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note: After carefully thinking about it, I decided to grant the request from Reiha and whittney and thus provide them with a prequel for 'Reclaimed Love' which more or less talks about their high school life and how they ended up committed to each other. As I usually do with my others stories, I give a warning to readers that sometimes, portrayals of their characters would somehow deviate from the IC for the purpose of the story. Anyway, since I decided to start with this, Bleeding Heart will be temporarily on hold until this is over.

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a few things to note: Rukia in this prequel does not carry the title of Kuchiki and there will be no appearance of Byakuya (his name was made mentioned in the sequel though).

summary: "He stole my first kiss!" she cried - It was an accidental kiss but it started from there. Little did she know, she's to become a subject of a bet.

disclaimer: I think there is no need to say it, but heck, Bleach isn't mine.


Ulquiorra Schiffer - in the school campus, he is typically the guy in the shadows, unnoticed by many. Intelligent and talented, the guy plays his skills at low profile, preferring not to be noticed by anyone since he is basically an introvert guy, with only Neliel keeping him company and the only female who seem to know his background. Well, his being unnoticeable would soon change when finally, Rukia notices him.

Anasiak Rukia - a lively small female and soon-to-be president of the school. She's someone well-respected in the school for her wit and her kindness and although not literally a princess, she's treated like royalty. she had abundant friends, all of whom to share deep kinship with her.

Inoue Orihime - Rukia's female best friend, the auburn beauty. She's the team leader for the culinary arts club. Secretly, she is in love with Ulquiorra Schiffer though the latter would never know.

Neliel Tu Ordershvank - the melancholic beauty, one of the most rational female in the group. She's Ulquiorra's only companion before they met Rukia and her group.

Kurosaki Ichigo - Rukia's close male friend and one whom she treats as a brother. Rukia would never know he loves her not as a sister though. He plays soccer and is the game's team captain.

Abarai Renji - an orphan who grew up with Rukia before they were adopted separately. Aside from Ichigo, he is also one of Rukia's closest male companions. He is into baseball sports.

Grimmjaw Jaggerjaques - one of Rukia's friends and a lady's man though not to his liking. Captain of the football team, he is actually a guy who much preferred to be in the company of his friends that with the girls flocking around him.

Hitsugaya Toshirou - the boy genius of the group, he doesn't take well to people insulting his height much like how Rukia detested it. Though it does not really look like it, he is the prodigy player for lawn tennis.

Matsumoto Rangiku - the beauty queen of the group, Matsumoto isn't just about looks though. Behind it is a tactical mind and a deep perception on things that usually went unnoticed by many. Aside from that, she's the former captain of the cheering squad before she stepped down from the title and decided to become manager for the football club, to keep Grimmjaw away from the female fans.

So they are the group of friends I have introduced in 'Reclaimed Love' and about Rukia's surname, I have to think of something else since I've used up almost all of the names in RL. I originally intended her to become the adopted daughter of Ukitake but I already made Ukitake a business partner in RL.

Though not really giving much away, the character description is merely to help readers familiarize themselves with the characters that are mostly going to appear in every chapter.




Shinigami High - a school that is on the bottom list and is labeled the school for losers for the past few years due to it losing every competition it attended into. Only a year ago did it start winning in sports competition but never on the academic portion yet. Students from the school were often teased outside and labeled losers. And as if that's not enough, students from the same school were often divided into intelligent and stupid - a policy that had been started by the homeroom teacher for A-class, Miss Akufosa. It was for these two reasons that Rukia and her friends vowed to make a change for the school, for the students. This was how it started...



Neliel sighed as she spotted the vacant seat at the back. He's slacking off again, she thought as she watched the other students shuffle in, finding their respective seats. She always wondered how Ulquiorra managed to pass his exams and quizzes even with him missing most of the class' discussion. Sometimes, she would find him at the rooftop, simply dozing off, his expression filled with boredom - perhaps the only emotion he is capable of ever showing to anyone. If not on the rooftop, he's outside the school building, slacking off in a bench, a book covering his face while he once again dozes off. Sometimes she really is frustrated for his laid back attitude. He hardly does things with enthusiasm. She knew he grew up like that already though his parents were definitely not lacking. Neliel could tell they doted their son so why then is Ulquiorra so apathetic.

During their kindergarten years, he was always teased about being such a weirdo and a freak due to him keeping things to himself and Nel always jumped to his defense only to hear him say to let them be and they are not worth the time. Although angered by it, Nel could only nod in assent. Due to that uncaring attitude, he grew up with no real friends and only Nel chose to stand by him despite him ignoring her most of the time. During elementary days, some told her she should stop worrying about him since he does not seem to even care or acknowledge her existence but Neliel, being a good friend, paid heed to no one and still remained in the shadows as Ulquiorra's silent friend. Especially during those times when his father died in an accident . She was there and stood by him.

As they group up, people started questioning if she's in love with the guy and Neliel could resolutely and firmly say that she isn't in love with him and that she isn't interested in him in a romantic way. For Neliel, she would continue being there until he could find someone else.

she snapped back from her mulling when a loud group entered and truthfully, Neliel was kinda amused with them. Of course they knew them - everyone in campus knew them and that makes her no exception. She had been in one of their class during first year (only a few days in her class before she transferred in C-class) and she was quick to notice that Rukia Anasiak is the person that seems to hold the group intact. It was as if she was the heart of the group and Neliel pondered over the possibility of her meeting them.

What she truly appreciated about the group though is the fact that despite knowing they are famous, they never bragged about it. There was never a look of conceit or arrogance around them which is usually present with famous people. Nope, the group is actually a group filled with humble people. Even when Toshirou Hitsugaya entered the group during his freshmen years, nothing changed. Ultimately, they were starting to make a big change in the school as they began to make the school's name proud with every competition they partook in.

She once again glanced at the seat before standing up and walking towards the window to, just as she concluded, find her friend lazing in a bench. Seriously, when will he ever learn.


She wasn't sure she was the one being referred to so Neliel continued looking at the guy below before she sighed in trepidation. Turning around, she literally jumped in surprise when she was face to face with the beauty queen.

"Oops, sorry, I did not mean to scare you," she said apologetically and glanced down at the window. "Is he someone you know?"

Neliel gave a short nod. "Yes. He's slacking off again."

"He does look like a slacker anyway," Matsumoto commented and smiled. "I'm Rangiku Matsumoto, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too. Neliel Tu Ordershvank," she introduced herself and noticed her frowning at her while in deep thought.

"We never saw you before. I'm pretty sure I'll remember my classmates from my freshmen and sophomore years."

The green-haired smiled. "We are from different class. But I was in Orihime-san's class once during the first year."

"Ah I see," before Nel knew it, she was pulled towards the noisy group where two guys - one with orange and the other with red hair - were arguing like cat and dog. Inoue Orihime tried to stay in between while Grimmjaw Jaggerjaques wore a petulant look as he tried ignoring the females gawking at him.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I have a name and it's not Berry-kun!" growled Kurosaki.

Abarai snickered. "And I'm not Pineappale head either!"

"And I'm beginning to get pissed off by the two of you," came Rukia's voice from the doorway, making both guys stop in frozen stupor while Rukia made her way casually towards the group and hit both their heads lightly with the book she held. "Learn to act like a real junior student and stop being childish."

"But Rukia - "

One glare and it was over, the argument that is. Satisfied, Rukia pulled a seat and sagged. Orihime cheerfully clapped her hands. "Seriously, Rukia, how do you always manage to keep the two in check? Not even one of us could do it."

"I just hit them when I feel like it," she said and glanced at her shoulder. She raised her fingers in a V sign. "Oh hey Ran, I did not notice you there." Her smile was bright and sincere, Neliel concluded as she watched how everyone of them interacts with one another.

Said beauty queen rolled her eyes just as Ichigo heard a comment coming from the strawberry head. "Perhaps because you're too short to notice things, midget!"


Everyone sweatdropped as Ichigo rubbed his head while Rukia calmly sat down like nothing happened. "That has nothing to do with what you are saying. Why don't you shut up Ichigo?" she suggested, making the whole class roar in a laughter. It was always a good entertainment for everyone to watch poor Kurosaki and Abarai cower under her presence.

"You guys are really amusing," Neliel, despite feeling like she is intruding a group tradition, spoke warmly, prompting Rukia to glance at her and give out a smile.

"They always say that," she grumbled and stood up. "Hey there, I'm sorry but this is my first time seeing you so allow me to introduce myself properly. Rukia Anasiak."

Neliel's lips curved a little. "Strange, you also have a strange surname like me and my friend. Neliel Tu Ordershvank."

"Hope to have some fun with you for the rest of the year," Rukia said with so much sincerity as the bell rang, signaling the start of the class that morning. The teacher stepped in. She is known as the Terror of A-Class and words about her are never pleasant when you hear students talk about her.

"Settle down, girls I know you are all fans of Mr. Jaggerjaques but please refrain from ogling over the guy and get back to your seats now," she crisply stated, earning a disappointed look from the females mentioned. Thankfully, Grimmjaw sighed in relief. "I'm going to check for attendance first."

One by one, each student was being called to attention. Neliel sighed. This year, Ulquiorra and her were enrolled in the A-class much to her chagrin. This is usually the room where you don't get to have the peace you wanted since the famous group is gathered in that particular class. But their teacher last year said something about being regretful and that he felt their talents and minds are being insulted by staying in the C-class.

"Ulquiorra Schiffer!"

The class was suddenly thrown into silence as each of the students looked at each other questioningly. They were secretly asking who the guy is and the scene somehow saddened her. It's not like she wanted to actually become known like the group here, it's just that she wanted people to also recognize her friend. Sure, her teacher last year did which is why they were transferred to A-Class this year.

She cleared her throat and raised her hand to speak. The teacher quirked her eyebrow. "You're Ulquiorra Schiffer?" she asked incredulously and glanced at the list, thinking she might have been mistaken or there might have been a typographical error. The melancholic beauty shook her head and bowed slowly.

"No ma'am. I'm Neliel Tu Ordershvank and my friend seems unable to attend class. He, ah - "

"I see. Just like what your former teacher mentioned, he's quite a slacker," she cut her off. "I heard that you and him were transferred from C-Class. Do you have any idea why?"

Before she knew it, Neliel found herself the center of attention, everyone finally giving her a scrutinizing look unlike a while ago when she seemed not to exist in the room. She gulped and swallowed hard, discomfort settling into her being.

"No idea ma'am. I apologize."

She quirked another brow. "Really huh? I was told C-Class had a genius there, an ace they meant to pit against us for intramural. The problem however is that he is not at all motivated. Would that guy be your friend?"

"Uh, yes."

The teacher nodded. "Things will not go his way in this class - I want you to relay that information to him. This class is full of smart people all vying for recognition, what exists in this room aside from the obvious bond a particular group has, is the competition. You have - "

All eyes turned to the newcomer who lazily strolled inside the classroom, his face filled with the usual disinterest. Some felt like the guy is weird with his pale skin, his big, jade eyes and his well, unusually long hair tied loosely behind his back.

He gave a curt nod at the teacher, apparently having heard what she mentioned but still acts indifferently as he trudged towards the only vacant seat available. Neliel only realized that time that someone took the seat she has reserved for him and thus the guy is now sitting in front of Rukia.

"Mr. Schiffer I presume?" the teacher continued, unnerved by the guy's dispassionate look. Seriously, something is wrong with him. No normal teenager would act like that.

"Hn." That was his only response before closing his eyes.

A vein ticked at her temple for the impolite response. Apparently, the students noticed it and they cringed inside. This is one teacher they really do not want to anger since she could really be troublesome if angered. The popular adage about hell having no fury like a woman scorned would apply to her when enraged.

"Mr. Schiffer, you may have had your way with your previous teachers from C-Class but let me make things clear here - in this class, things will go my way."

Slowly, he opened them and once again, the teacher was unnerved by the emptiness in those eyes. It was like staring into a deep abyss. Can a normal teen be capable of this kind of behavior? Not unless he is psychologically disturbed. But according to their previous teachers, they said he is actually sane and just a guy with no motivation at all.

In fact, I find it interesting to pit her against Rukia, then we'll see who is more intelligent. Or better yet, let them work together and they can make a change for the school. Sure the school is changing due to them, it's name starting to once again be known but it isn't enough. We only excel in sports. Why not aim to excel in all areas? Ulquiorra can perhaps do that.

Those were the words of his previous teacher and somehow she doubted this man when she heard about him. After all, intelligent students were immediately sent to her class.

"I really don't care what your rules are in this classroom," he spoke in monotone and Neliel slapped her forehead. She is five seats behind him and she can't do anything once he started speaking his mind.

Shocked, the students and the teacher gaped at the guy as he crossed his arms and once again closed his eyes. Ichigo and Renji snickered at their seats, finally finding someone who could shut their teacher up. Of course with Rukia around, the duo could not even pull any pranks on the teacher who seems to have an ego bigger than her brain. She always bragged about intelligence and about separating the stupid from the genius. When the group learned about this, they immediately detested her. And Rukia vowed to run for the incoming election for president of the school body government if only to make it a way to help the less privileged students often abused by the likes of their teacher named Akufosa.

Obviously enraged, the teacher walked towards the uncaring man and towered over him. "You - "

"Miss Akufosa - " Neliel tried to cut in. Seriously, does Ulquiorra have to always be rude when he felt like it? She found it frustrating.

"You will stay out of this, Miss Ordershvank or else I'll have you detained as well!" she snapped, her eyes in slits as she stared at the man who was still unfazed at the teacher's fury. The students groaned while some were secretly cheering. Many students who went under Akufosa did not pass without a trauma or two from her. Such is the terror of the teacher. Detention with her had never been pleasant.

He let his hands slide down his side and finally opened them to look at the teacher right in the eye. Akufosa shuddered at the lack of emotions reflected there. Many students tried to oppose her and all of them failed. This guy will be no exception regardless if he unnerves her.

He sighed in what could closely be called irritation. "Just because you are the hailed Terror of this class does not mean you have the right to send any one in detention if it pleases you. Truthfully, I don't care if you send me for detention. I think that would even be more interesting than sitting here and listening to you prattling nonsense." His eyes were challenging her, Akufosa could see it and within that very battle, she knew she can't bully this man. If only it is within her power, she'll send them back to C-class.

Red in anger, she turned on her heels and marched in front while remembering his former teacher's comment about him once again.

Just so you know, your methods will not work on him. Akufosa, I'm giving you all the credits here, I've sent you one of the intelligent guys that could probably beat your class in the competition if given the proper motivation.

She balled her fist and she stormed out, unable to contain her anger. The class erupted into cheers as everyone turned to the new guy who was now once again dozing off, ignoring the awed remarks and expressions coming from his classmates.

Neliel smiled. Well, that certainly is something. He will always challenge anyone if he pleases. She looked up at Matsumoto, Rukia and now even Orihime surrounding her. "So he is your friend?" Orihime asked brightly.


"Cool. I didn't think students without the power would be capable of doing that," Rukia commented, obviously pleased to find someone with guts and she immediately made a mental note to make them her friends. "What's with the long hair though?"

Rangiku managed a laugh at Rukia's comment. She will always find something to comment upon. Neliel sighed. "He preferred it that way. I always advised him to cut his hair."

"Are you two dating?" Rangiku asked mischievously. Neliel's answer was a simple smile and a shake of the head.

"No. We are friends."

"Somehow, it doesn't look like it," Orihime commented and gave the guy a discreet glance which Neliel caught immediately.

"They always say that," she muttered. "He may look like he doesn't know I'm around but in reality, he always knew. People often commented on how I managed to care for a guy who does not seem to care for me as well. They are wrong." She glanced at the door. "I wonder if the teacher will really have him detained. That would give him all the reason not to attend class and simply doze off."

They all saw as he stood up and strolled quietly outside the classroom. Immediately, three pairs of eyes turned to Neliel as Ichigo, Renji and Grimmjaw walked towards them.

"Seriously, I never thought he had it in him," Grimmjaw sneered, relishing on the look on Akufosa's face when she can't even find a way to answer back at Ulquiorra.

"Neliel, right? My name is Ichigo. We like your friend," he said.

"He doesn't seem to like crowds though," Rukia ignored the presence of the males.

"You are correct," Neliel agreed.

"Become our friend, Neliel," Orihime pleaded. "Oh I'm - "

"Inoue Orihime," Neliel cut her off. "You guys don't have to introduce yourselves. You are all well-known."

A sheepish grin before Rukia remembered something. "Oh shoot," she slapped her forehead.

"What is it?" Ichigo asked.

"I forgot I have a message to deliver to Miss Shirayuki," she said, referring to their senior who currently holds the title of Vice-President of the school. "Call me if Miss Akufosa comes back."

"Oi, midget - "

A kick in the shin and Ichigo growled. "Alright, you don't have to hit me, jeez," he said and winced. She may not know how to fight physically but still, she could kick like a real fighter if it pleases her. The only one always to end up her victim is him.

"Miss Shirayuki eh?" Orihime mused. "She was the one who suggested to Rukia to run for the election right?"

"Yes. Rukia accepted." Rangiku turned to Neliel. "Join us for lunch later. We'll be happy to know you guys even more."

The melancholic beauty nodded.




When Rukia received no call from her friends, she assumed that Akufosa did not return so she chose to go to the library to find some books to read tonight. She couldn't help but be really amused at how Akufosa could not make a comeback when words about her said that she's a persistent teacher. But what really took her interest are the two new members of A-Class. Though it wasn't surprising really, it is still quite rare to have students suddenly moved from C to A.

She climbed the ladder even more when she spotted the book at the top shelf. Immediately, she raised her left leg when her mobile rang. Surprised, she slipped and she did not have enough time to actually hold onto something.

"Oh my god!" she cried out, attracting the attention of few students inside the library. One of them would be Toshirou Hitsugaya who was there for research.

"Toshirou-sama," the students who admired him gave way as he too decided to look into the matter. It seems there was an accident. He would never imagine that he'll be able to see Rukia in such a compromising situation and he could not help but feel amused at it.

On the floor was Rukia on top of an unknown guy with long hair. But that's not what actually made the scene interesting, it was the fact that Rukia's lips were on that guy's. He decided to act when he realized that his friend was actually frozen in shock.

"Earth to Rukia," he stated when he went towards them. The guy glanced at Toshirou as he pushed Rukia from him. He didn't seem least affected by the kiss as much as Rukia is. To Toshirou's shock, Rukia was actually crying. As to why, he had no idea. He glanced at the guy and noticed his pair of green eyes staring blankly at Rukia. He shuddered a little, wondering how there could be eyes that looks so lifeless. He turned his gaze back at his friend who was still staring at the stranger in total shock, tears freely flowing down her cheeks. Truthfully, this would be the first time he saw her cry. And over a matter like this.

"Uh, Rukia?" he called her attention once more and poked her cheek.

Without a word, she got up and ran from them. Toshirou glanced at the guy and realized that he's the one he always saw sleeping on the bench outside even during class hours. "Ah, what happened?" he asked casually, wanting to prevent any misunderstanding in the future when Ichigo and Renji found out about this. He glanced at the guy and prayed silently that Ichigo and Renji never learned about this lest this guy would be sorry for the two are the most protective males when it concerns their friend.

"She fell," he answered and Toshirou wasn't sure if it was his imagination but he thought the guy was amused about it. "Then we kissed." He stood up wordlessly and left Toshirou flabbergasted. Really, just how amusing is that? On the other hand, Ulquiorra raked his hair as he walked away, ignoring the looks from the students who saw what happened earlier.

"A kiss for the first day of school eh? Not too bad," he muttered in monotone. It would seem that transferring to A-class would soon have its merits no matter how much he disliked the idea of transferring class.