Author's Note:

Ok.. So.. I guess I'd mention something to you all.. It has been planned since like ch 10 of Focus.. To answer the most asked questions as a whole (yeah, I'm lazy, STFU! Lol)...

YES, there is a sequel in the making. I just really needed a break from this one.. Wammy High kinda invaded my mind, and with how long Focus got.. I had planned to cut it there and do a sequel. You shouldn't have to wait too long.. Promise.. I just really want to focus on WH and some other stuff I have going on. I need to get through Christmas and New Years. I also have one of my sister's and my fiance's bdays, THEN Matt's bday.. After that, I'm free for a while from requirements. V-day and another sis bday in March. Mine is the only one in April, so I expect to do some reading, but not so much writing. Lol. I know my bro and sisters. 3 WELL, just wanted to leave a little note to answer you all without having to write like 50 PMs..

Thanks for the devotion and following this story. I'm glad it was so well liked, and that REALLY shocked me with how popular it got! I love you all!