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Yeah, it's a Glee/Buffy crossover, but only a little bit like at the beginning, and maybe a little bit in the middle… and it's only 2 characters, and it's after the series, but no season 8… But it's mostly Glee and there's no slayer and no one dies. Magic is a given in this, it happens. Cleveland does sit on a Hellmouth after all... It's rated T for now... but that might go up later... but I'm going to may try to keep this clean-ish. Really, I am.

One last thing, this has slash and will eventually be Puck/Kurt!

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Why Puck Hates Cleveland and Absolutely Refuses to go Back

Chapter 01

Puck had spent the better part of his day scouring the shops of Cleveland, looking for the perfect gift for his Nana's birthday.

He had opted for Cleveland rather than Columbus because, well, his Nana had told him about a shop she'd helped put together and it was in Cleveland.

The Magic Book? The Magic Box? Or something like that, but he hadn't been able to find it. He was tired and hungry and tired, so he dropped onto a nearby bench to look around for some fuel.

'Xander, honestly? The Magic Box? You couldn't have picked a different name?' an exasperated British voiced asked.

'Come on, Giles. It's nostalgic,' another younger voice countered.

Puck looked up to find the younger man hugging the British man from behind.

'Thank you, love,' the older man sighed, as he turned his head for a chaste kiss.

Xander pulled away from Giles, 'come inside, you have to see it. I set it up with the help of Nana Puckerman because you took forever to get here.'

Giles chuckled, but let the other man tug him into the store that Puck was positive he'd walked by about half a dozen times.

With a groan he picked up his bags, because while he had been looking specifically for his Nana's birthday, he'd found things for his friends and little sister, even a beautiful small hand crafted faerie for his mother.

Pushing the door open, Puck was hit by that Jasmine-y herbal smell that reminded him of his Nana, and to a lesser extent, Finn's mother.

'Wow,' Puck blurted, floored by all the stuff in the store.

'Oh, hello,' Giles blurted as he pulled away from Xander in surprise.

'Puck?' Xander blurted as he studied him with his one good eye.

'Yeah?' Puck replied, a little nervous that this man knew him, though he shouldn't have been, since he was sure they'd been talking about his Nana. He would forever deny the squawk he let out when Xander pulled him into a hug.

'Nana talks about you all the time, I feel like you're my little brother, or more accurately, the younger cousin I haven't seen since that one super festive holiday that we don't mention anymore.'

'Xander, let the poor child go, you're scaring him,' Giles reprimanded gently, mildly amused.

'Oh, I'm sorry,' he pulled away, slightly embarrassed. 'I'm Xander, this is my partner Giles, and he's finally just moved here from jolly ol'England.' He introduced, putting on a horrid accent that made both Puck and Giles cringe.

'Please don't ever do that again,' Giles practically begged.

Puck gave a laugh at the pair, before Xander draped an arm over his shoulders as he pulled the bags from one of Puck's hands.

'Leave your bags here,' he stated as he dropped the bags behind the counter, before he pulled an empty handed Puck around the store, pointing out all the various knickknacks and doodads that littered the shelves.

'But this!' he finally let go of Puck and headed to the back room, letting Puck explore the store on his own.

Xander was rambling on about something or other, but Puck wasn't really listening as he let something pull him. He'd listen to his Nana and her lady friends ramble on about magic often enough that he knew that to fighting it would be useless.

Then he found it.

A small glass statue of tiger.

It was sort of glowing, but not really, yet there were bright colours, pinks, purples and blues, swirling around inside it. Or that's what it looked like. Puck cautiously picked it up to study it.

So focused on the colours inside that he didn't notice them flare out and surround him.

A moment later the tiger clunked the carpeted floor.

'She's been eyeing these earrings since she first… oh, I missed it!' Xander gave an indignant huff as he watched as Giles picked up the glass tiger. The colours had muted some but they stilled swirled lazily around their glass cage.

'Well, I'll add this to his packages,' Giles offered as Xander headed to the phone.

'Better call, Nana, let her know what happened,' he replied, picking up the phone.

Giles wrapped the tigers and the earrings up while Xander chatted amiably with Nana Puckerman.

About 20 minutes later, Giles had wrapped both packages and set them in two large boxes with all of Puck's bags, and had set about making tea as he served three customers.

Xander was still on the phone.

'Hey, Giles, what does Puck look like?' he called out, unable to see his lover.

'I don't know,' Giles replied, not looked up from the books he was shelving.

'What do you mean you don't know?' Xander hissed covering the mouth piece.

'I mean, Puck wasn't around. Because he wasn't there, I didn't see him, so I don't know what he looks like.'

'You're all full of helpfulness aren't you?' Xander gave his version of the Disappointed Buffy look, before turning back to the phone and Nana.

'He's just the – what? No! He's probably just hiding… I didn't… he… he was? Oh, okay then, I don't feel so bad. It's okay Giles, he wasn't supposed to stay.'

Giles simply hummed in response, vaguely listening to the conversation that Xander was having with Nana and two customers.

He rolled his eyes, but sent a prayer that whatever happened to the young boy would work in his favour.

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