Chapter 4:

I am so sorry – Seuss rehearsals kinda took over my life so not much time for anything else! Which means I haven't been recording bloopers as I go! I've tried to remember as much as I can but I know I've missed stuff out :'(

Also just finished performances! Soooo fun! And a bit mad with things like walking to school green the next day from face paint, Cat and me finding lots of pennies and getting kicked out of the mini greenroom, running about school dressed as a turtle and my cape not being set in one of the performances!

So let me just get on with the last chapter of bloopers!


1: A little bit mean

Horton: (toMayzie)I'll sit on your egg and I'll try not to break it…

BirdGirl: LOL!

2: Changing the order

Director: (toamemberofthebackstagecrew) Oh, and we need 20 mini clovers. (she'sbeencallingoutthepropsweneedallthroughrehearsal.)

CrewMember1: 20? But you'd said 12! (Directorhadalreadygonebacktodirecting.)

CM2: We'd better call Sarah.

CM1: She's gonna have a fit…

3: When normal isn't good enough

JungleAnimal: (hastoshuffleuptheaislewe'reseatedin.Butinsteadofslidingalongonherbumshescramblesaroundonhertummydoingsomemadarmycrawl.Whenshe'sthereshelooksbackandseesmestaringbewilderedather.)

Me: And why couldn't you do it normally?

4: We react so well

Horton: (gasps) Hunters!

(Everyone is supposed to gasp but doesn't.)

DanceDirector: C'mon guys! This is shocking! Horton has been attacked by HUNTERS! If a gun was to his head would you all be sitting there like "oh, oh well"? (Noanswer)

5: More pencils

MusicDirector: (gettingfrustratedwithus) Oh, I wish I had a pencil! (Afewpeoplelaugh) It's not funny – I do throw pencils, don't I, girls in Senior Choir?

SeniorChoir: Yes, she does!

Mayor: Just ask Matilda – she gets it all the time.

SK: (takesoutapencilfromherpocket.BabySKshakesherheadandpushesthepencildown.)

6: Fail

(In class discussing our Citizenship presentation.)

Friend: And then the Sky News theme plays -

Me: (interrupting) Live from Skycam Five! (Silence)Ok, none of you are in Suess…

7: Little

MusicDirector: Millie's row, you've got to sing!

MrsMayorandJungleAnimal: (lookateachother) Which one?

MD: Little Millie, not big Millie.

JA: Emphasise on the little! (She'sreally,reallysmall)

8: Mental children

Me: (justafterourperformancetothePrimarykids)How'd you think that went?

BirdGirl: I was a bit concerned with the boy I was sitting near… he was picking up the fallen feathers of our tails… and licking them…

9: Such a flirt

(During 'Mayzie in Palm Beach')

Director: Wickershams, you have my permission to wolf whistle at this bit!

(This Wickershams immediately take this to the extreme. They start wolf whistling and checking Mayzie out. One Wick even stands up and starts tailing Mayzie round the stage, flirting. Mayzie begins to look worried and starts running away.)

Director: Ok, that's enough! Maybe just stick to winking when she walks past.

10: Not enough of a flirt

DanceDirector: (toBirdGirlsduring 'BiggestBlameFool') Girls, you're supposed to be flirting with the Wickershams! They're your boyfriends! If this is how you flirt, then I pity you all…

11: Spelling lessons

MrMayor: OMG! They spelt my name wrong on the sign (wherewehavetoputourcostume)! They spelt it "Major". What the hell, I'm not a Major, I'm a Mayor! Hey, they spelt your name wrong to – "Yurtel". This simply isn't good enough.

12: Casually rearranging the signs…

Cat: Erm, why is your sign not next to mine? (looksoffended)

Me: I didn't put it there.

Cat: Gosh! (Runsacrossroom,takesdownmysignandputsitrightnexttohers.) That's better.

13: Opps, that might've been racist

Cat: (duringperformance) And SOLD to the man with (theladyshe'slookingathappenstobewearingaheadscarf) the headscarf and the greasy black moustache. (Ladylooksconfused.RealisationdawnsonCat.Genuinely) Oh… excuse me madam… (Afewlaughuncertainly)

(Afterwards we were all howling with laughter :3)

14: Minutes before the performance

CM1: Hey, we're gonna be filling in for the two missing Jungle Animals.

JA1: Why?

CM2: Because someone decided to go to Birmingham for the final performance.

Me: Ok, do you know what you're doing?

CM1: Nope.

JA2: Have you been taught the steps?

CM2: Noooo.

JA1: Do you know the lyrics?

CM1: Kinda…

CM2: Trust me, we did not volunteer to do this!

15: Daddy

Who: (whohasjustbeentoldshehastobetheunderstudyfortheMayorinoneoftheperformance.ToJojo)I'm your father!

Jojo: Okaaaaaay…. You're kinda creeping me out…

16: Green… still

Me: (seesandWhoandlaughsatherslightlygreenyface.WhoandBirdGirlgivemealook.) What?

BirdGirl: Hate to say this, but you really can't talk!


It's been so fun and although it wasn't the best performance our School's ever done, it was amazing to be part of! And I'm really annoyed with myself that I didn't right down all the other bloopers because there are so many more, including a really cool rap about Horton that SK made up but I can't remember! So yes, you now know how bonkers we are (and I haven't even told you when we cleaned the dusty floor with our leggings) but I love them all and have made some great friends (Caaaaaaaaaaaat love you ^-^)!

So please, review, leave your comments or even your own experiences!