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Puck caught Kurt as he fell away from his father and Burt turned back into himself, Carole still snuggled against him.

Finn just stared at the scene.

'At least I kept my clothes,' he snickered. Puck glared at him weakly.

Carole gave a soft laugh; even if she looked a little disappointed that she'd lost her snuggle bear.

'Don't worry Carole. With a little practice I'll be able to keep him as a bear longer,' Kurt offered as he gave her a tired smile; she beamed at him.

'That was so cool!' Finn blurted, sounding like an excited 5 year old. 'Do it again!' he demanded eagerly.

'Dude, he can hardly stand!' Puck glared at Finn, as he handed Kurt a glass of water.

'Don't make me turn you into something unpleasant,' Kurt practically growled at Finn.

'But I just… I didn't… that was,' Finn babbled, not really sure why Kurt was angry.

Kurt sighed, 'Finn, I can only do so much right now because I've only just gotten back in touch with my magic.'

'Oh.' Finn looked mildly disappointed, 'so does that mean you can't turn me into an animal right now?'

Puck grabbed Kurt around the middle as the smaller teen launched himself at Finn, who stumbled back in shock.

'Dude, you're going to hurt yourself,' Puck stated in concern, turning his scowl to Kurt.

'I'm gonna hurt him first,' Kurt retorted.

'Why are you so moody?' Finn asked, looking mildly perturbed. Carole and Burt stepped away from the boys.

'Moody?' Kurt arched an eyebrow. 'I am physically and magically exhausted. I changed my father into a friggin' panda bear after not using my magic for nine years. I can barely stand right now and you want me to turn you into an animal.'

'But in Harry Potter the magic user people don't get drained when they use one spell,' Finn insisted.

'In Harry Potter, they have wands and teachers!' Kurt blurted, as he tried to stumble away from Puck and Finn. 'I don't have a focus. I was young when I lost my magic and it was barely strong enough to float a pencil. I've only recently got it back, and it's about a hundred times stronger than it used to be, but I don't know how to use it, how to harness it yet.'

'But…' he trailed off, waving a hand at Burt, who was doing his best to stay out of the fight.

'But what Finn? I changed my dad? Yeah, I did, but I shouldn't have. Don't make turn you into something unpleasant,' he stated, cutting off Finn's response.

'Why don't you take a nap, Kurt? I'll take Noah to the police station, prove that he isn't missing anymore,' Carole offered, before turning to Finn. 'You can finish getting ready for school; I'll give you a ride in.'

'Why do I have to go to school, but they don't?' he pouted as he slouched his way up the stairs.

'Well, Finn,' Carole started, and Finn knew he'd asked a stupid question that he already knew the answer to. 'Have you been missing for almost 2 weeks?'

'I'll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself,' Kurt was mumbling as Puck tried not to laugh as he helped him to his room.

'No,' Finn replied, looking at his feet.

'Have you just recently come into magic, only to use a great deal of it to prove its existence to your doubting brother?'

'And when it arrives... I'll smash it with a hammer! It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, I tell you! Genius, I say!' Kurt was laughing maniacally as Puck pushed him into his room, causing Finn to edge up the stairs away from the pair.

'I'll go,' he blurted. 'I'll get homework for Puck and Kurt.'

'Good boy,' Carole offered with a grin as she pet his hair.

Finn gave his mother a weak glare, before he headed up the stairs, glad that he couldn't hear or see what the pair was doing. However, ten minutes later, when he returned to the kitchen Puck was leaning against the counter with a bowl of cereal.

'How's Kurt?' Finn asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

'Asleep,' Puck replied, eyeing Finn with caution.

'We should go,' Carole announced. 'You're late already.'

Puck emptied out his bowl and stuck it in the dishwasher before he followed Carole out, omitting Burt's good bye kiss.


Kurt stumbled up the stairs a few hours later rumpled and confused. Burt grinned as he watched his son as he hit the water button on the coffee machine before blindly reaching for a tea bag and cup.

A few minutes later Kurt breathed in whatever flavour he'd grabbed.

'How are you feeling, Scout?' Burt asked; glad to have a reason to abandon the crossword puzzle.

'Better,' Kurt replied, pulling the crossword from Burt, 'still kind of tired though.'

Burt ran a hand through Kurt's hair. He was a testament to how tired he was, and how dishevelled it already was, that he let his dad ruffle his hair.

'HeyeyHeyHHHHdo,' Carole appeared in the doorway with a disgruntled looking Puck.

Puck immediately went to Kurt, kissing him chastely as Carole distracted Burt for them.

'I know what you did there,' Burt stated scowling at a grinning Carole.

'Puck's had a bad morning, let them have their PDA's,' she insisted, kissing him again.

'The cops in this town are stupid. They weren't even looking for me and they hadn't even called my mother, or my Nana. Ma didn't even know I was missing.'

'Hey, I knew you were missing.' Kurt stated softly as he pushed Puck against the fridge.

Puck sighed, 'I know, but she's family, you're an acquaintance, you were an acquaintance that I wanted to get to know better. I still want to know you better, I do know you better, and you're more than an acquaintance but she's my Ma...' he trailed off, not looking at Kurt; or Carole or Burt.

'Have I told you, you're cute when you babble?' Kurt asked, his lips twitching.

'Not lately,' Puck replied, pulling Kurt into his arms.

'I don't know why your mother didn't notice you missing; maybe it had something to do with your Nana's spell,' Kurt offered.

'That conniving, manipulative, old lady,' he grumbled angrily, before Kurt pressed himself against the bigger teen and kissed him hungrily and too graphically for Burt. Before he could stop them, Carole stopped him, pulling him from the kitchen.

'Let them be Panda Bear,' she chastised.

Burt glanced at the pair and found Puck buried in Kurt's neck as Kurt rubbed his back gently, talking too softly for Burt to hear.

He decided right then, that he would go find out why his mother hadn't noticed that he was missing.

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