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Mistress Slytherin



Dom/sub relationship



Mistress Slytherin



Severus glared into the fireplace his mind running circles. Lucius had long since given up on his brooding silence and had gone to bed warning him that he would not be merciful when he woke up with a vicious hangover in the morning. But his mind wouldn't stop spinning. Damn that boy! He growled lowly the sound echoing through the empty room. It fit. All of it bloody well fit- and that thought made him sick. Everything, the timing the history, the dark lord's obsession, it all fit. Somehow the brat had managed to pull off a scheme so elaborate that even that dark lord no longer wished to kill him. How the bloody hell had he done it? And why? Other than the obvious of course- but then he'd assumed that the brat didn't have a self-preserving bone in his body. Oh, had he been wrong! He let out a bitter disbelieving laugh. Half brother indeed! Lucius' lost son, bah! Did the boy even realize how much torment Lucius had gone through because of his schemes? How much torment they'd both gone through worrying over him! He let out a roar and hurled his glass into the fireplace watching with mild satisfaction as the flames swelled and the alcohol hissed. Well done Potter. He decided a moment later. The best prank he'd ever witnessed in his life- and the most hurtful yet. Harry Potter had surpassed his father and godfather. The Dark Lord's Dark Prince- surely a joke between the two of them. It must be. He laughed bitterly as he stumbled back into a chair. But then, the brat had never made it easy for them had he?


Harry groaned softly as he woke pressing closer to the warm body beside him inhaling deeply. A hand slithered into his hair putting it gently before tugging on it. "Better?" The man said lowly his voice soft just in case, migraine potions didn't always work after all. Harry nodded slowly as awareness came back to him.

"Are you still mad at me?" Harry croaked only to wince when the hand in his hair tightened. "Master." He amended realizing that they were no longer in the sitting room but rather their quarters. A long silence followed as the fingers loosened only to stroke through the dark silken tresses slowly, contemplatively. Eventually the man sighed.

"The diadem killed the three woman you found." He said instead of answering his question, wisely Harry didn't push it.

"They would have been good mates for you, I'm sorry it didn't work." He said frowning slightly as he slowly blinked his eyes open content just to stay in the man's reassuring warmth. Voldemort snorted.

"Don't lie pet, I would have to be blind not to see that you wanted more than what I've offered you." Harry flushed and looked down moving his arm so that his hand settled on the man's chest.

"I love you Master." He said softly. "Is it so wrong for me to want all of you?" He whispered. A dull ache in his chest that had nothing to do with the elf inside of him and everything to do with his own sorrow throbbed painfully. Voldemort said nothing for a moment and Harry smiled wryly at that. "But I know that I can never have it, I will take what you are willing to give me. I'll not regret my love for you, never." He said his voice tight as tears welled up in his eyes he smiled bitterly at them. "Even if it means sharing you with some bint." He muttered startling a laugh out of the man. Arms surrounded him and the man slid on top of him smiling thinly his eyes glittering with unspoken emotion. Harry dared not believe it. It hurt too much, it frightened him. Voldemort seemed to understand and closed his eyes before leaning down and capturing his lips in a slow almost apologetic kiss.

"I have missed you my Ares, I have half a mind to chain you to my bed and never let you out of my sight again." He admitted between slow kisses. Harry shivered and relaxed into the man's slow caresses his mind a fog of pleasure and emotion.

"Please!" He gasped as gentle fingers traced the inside of his thighs sending fire through his already burning body. Voldemort let out a soft groan before slowly tracing a finger around the tight ring of muscle teasingly. He whispered a spell against Harry's lips and the familiar smell filled the air as an oil slicked finger slid past the barrier. He gasped and arched into the touch.

"Oh my pet, nothing could replace this." Voldemort whispered in his ear before nibbling down his jaw and biting down on his neck. Harry cried out at the sensations as one finger became two and nibbles and harsh bites slid across his collar bone and then his chest. Three fingers wriggled their way inside of him brushing against his prostate as he shuddered already close to coming from the ministrations. Voldemort chuckled warmly against his belly before laving it.

"Master…" He tried to warn his voice tight and rough. A hand wrapped around him tightly causing him to arch as a ruby encrusted ring was summoned and slipped over his aching erection. Voldemort pulled away suddenly and slid up beside him trailing his fingers over the reddened marks lazily as Harry pleaded with him silently his hands twisting the sheets.

"I want you to ride me pet." Voldemort whispered roughly. Harry let out a long keening sound before rising and crawling over the man reaching out with shaky hands to adjust the pillows. Wine red eyes stared at him beneath hooded lids as he shakily straddled the man. The man's lips twisted into a small frown. "Are you nervous?" He asked gently. Harry looked away, it was ridiculous, but the man had never requested anything like this before.

"Yes." He muttered quietly feeling himself shrink back slightly. Warm hands settled on his thighs.

"I'm here pet, I'll guide you through it. Do you remember your safe word?" He whispered rubbing soothing circles into his skin. Harry nodded slowly.

"Survive." He whispered quietly. Voldemort nearly flinched and Harry stared at him in shock.

"No." The man said his voice rough. "Use Hogwarts again." He said letting his eyes fall shut. Harry felt himself go lax. He had done this hadn't he? He'd brought pain to this man. He covered the hand on his thigh gently.

"I'm sorry." He whispered though he knew sorry wouldn't cut it. Suddenly Voldemort was gripping his arms and his back was against the bed a furious expression twisting across the elegant features.

"I could do nothing Ares! I had to sit there and Watch. You. Die!" He shouted his eyes wild and his magic crackling around both of them. "I had to hold you in my arms as you bled out and there was nothing I could fucking do!" He panted his words ending in a broken sob as he suddenly gathered Harry into his arms and clutched him to his chest. Harry trembled as he felt hot, wet tears slide across his shoulder and neck where the man had buried his face.

I feel hate,

I feel desperation,

I feel pain and sadness and loneliness,

Ares just because I've never felt love

Doesn't mean I'm not capable of it…

Harry held the man to him tightly as shock filtered through him. He had pushed those words aside before because he couldn't handle them. But here, now, while the man was breaking in front of him…he couldn't ignore it. He had thought the man incapable of loving him, had thought anyone incapable of loving him- but the proof was written in the dark circles under the man's eyes and the tears that continued to slide across his skin. Something inside of him that he had been protecting unfurled, released, swept through him like a cloud of bitter sweet emotion. Voldemort…loved him?

"Please." He found himself whispering. "Please say it." He was shaking now as he clutched the man closer to him. "Say it and I swear I will never doubt you again." He whispered sounding broken in his own ears.

"Can you accept it?" Voldemort whispered his voice rough. "Can you believe it?" Harry caught sight of the man's tear stained face and nodded slowly.

"If it's you- I can accept it." He said softly before lifting a hand and brushing away wetness Voldemort's hand caught his and pressed a kiss to his palm.

"I am not a nice man Ares." He whispered quietly. Harry smiled thinly.

"I know." He agreed.

"I have killed thousands of people and I do not regret that." He said his eyes garnering that same strange hollowness that Harry had seen that night. Harry's smile slipped away. Even that look couldn't scare him away.

"I accept that." He said pressing his lips to the hand that was cradling his. Voldemort stared at him for a long moment before leaning closer and pulling Harry's body against him pressing their foreheads together as his thumb traced his bottom lip.

"I love you Harry Potter, I love you for all that you are and there is nothing that can change that." Harry felt as if his heart had stopped, stilled completely in his chest. It was all he'd ever wanted, and the person he'd deemed least likely to give it to him was the only one who had. Tears dripped down his cheeks as he made his decision. Never regret your love. He smiled feebly as he felt the man tremble slightly. He realized once more that Voldemort was a man, just like him, human capable of fear and desperation.

"I once submitted to you as your Dark Prince, the one you called friend. I submitted to you as your pet later I gave you my innocence and even gave you my heart." He whispered quietly. "Now I give you my all, my life, my death, my soul, my happiness everything that once was mine is now yours. You own me; I will never doubt you again." He whispered relaxing in the man's hold. Red eyes gazed at him a well of emotion, and love, a love that Harry could see now wasn't created falsely. The man loved him. He was loved.

"I will treasure your gift to me- though I can hardly believe that you won't go against my wishes again, that is what makes you different from every one else after all." Voldemort said at last his voice shaky. Harry smiled and nodded slowly.

"Probably." He whispered. A gentle smile slipped across Voldemort's lips as he caressed Harry's cheek.

"Damn you Harry Potter." The man whispered fondly. Harry nearly grinned.

"To sweet for your bitter tastes my lord?" He asked amused. Voldemort snorted before gently lifting his chin and pressing a slow kiss to his lips.

"You always did manage to throw me for a loop my Ares." He whispered quietly. Harry hummed.

"I love you master." He said gently. Voldemort huffed. And began trailing kisses across his chest nipping lightly.

"And I you my impossible brat." He said before biting down sharply on a pert nipple. Harry gasped and arched his back his hands once more clutching at the sheets as the hot mouth dragged a path down his chest. "Now- I believe you were about to ride me?" Voldemort said with a vindictive smirk. Harry shivered as the man rolled to the side allowing him to climb over the thick leaking prick.

"Master…" He whispered as hands carefully guided him down. Harry tossed his head back with a gasp as he was suddenly and smoothly impaled the new angle deeper and more promising. He felt ravenous in that moment and couldn't help the desperate cry that slipped from him.

"Lift your arms and put your hands behind your head pet…yesssss…now move." Harry bit his lips as he shakily lifted himself Voldemorts' strong hands helping him along as he slowly set a rhythm shuddering and arching helplessly with each stroke. He moaned when the hands pulled away from his gyrating hips to travel over his chest plucking at his nipples idly and tracing the dark red love bites possessively. Harry watched with heavy lidded eyes as Voldemort tossed his head back in a soft gasp his hair cascading down his shoulders and across the pillows like brassy springs.

"You…" He hissed sitting up suddenly to wind his arms around Harry and thrust up into him. "Oh Ares are the only one deserving to be my mate…" Harry gasped and shivered as the words spiked arousal in his already tightly strung body. "You are my true mate in my eyes Ares…not some woman!" Voldemort growled speeding his thrusts. Harry simply clung to the man his thoughts too cloudy to form coherently.

"Master!" He cried out in warning- he was close, he could feel it with every heated slick stroke against his prostate.

"Mine!" Voldemort cried out. Harry felt like lightning was pouring through him as a the hissed word released the ring and he crested. His beloved's thrusting kept him teetering on the edge of bliss and reality until with a hoarse cry the man pulsed inside of him scalding him in the most beautiful way. Harry came down slowly, lazily and was startled to find Voldemort's expression slightly twisted in pain. A trembling hand reached up and brushed smooth knuckles across his cheek bones.

"Ares." He whispered seeming some how fragile. Harry reached out and wound his arms around the man. "I have missed you so Ares." Voldemort admitted cradling his scull gently. "There were times when I would turn to ask you something, but you weren't there, not even your ghost. I couldn't sleep in this bed without you, couldn't eat without missing your company- don't leave me again!" Harry felt tears slip from his own eyes when the man began to weep in earnest. What had he done? What had he done?

"I won't, oh master forgive me! I'll never leave your side again unless you demand it! Please master, don't cry? Please!" Harry felt fear as he clutched Voldemort to him; he had never dreamed that he would see Voldemort as anything other than the cold hearted enemy that had killed his parents. Even whilst he grew to love the man he had seen him as emotionless but he had been wrong…so wrong. Merlin, what was he to do?


Something changed between them after that. It was no longer common to see the dark lord and the dark prince separate, even for minor business deals. Their schedules were lined up so that they constantly knew exactly where to find each other at any given moment. Harry found himself slightly bewildered by this shift but agreed to it mildly worried. Voldemort seemed to have developed the habit of seeking him with his eyes even when he was two steps away, a sort of frantic look that could only be soothed if Harry settled a hand on the man's arm. "Ares…what are these?" Voldemort said as he placed a few files on the man's desk. Harry frowned at the stony expression the man was wearing.

"Candidates for the position of your mate." Harry said blinking at the suddenly blank look in the man's eyes. "You did ask me to look for one…" He trailed off unsure as the quill Voldemort was holding snapped. Voldemort looked away.

"You are my mate Ares." He said dismissively. Harry frowned. Voldemort had been saying that a lot lately, Harry would be a fool not to admit that his heart flipped every time the man said it but…Voldemort wanted a family. He wanted children, a family.

"Heruamin." He rasped his chest tight. Red eyes refused to meet his.

"I am immortal Ares, what do I need an heir for?" To love. Harry thought quietly. Was this his fault too? Was Voldemort giving up his dream of having a family for him? Why?

"That's not the real reason…is it?" Harry asked quietly his eyes trained on the carpet. He didn't need to look to see that the man had tensed.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Voldemort said looking away. Harry let out a choked sob. So it was his fault…everything was his fault because he was selfish and foolish and now the man he loved was hurting because of it. He let his eyes slip shut.

"Yes." He croaked selfishly. "But more than that, I want you to be happy." He whispered. "Seeing you with another woman- I will get jealous, but if you are happy, then I will be too." He said smiling thinly. "I will adore your children and raise them to be the best and happiest that they can be. I will protect them with every fiber of my being just as I would protect you. I will be happy Heruamin." He said softly before slowly raising his eyes to meet red ones. Magic reached out almost hesitantly and melded with his. Voldemort sighed heavily before reaching out and tracing the first manila folder reverently before snatching away.

"I will think on this Ares." He said with a frown. "Right now I want you to focus on your other duties." Harry nodded numbly. If Voldemort was happy…that was all he could possibly want. If he could see the man smiling the way he had in the mirror of Erised then it would be worth any pain he might go through. Slowly he returned to his desk and buried himself in his work.


Lucius stood stiffly in the doorway and looked down at his lover. Severus ignored him in favor of glowering at the fireplace. "What did you just say?" He asked bristling. Dark eyes moved towards him slowly a mad glint hidden in their depths- whatever love he'd held for Ares was gone, replaced by the anger and bitterness he'd thought had long since evaporated.

"Ares is not your son." He repeated slowly. Lucius' eyes became steely. "He took a rather rare dark potion to become Ares Malfoy, that's why he didn't register in Gringotts." Lucius nodded slowly his face impassive. Slowly he turned around facing away from Severus.

"Ares is worthy of the Malfoy name Severus. He has proven himself. He is my son. That is all I will say on the matter, if you cannot accept that then get out and don't come back." He said coolly. Severus couldn't see it from his position but tears were pouring down his cheeks and his eyes had slipped shut. Silence rang through the air behind him and he swiftly strode away from his lover feeling as if someone had just ripped him in half.


Harry smiled appropriately as Voldemort played politics beside him his charisma sucking in the squat couple he was talking to. Fund raisers…he bloody hated the things. But Voldemort would not let him go farther than ten feet from him. He zoned out slightly as he idly gazed at the gathered crowd. He frowned as he caught sight of Severus standing alone a glint in his eye that spoke volumes about his mood. He was up to something…but what? And why? Where was Lucius? Quietly he took Voldemort's empty wine glass and decided to try to slip back to where Severus was. Red eyes bored into him for a split second before flickering away as Harry lifted the empty glass. Slowly he slipped through the crowd his gaze intent on Severus. Suddenly the lights went out and Harry felt a shiver of fear when a thick sweet smell filled the air making him suddenly sleepy…so sleepy…he didn't register his body crashing down to the ground as darkness enveloped him.

Was he dying again?

Probably not…

But why…

He drifted slowly through muddled dreams where colors seemed to bleed into each other. He smiled faintly as a vision of Hogwarts came to mind, he was so young…he laughed delightedly as he watched himself and Ron and Hermione chasing each other pelting each other with snowballs. They were shrieking childishly and he could almost taste the cold. He jerked as a disgusting flavor rushed down his throat.



The find raiser with Voldemort…


His eyes shot open as fuzzy awareness clicked into place. A thin pale man stood in front of him sneering down at him madly but he didn't care, he tried to turn his head and groaned when it numbly lolled to the side. "Not so high and mighty now are you!" The man said before lashing out and slapping him squarely. Harry felt his head jerk to the side and caught his breath as furious red eyes met his. Chains with an eerie magical glow about them were wrapped around Voldemort's torso and limbs, two other men had their wand's trained on him. Rage filled Harry. How dare they.




His magic lashed out around him throwing the man back like a rag doll as his head lolled forwards again. The man snarled delivered a heavy kick to his ribs only to pale in agony and let out a yowl. Harry didn't feel a thing. Voldemort had told him that his body was different now, nigh unbreakable even but he'd felt normal really. The only problems he could think of were the occasional bouts of nausea and fatigue but Voldemort had said that it was probably due to his body and soul merging. He blinked the thoughts away lazily- he felt woozy…Suddenly his body twisted forward and he vomited his gut twisting wretchedly.

"Disgusting." The man muttered taking a step away. One of the other men glared over at him.

"Just do it already!" He snapped in annoyance. The man in front of him gripped his hair and yanked his head back before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a photo.

"Do you see her?" He shouted. Harry looked dizzily at the brown haired girl in the photo. She was…huh? "That's right." The man seethed. "You chose her to be the dark lords' bride! My daughter! She was so brilliant! She could have gone anywhere she wanted to!" He hissed his spittle hitting Harry's cheek and nose. "But she's dead." He said his voice sounding tortured. Harry watched the man warily gasping when yet another man came forward handing him a small familiar pouch. The diadem! He hissed in fury at the theif and tried in vain to move his limbs which were completely unresponsive.

"You didn't care that it might kill our girls." On of the men spat his lips twisting into a mad smile. "But we'll make you pay; you'll suffer just like my Antoinette did! Harry glanced at Voldemort only to see the man pale his eyes staring avidly at the diadem. As the man approached him, his own eyes widened and his magic flared weakly before dampening as the man approached holding out the diadem with a sick grin. Harry swayed as the numbness began to fade from his finger tips but it was too slow…far too slow. He glanced fearfully at Voldemort and found the man's eyes were blazing his magic straining against the chains causing hairline fractures to appear. He swallowed thickly as he felt the diadem approaching its rampant magic crackling loudly.

"I love you." He whispered brokenly before letting his eyes fall shut as the cool metal settled against his forehead. He gasped as a feeling rushed through him swallowing him whole- the feeling of power and energy and strangely enough… protection? His eyes snapped open just in time to watch Voldemort's chains rip free. A blur of blue flashed past his vision and suddenly a lithe figure was cutting down the man who'd placed the diadem on his forehead. Harry watched the shower of blood dazedly as the magic settled to a dull thrum in his veins and the feeling returned slowly to his limbs. The figure- a woman; dropped her sword onto the ground with a clatter and reached up to lower a blue velvet hood. Harry's eyes widened as familiar white blonde hair fell loose and violet eyes met his.

"Hello Harry!" Luna said dreamily before holding her hand out to him. "I almost didn't make it you see, I had to get past the williwongs!" Harry took her hand without a thought and allowed her to help him stand.

"Luna you…how…" Luna giggled as he stood shakily and much to his surprise fell to one knee. Harry was so stunned he didn't even notice Voldemort approaching as she pressed her forehead to his hand.

"Vedui' Heruamin" She said calmly. Voldemort stilled behind her his face stiff.

"Ares…" He said questioningly. Harry looked up at the man still confused and swayed slightly before returning his gaze to Luna.

"I am not your lord…" He said frowning. Luna grinned.

"Oh but you are. My mother was an elf you see, no one knows that of course, but she told me of the prophesy." Voldemort narrowed his gaze.

"Prophesy?" He demanded. Luna tilted her head to the side.

"Harry is a direct descendant of the royal line, he was fated to be your mate from the start!" She smiled. Suddenly Harry remembered that he was wearing the diadem…and he wasn't dead.

"I'm his mate?" He said weakly his heart thudding with a fearful hope that he knew could be crushed. Luna turned back to look at him and tilted her head to the side.

"Harry, your pregnant and a male didn't that clue you in? Only elves of the true royal lineage can get pregnant- and only by their true mates, their one." Harry's heart stopped and his mouth dropped open his eyes widening as what she'd just said sank in. He felt his knees weaken and if it hadn't been for Voldemort he would have hit the ground. The man's arms lifted him easily cradling him close to a firm chest and Harry felt himself relax as familiar magic swept across his skin. Dizzily he lifted his eyes and met wide, glittering, red ones. Glittering…with tears he realized as one fell from a smooth cheek and landed on his lips.

"He is…with child?" Voldemort' whispered a deep ache in his voice that made Harry lean closer to the man.

He was pregnant…

With Voldemorts' child…

His mate…

His one…

Shakily he lowered his gaze and settled a trembling hand onto his still flat stomach. Luna smiled dreamily. "Yes didn't you know? The centures have been talking about it for weeks now! This child signifies the dawning of a new era, the lines separating light and dark will fade from our memories and creature and human will learn to co-exist. The elves will soon come out of hiding to greet their prince and our noble race will return to its former glory." She said smiling widely. Harry felt tears dripping down his cheeks and without even thinking about it he leaned even closer to Voldemort a feeling of peace settling over him.

"A family master…we are going to be a family…" He croaked exhaustedly. Voldemort tightened his hold around Harry and red eyes held a spark of something Harry had never before witnessed in them- hope.

"Yes my Ares." Voldemort said quietly. "A family."


Lucius Malfoy sat stiffly his eyes cold and hard as he watched Severus pause in the doorway eyes lighting on him for a brief instant face paling. "Come here Severus." Lucius said, voice a cold vast expanse of nothingness. Slowly, Severus made his way into the room his steps faltering slightly before reaching his preferred seat. After all the years that they had known each other Severus had created a niche here in Lucius' life that had become irreplaceable- and yet now…Lucius clenched his jaw and looked away. He had never been so furious with the man, had never wanted the man out of his life as much as he did now.

"Lucius?" Severus said uncertainly looking uncomfortable.

"My son, Ares and the dark lord were attacked today." He said numbly before slipping his hand into his pocket and pulling out a small vial with a yellowed label. Neat spidery handwriting caused Severus' breath to catch. Sliver eyes drifted towards him- empty…they were so empty. Severus shivered. "I have half a mind to tell our lord about this." Lucius said his voice low. Suddenly the man was standing and letting out a horrific animalistic roar as he threw the vial into the fireplace causing the flames to swell. Severus couldn't even move when the man strode towards him and bodily lifted him off the ground throwing him onto the settee. Severus, despite feeling utterly terrified and certain that he would die felt a flare of arousal as he watched he one rip his finely tailored clothes and fling them across the room.

"Lucius!" He croaked when the man straddled him bare chested wearing only a pair of gray trousers. Hands gripped the front of his robes and tore the fabric with inhuman strength nails cutting through the layers until they left long bloody lines down his chest.

"I should kill you myself!" Lucius said his voice dangerously close to a growl as he forcibly nuzzled Severus' neck grinding down as he did so. Severus gasped and arched up causing them both to groan. For a moment all was still and the only thing that could be heard were their harsh pants. Severus gasped suddenly as shudders began to slip through Lucius and hot wetness dripped onto his neck. Lucius let out a pained whimper followed by a body wracking sob. "But I can't!" Lucius said his voice thick with anguish. "I can't do anything but hurt!" He sobbed. "Hurt because I love you! Hurt because I love Ares no matter who he might have been! Severus! Fuck Severus can't you see that you're hurting us! Your hurting every one around you just because you can't fucking just let go of the past! JAMES POTTER IS DEAD DAMN YOU!" He raged sitting up as he did so pounding his fists onto Severus's chest as angry tears slid down his cheeks Severus looked up at his lover, his one in horror. He'd never witnessed Lucius like this- and he never wanted to see it again. What had he been thinking? He shook in fear because he realized that Lucius very may well leave him because of this.

"I'm sorry!" He gasped suddenly. Merlin…Merlin he'd almost killed Ares! He lifted a shaky hand and covered his mouth with it in horror. "Oh god…god…Lucius I'm sorry!" He wept shutting his eyes tightly. He'd been a fool. Such a fool! He curled up into a ball when he felt Lucius' weight leave him.

"I know Severus." Lucius said looking away unable to look at Severus' broken form. "But I need some time to regain control over myself before I do something regrettable." Severus sobbed into his hands and wiped his tears roughly trying to stop them but failing terribly. "I want you to pack your things and leave; I need to think about whether having a relationship with you is wise after all." He said hollowly. He ignored Severus' sharp gasp and the way his head shot up. "You have until this evening to remove yourself from my home, I will be with Ares." He said not meeting the man's gaze as he strode out of the room.


Voldemort watched Ares sleep his delicate features relaxed as the diadem rested snugly against his forehead. His mate. Voldemort had always been ambitious. Even as a child he had dreamed for better, had known that he deserved better than a loveless orphanage and a pathetic past. He'd striven to better himself, had embraced the pain and exhaustion reaching his dreams had cost him. Years of planning. He would never have been satisfied with anything less than what his brilliant mind could conjure. He wanted it all, wanted the world, wanted it in the palm of his hands- and he got it. At first it had been a truly satisfying feeling, but once again Harry Potter, Ares had ruined it for him by dying and leaving him empty. As if hearing his thoughts Harry shifted slightly and pressed closer to him.

"Master…" he mumbled sleepily before drifting back into a deep slumber. When had the boy wormed his way into Voldemort's cold heart? From the start he had been intrigued by the beautiful mysterious boy and amused by the reaction he was able to cause just by touching him. A memory of cold gray-blue eyes piercing into Narcissas' as Bella died resurfaced in his mind. Bella had been one of his best, he had trained her personally and yet the boy had managed to kill her with ease. Had the boy even known that he was courting a very dangerous side of the dark lord he was desperately trying not to be noticed by? He smiled wanly as Ares mumbled in his sleep and pressed his face against the hand that was carding through his hair lazily.

"My mate." Voldemort whispered breathily. It was hard to accept now that he was faced with it, like everything else with the boy their relationship was complex. Voldemort's intrigue had shifted into something deeper as he recognized the similarities in them. Respect had solidified the boy's place by his side, a hesitant respect that they both gave grudgingly- Ares when Voldemort had risked his life for him and Voldemort when he realized that were Ares to trust him he would do so wholly and without restraint. Voldemort couldn't help the attraction that had occurred then, to have that kind of submission willingly given… Not even Bella for all her fanatical ranting had given him such submission and Voldemort was nothing if not dominant. He thrived on the power he wielded over others and Ares…he simply knew that the boy would give him everything. Blue eyes blinked up at him slowly as he thought and a small smile formed on the dark lords' lips.

"Master?" The beautiful man asked curiously. Voldemorts' smile grew. This. Of all the thoughts and dreams and goals he'd created. Of all the plotting and planning and fighting he'd done. This. This was what he'd always wanted. Family. The one thing he'd been denied from the start and yet it was staring back at him in his arms. His smile widened and he pressed a hand to his pets' still flat stomach.

"Good morning my own." He whispered smiling a true genuine smile. Ares, Harry, his beloved blushed lightly and settled a hand over his.

"Good morning master." Harry whispered.


Voldemort stood on the veranda smiling faintly as he watched Harry sit in the garden reading lazily. "Lucius." He said softly to the man standing beside him. The blonde stiffened.

"Yes my lord." He said easily. Voldemort however, had known the man for far too many years to miss the dark circles under grey eyes. Voldemort let out a huff.

"He would let me kill Severus you know." He said slightly annoyed. Lucius stilled and his eyes widened his body tensed visibly. "But that would hurt you and in turn would hurt Ares." Voldemort said shaking his head idly as he traced his bottom lip.

"M-My lord?" Lucius said his voice sounding weak and tired. Voldemort sighed heavily.

"I have known you for many years Lucius, you have longed for Severus since the day you met him, should I remind you of the time you came to me begging me for answers? Why should you be so infatuated with a scrawny little book worm? A half-blood and an ugly one at that, but you loved him from the start- no don't deny it Lucius I knew you even then." Voldemort said causing Lucius' jaw to snap shut. Voldemort smiled wanly and returned his gaze to Harry who was dozing lightly now the book having slipped from his fingers. Lucius clenched his jaw and looked away.

"I don't know what to do." He said weakly as he too gazed at Ares. Voldemort sighed softly, it had been a very long time since Lucius had used that voice with him, the one that pleaded for the answers he was never certain he could give. But he knew what his answer would be before he even thought it.

"Forgive him Lucius and take him back into your arms; that is the only thing you can do. He has already made an unbreakable vow to me that he will never again seek revenge or seek to otherwise harm my family." Red eyes found silver and Voldemort managed an odd sort of smile. "Consider this my gratitude for protecting Ares and…my payment…for my request to take Ares as my own completely." Lucius' breath hitched audibly.

"Y-You…" Voldemort smiled thinly and nodded.

"I want him to be my consort; I want him and our child to take on my name." Voldemort whispered his gaze distant. Lucius in spite of the shocking news smiled faintly.

"You will take care of him in every way?" He demanded. Voldemort managed to look affronted.

"Of course." He said stiffly, formally. Lucius smiled and nodded.

"Then I grant you permission as the head of the Malfoy family and my blessings as Ares' father." Lucius was surprised to see the true smile slip onto Voldemort's lips.

"Thank you." Voldemort said quietly. "Now go find Severus before he does something foolish again, Merlin knows that man needs someone to keep him in line." He chided. Lucius snorted and shook his head.

"I wish you well my lord." he said bowing deeply before sweeping away. The smiled slipped away as the blonde man faded from sight and Voldemort sneered slightly in annoyance.

"You look troubled." A dreamy voice said from beside him. Voldemort nearly jumped at the sudden appearance but managed to maintain his dignity as Luna slid forward her gaze distant.

"I just realized something." He said shaking his head. Luna gazed at him.

"Hmmmm? What is it?" She asked lightly tilting her head to the side in curiosity. Voldemort shook his head.

"It's rather petty really." He said shaking his head. "It shouldn't bother me." Luna smirked knowingly.

"But it is bothering you." She said pointedly. Voldemort scoffed slightly as he watched Harry sleep.

"He promised me a dance." He said sounding annoyed. "But we never danced, things kept getting in the way." He shook his head and looked up at the clear blue sky as if it had the answer he was seeking. Luna sniggered quietly.

"Lord Voldemort haven't you noticed?" She said with a grin. "You and Harry have been dancing since the very start!" She said before slipping away abruptly leaving him floundering with his thoughts. He mulled over her words for a moment before smiling slightly.

"I suppose we have haven't we?" He asked in amusement as he watched his mate sleep quietly their future aligned at last in a way that even death couldn't defeat. Yes, he supposed that they had been dancing; dancing around each other while skirting along the edges of life and death. "Tally." He said quietly causing a house elf to appear. "Bring me my violin." He said with a wicked smile.

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Harry clenched his jaw as the cold slipped through his clothing chilling him to the bone and making it hard to breath. His foot steps echoed off the dank gray stone and his heart beat echoed in his mind.

Four years.

He'd been with Voldemort for four short, blissful years.

Tears threatened to fall stinging his eyes but he held them back. Merlin he loved the man, loved the life they'd created together, the small family they'd created. He pressed a hand to his still flat stomach. Dante. Their son, the child that Harry loved more than anything in this world, even Voldemort- and now a second child growing slowly in his stomach. It was everything he wanted. But it wasn't. His breath hitched at the memory of Dante's startling silver eyes pleading, for him to do something. Voldemort had crossed a line and Harry knew it. He'd taken their son, the child they both adored and forced him to watch his father murder someone. Harry shivered as he remembered the scene that he'd come across. Blood everywhere, red eyes blank with that void that often frightened him and Dante forced to watch it all with a tearful gaze. Harry set his jaw.


He took a deep steadying breath before allowing his magic to slice through the heavy wards crumbling them like sand in the midst of his desperation. A loud screech filled the air as the thick wooden door slipped open.

"Who?" A voice snapped, "Who, who, who!" Harry watched as the emancipated form slowly crept out of the cell. Cold hard shards of pale jade peered out at him from beneath scraggly greasy hair and a hooked nose rose into the air. "Who are you?" The man demanded. Harry lifted his face slowly and held out his hand offering the man the worn bag.

"A long time ago, just before the world ended someone gave a young man with no hope this bag. " He said softly. There was no backing out now. "The young man created a place for himself in the new world and achieved great things. Terrible, but great all the same. I am offering you the same chance. My only request is that you stay away from my children, you will know them by the sign on the palm of their hands." He said handing the man a piece of parchment. The man's hands shook slightly as he took hold of the parchment and gazed at the design. The man rose his eyes slowly. "Do we have an accord?" Harry demanded holding out a hand. The man nodded slowly and grasped his hand gasping as magic rose up within them as the pact was made.

"The bag?" The man said holding out his hand. Harry sighed in relief before handing the man the bag.

"Good bye." He said before turning slowly.

"Wait!" The man called out. "Who sent you?" Harry turned to him slowly.

"Someone who loved you to the end, even when he regretted it." Harry said smiling thinly. "Good bye Gellert Grindelwald." He said with a short nod before fading into the shadows.


Harry sighed contentedly as he brushed a stray lock of hair from his son's sleeping face. "SO you've made your decision?" Luna asked nearly startling him with her sudden appearance. Harry smiled at her weakly.

"Yes." He said tiredly. "I've decided to let things unfold the way you said they would." He said tiredly. Luna frowned slightly.

"Even if it means you might die?" Harry's breath hitched.

"It will be by my masters hand." He said with a sigh. "He determines when I die as he said he would." Luna nodded slowly and settled herself into a chair.

"In my vision..." She trailed off.

"Voldemort will fall I know, he will suffer the loss of the world he's grown bored of and in retaliation he will kill me. But I'd rather this, than watch our children suffer. I would rather they grow up happily than live forever with Voldemort." Luna nodded carefully.

"There was once when that was all you wanted- to serve Voldemort, to see him happy." Harry's face twisted and a few stray tears slipped free.

"I still want that Luna, Merlin you have no idea just how much I love him. But I can't watch my children suffer, I just can't!" Luna nodded her head.

"I understand Harry. I will take care of them when you are gone, you know I will." Harry nodded his head and wiped at his tears in annoyance.

"I have to go, he'll be annoyed if I'm late." He said taking a deep breath. He looked over at his son briefly and placed a gentle hand on the boy's forehead. "I suppose this is what they call a mother's love. The willingness to sacrifice everything to your very last breath just so that your child is happy. I understand it now." He smiled thinly before pulling away and slipping out of the room adjusting his dress robes as he moved.

"Bye Harry." Luna said quietly as he grabbed a hand full of floo powder. He smiled back at her.

"Bye Luna." He said before stepping through the floo. Luna's smile faded as Harry whirled away.

"I'm so sorry Harry." She said quietly to herself. "But I had to do it." She let her eyes slip shut. "I told you that he would betray you." She shook her head and turned around stepping closer to the bed where the small child was looking up at her with sad knowing eyes. She didn't know it, but those eyes saw the truth in her. Saw straight passed the body she wore and into the corrupted soul that she had become. Silver eyes cut into her knowingly seeing brown eyes and brown hair rather than violet eyes and white blonde hair. They saw the dark intelligence rather than light hearted dreaminess. They saw Hermione Grangers' soul trapping a medium to her body. Dante blinked slowly as Hermione slipped from the room.

"Someday," He said softly into the night. "I'm going to kill you."


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