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The Hollow Men

The Hollow Men.

You're one of them.

I'm one of them.

We're all one of them.

No feeling, no thoughts, just empty expressions and empty words. Empty eyes staring into empty souls.

No hope. You have nothing to hope for once you become hollow. No reason to see, no reason to breathe. No need to smile, because you don't need anything. You'll never need anything ever again.

At first there are tethers, and you cling to them in vain but the Hollow Men won't let you stay. They'll take you down, and they'll drag you to hell.

You thought hell would be hot, but hell is so unbearabley cold. And it's empty. Completely empty, save for you.

Time passes by, you sit in darkness. Light offers hope, and you're hollow now so you don't need hope. You don't need anything.

Soon it's emptiness upon emptiness. Everything shrivels and dies in the cold save for the bitterness. The bitterness thrives and it grows. The tethers are to blame, they should have clung tighter to you, not let you fall. But you don't need the tethers anymore and you don't need the bitterness.

You have to crawl your way out of hell and your hands bleed as you tear through the frozen ground.

It's a frozen wasteland above ground. A frozen wasteland where everyone stands perfectly still, empty and hollow.

The Hollow Men.

You're hollow.

I'm hollow.

We're all hollow.

But I don't want to be hollow anymore. But I don't want to cling. And the bitterness builds and builds and builds.

And then my bloody hands push up out of frozen ground and I stand perfectly still, empty and hollow.

I'm one of the hollow men.

You made me just like you.

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