Seussical the musical rehearsal bloopers

My school has recently done "Seussical the musical Jr" as our school musical and, like in all good theatre productions, things never go quite to plan! People falling over, mixing up lines, being very melodramatic, yep we had it all! So instead of forgetting it all I wrote it down and turned it into this. This was inspired by xDefyingxGravityx's "What happened at rehearsals" (that was an Oliver! production) and disneydork29175's "Seussical bloopers". Everything in here is really what happened (and yes, I am aware that we are a little insane)!


*Cough, cough* Well, the production ran from the summer term all the way to Christmas performances. Oh, and we are a girls school so all parts are (surprise, surprise) played by girls. Even the male parts.

I've split all the bloopers up into chunks for chapters. Also, ALL NAMES IN HERE HAVE BEEN CHANGED/PART NAMES USED!

I think that's all, so just get ready for mischief, mayhem and madness!


Chapter 1:

These happened in the summer term. Rehearsals were very slow to start as the scripts didn't arrive until the Wednesday before we broke up. We all did an audition to get in but instead of putting up a cast list with all the parts on, they just told us who was in. Annoying, I know but it was because of those stupid scripts! Anyway, that means that CHANGED NAMES are used in here instead of part names (as I obviously don't know them). I will be using part names later though, when I do know.

1: Cutting scenes

(Director is reading the cast the plot of the musical.)

Director:"… the giant egg begins to crack and out comes an Elephant Bird." Well, we all know how that happens… and we won't be acting that part out onstage!

2: A tad OTT

(We are creating short scenes of the Jungle of Nool. A group are performing a rather weird piece. Some are being the river, other animals. Katherine is being a very enthusiastic kangaroo. The rest of the group freezes and finishes but Kat continues.)

Ellie: Err… Kat… Kat… Kat…

(Kat continues to prance about.)

Group: You can stop now!

Kat: What? (Looksaroundinconfusion) Oh!

Director: Well, someone wants to be the Sour Kangaroo…

3: "Before" is a confusing word

(Director is explaining "sound scape" which we used in our Jungle of Nool scenes.)

Director: Can one of the older girls explain sound scape? We've done it before. Yes, Nicky.

Nicky: Someone sits in the middle and you ask them questions –

Director: That's hotseating, Nicky. We did that in our lesson today…

Nicky: Oh, um, right. (Pretendssheknowwhatshe'sonabout)

4: The flaw in the plan

(Me and my two friends, Sapphire and Rose, are walking to school discussing what parts we want to play.)

Saph: (Tome) Wouldn't it be cool if I was Cat in the Hat and you were Jojo!

MeandRose: Err… (I'mwaytallerthansheis!)

Saph: Oh but then I'd have to wear a hat that's like 6ft tall… hmm…

5: No. 1 reason

(On way home, me and Saph.)

Saph: Hey, I could be Cat! I do a really good cat purr, wanna hear?

(In case you haven't guessed yet, Saph quite likes the part of Cat.)

6: Overruled!

Director: (Tocast)Now, as scripts haven't arrived yet, there is not much we can do. So, we can either cancel this rehearsal or play some drama games?

Arandomyr7: (referringtodramagames) YES!

Everyoneelse: NOOO!

7: Intentions

(It's a casting session, so we all had to perform a simple song in rounds in small groups of about 12.)

Director: Ok! Next group please!

(Nicky and Anna's [Anna is a yr 8] group got up to do their one. They start to walk backwards to make more room but fail to notice the block behind them… Nicky realises far too late, pulling Anna down with her. They both collapse all over the block, try to style it out but just end up falling to the floor. The cast start to laugh.)

Me: That was so obviously intended!

8: Cut

(My group is currently performing our song. We're split into three rounds. My round finishes. So does round 2s. Round 3 are just about to finish but are quite quiet.)

Round3s: Shine on – (Caststartsclapping)

Saph: Oh! But we haven't finished!

9: Supernatural powers

(The Directors are just having a quick discussion during casting session so we all talk amongst ourselves.)

Natasha: (Quietly) Please, please, please – me for Cat in the Hat! I have the charisma and everything! Please!

Me: Why don't you just tell them telepathically?

Tasha: (TakesthisliterallyandstartsstaringhardattheDirectorsandusingwildhandgestures.)

Me: Oh God…

10: A narrow escape

(A few of us, including me, have to stay behind after the casting session because the Directors want to hear us sing more solo. We each have to sing "Doe a dear". Everyone starts to realise what we have to do and shuffles on their bottoms to the back. Nicky's a bit slow on the uptake.)

Director: Nicky! Why don't you go first? You've had lots of experience.

Nicky: (Withaverypainedexpression) Ok… (Standsupandgetsinposition,lookingawkward) Can Lily do it?

Lily: (GetsupreluctantlyasNickyhurriestositdownagain)Ooh, the things I do for my best friend!

11: The toilet dance

Millie: (Inmyyear.Asshewalksupforhergo) I really need the loo!

Director: Don't worry; it'll be good for the adrenaline.

Me: ?

Millie: Um, ok then.

(Millie seems unable to stand still. She opens her mouth several times but says nothing, looking like a goldfish.)

Director: (afterawhileofMillielookingincrediblyuncomfortableandquitesilly) Do you really need to go?


Director: Fine, be quick!

(Millie makes a mad dash for the door.)

12: An interesting new remix

(A girl is doing her "Doe a dear".)

Ayr8: (singing) Far, I drink with jam and bread! (Everyonelooksaroundinconfusion) Oh sorry, I meant tea…


Well, there you go! A little taster of us all. 12 bloopers in the space of about two rehearsals… Goodness knows what it's going to be like with more and more rehearsals as we get closer to performance! Watch this space – next chapter everyone will be cast! Including me :O