nose ears and eyes vomit gurgling up between cries as he retched.

"They told us about you bastards." Another said grasping Petunia by the hair and dragging her painfully across the floor.

"Abuse!" Harry flinched. What? It wasn't possible how had they known? Only Dumbledore knew he was sure! The man ripped the front of Petunia's blouse open sneering at her choked scream before backhanding her. Harry could hear the distinctive crack of her jaw breaking and watched as she choked a moment or two before spitting out a mess of blood as well as a few teeth.

"Disgusting cow." The other of the three men said spitting on her as she tried in vain to cover herself. Vernon let out a pained groan and Harry was distracted by the gruesome sight of the wizard spelling his jaw open and pulling Vernon's tongue out before slowly cutting the appendage in ragged seesawing motions ignoring the resulting squeals. Harry placed a hand on the door and pressed himself against it wishing that somehow he could get past the three padlocks on the door, but they were on the outside. He turned his face away when one of the men tore his aunts' skirt away and ripped her nylons uncaring of the cuts he was leaving as the other man spelled her arms to the ground and cut her bra open while she whimpered piteously. His uncle watched helplessly for a moment his own pain nothing as he watched his wife being violated her screams and sobbing cries filling the room. Harry had to turn away then; he couldn't stand to watch a moment longer.

"Bitch! Teach you to mess with our world!" Harry swallowed thickly and quietly climbed to the two inches between the door and his camping cot slipping his feet into the space and carefully lifting the bed up before carefully lifting the rusty stained carpet. The Dursley's had no clue that they had a cellar under their house, the house its self had undergone so many renovations over the years that the cellar had gone unused since the war with Germany. It was only Harry's dumb luck that he had heard the hollow sound his aunt's heals made whenever she crossed the floor directly in front of his cupboard that had lead him to investigate. Of course it probably didn't help that he was going mad simply sitting locked inside his cupboard unaware of what was going on. A week after returning to the Dursleys' he'd been yanked from his bed in the middle of the night and thrust into the cupboard. Locked in. A prisoner. They probably thought him dead; they hadn't opened his door since not even for the loo or to take a shower. Just cold silences and terrified whispers that grew more frightened as the weeks drifted by. He wasn't dead though, the cellar while small and cramped was larger than his cupboard and its walls were lined with canned goods. There was even a working sink though the water had come out orange the first few minuets.


Biting his lip he maneuvered himself pulling the well hidden door partially shut with one arm while the other pulled the camping cot down. The carpet was heavy enough that it would roll flat under the cot if he moved quickly enough. He refused to think of what the heavy thumps and his aunt's pained screams meant and when the pained shouts his uncle managed to gurgle out ceased he refused to imagine what it meant. Instead he shoved himself into the corner of the pitch black room and sat silently his eyes wide and unseeing.


He swallowed as he listened to his aunt give a desperate and terrible sobbing sound.


And he found the silence that followed just as unbearable. A distant shuffling sound could be heard above him and a bit of dust fell onto him as the wizards began to move about. "Well that was messy." One of them said offhandedly. Another snorted.

"I can't believe you actually touched that thing, dear Merlin what a cow!" The last chuckled.

"You didn't have to lug this great oaf about! Merlin! At least now we know where the brat gets his eating habits!" The others mumbled.

"Honestly did you see that holy terror the other day?" There was a grunt of agreement.

"I heard they ended up sending him to the rehabilitating program." Harry could hear them moving about their boots scuffling about. He flinched when something smacked against his skin. Oh god…he couldn't move. The blood had seeped through the floorboards. He shut his eyes tightly and slowly uncurled from the tiny ball he'd forced himself into moving away from that spot just in time to feel another drop fall on his head. Swallowing thickly he crawled silently over to where one of Dudley's old gym bags sat. It had been tossed in the cupboard some time ago torn in several different places since the cupboard had actually been used for storage for a while after his first year. He'd found a sewing kit amongst the canned food and soaps in the cellar and patched it up mostly out of sheer boredom but now he was glad he had.


Harry's hand froze as it hovered above the bag. That sound was distinctive, it was a sound he had longed to hear for so long yet now he could only dread it.


He let his eyes fall shut and quickly placed what was left of the soap into his bags before starting in on the other things he'd found his hands trembling as he waited for the last damning sound.


He listened to the sound of metal hitting wood frozen as one of his darkest secrets was barred to the world with a scrape of wood across carpet. "Oh bloody fuck!" The man hollered leaping back from the door noisily.

"What? What is it?" The sound of feet pummeling down the hallway matched the speeding pace his heart rate was pumping at. There was silence, then a sort of sob.

"Merlin…what did they do to the poor boy?" one of the men said outraged. Harry smiled wryly. He felt hallow his secret which he'd hidden so carefully was no longer his own.

"This is out of our jurisdiction- we've got to call back-up, don't touch anything-" An explosion rocked the area sending the people above him sprawling across the floor loudly before another explosion, this time closer caused a horrible creaking sound. Harry stumbled in the darkness latching onto a shelf only to hiss as an old barbers' blade slashed his hand.

"Damn it! Rebels! Must be the Order; come on call for reinforcements we can deal with this later!" Harry shook as he heard the tell-tale sound of boots shuffling away quickly. He couldn't stay here any longer, it wasn't safe. He struggled to breathe reigning in the panic as he pulled out a bit of cheese cloth and folded it over the cut. He let out a whimper as another explosion this time farther away rocked the earth and pulled on a piece of duct tape winding it around the cheesecloth for a makeshift bandage. Stumbling around he shoved what he could find into his bag as the sounds of shouting grew distant and the pitter patter of blood seeping through the floor boards became seemingly louder. He bit his lip and risked flicking on the camping lantern lighting up the small space. He tossed a blanket into the bag along with a few other items before taking a deep breath and moving towards the ladder. Turning the lantern off he climbed the ladder and with all of the courage he had pushed open the door situating the cot up against the wall and shoving the duffle bag out with minimal force. He took a deep breath before climbing out and quickly covered up the door before hesitantly peering around the corner. His aunts' terrified unseeing eyes met his and for a moment he thought he would vomit.


Harry stumbled against the wall as the ground shook and the front door swung shut. He could hear sounds in the distance and a new found fear settled heavily in his stomach. What was happening? What the hell had gone one while he was locked away? He shook his head knowing that whatever it was it wasn't good for him. Quickly he moved through the house gathering up the first aid kit, an packet of batteries and a few water bottles from the kitchen before moving upstairs. Dudley's second bedroom was empty now, none of his broken toys remained, but the loose floor board remained untouched and he was glad for it when he found his most precious items nestled in the never ending bag Hermione had given him for Christmas that year. Quickly he moved the things from his duffel bag into the never ending bag glad for the weightless charms his friend had added as an after thought.

"Go! That way! Over there!" The sound of shouting made him freeze as a bright pink light filled the room from behind the curtains. Curiosity warred with fear as he slowly crept forwards hesitantly peeling back the curtains a few inches. He let out a gasp. He could see smoke rising from houses as far as six blocks from where he hid. Men and women ran around wands drawn with fierce looks on their faces as they shot spells at each other. He had to get out of here, something was defiantly not right. Trembling he made his way into the bathroom and tossed all the bottles of pills in the cabinet into his bag as well as the extra bandages, his uncles hair cutters and whatever else he could find that was useful. That done he moved into his aunt and uncles' room tossing his aunt's jewelry and the wad of bills his uncle kept under the mattress.

"Faster you bloody Ahhhhhhhh!" Harry cringed at the sound of flesh and bone mangling in impossible ways and forced himself to move. He had to get out of here, away from all this if only long enough to figure out what the hell was happening. Years of sneaking around the Dursleys and Professors at Hogwarts made it almost easy for him to throw on his invisibility cloak and silently make his way down the stairs and through the back door. The smell of smoke and blood was heavy in the air as he climbed through the smoldering hole in the fence and ran to the other side clutching his cloak around him as he made for the neighbors side gate. A spell narrowly missed him leaving him wide eyed for a moment before a man rushed by him and another spell came the opposite direction.

"Damn you! Can't you bloody stay still!" Harry jerked at the familiar voice swiveling around just in time to watch the man who'd passed him fall to the ground. Moody shuffled forwards his magical eyes swirling about as he paused in front of Harry. "Potter." The man said gruffly. "I don't have time to tell ya what's goin' on but suffice to say all hell has broken loose." The man reached inside his cloak and pulled out a familiar looking bag. "Inside this bag are more potions than Snape could dream of brewin' in his lifetime and several other things you'll find useful." The man paused and Harry could see how pale he was. "You've got ta run now Potter, it's every man for himself now. No where is safe." He pulled out a flask and handed it to Harry. "This'll get you to London once your out of the wards, it's not much better there but its considered neutral for right now. The wards end at that park on the hill; password is 'Irish Whiskey' go Potter, gods speed." Harry clutched the bag and the flash in his hand and turned to run just as three more men came around the corner and began fighting with Moody. Harry didn't look back, he knew that he couldn't or he'd stop and right now the only thing he could think about doing was surviving. So he ran, jumping over corpses avoiding spells keeping himself upright when the ground shook below him and focusing only on escape. He was forced to stop suddenly when agony ripped through him centering on his scar. Voldemort. He clenched his jaw against the pain and rolled over on the hill just in time to see what looked like a black cloud cresting the hill opposite of him. Death eaters…in the hundreds-no thousands. He swallowed thickly. When had their numbers increased so greatly? His breathing came out in loud harsh breaths as he struggled to stand clinging to the flask and the bag like a life line as he reached the small park. He felt the wards resist for a moment, feeling like a heavy suffocating weight on his shoulders before with a loud snap he was freed on the other side.

"Irish Whiskey." He said breathlessly as a war cry rose up behind him. Moody would have no chance- no one would. The world spun around him with an air of finality as he recognized that his world would never be the same.