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Chapter 1

Hermione Jean Granger watched with a fond smile as her two best friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley battled it out in a game of chess. Harry had gotten better at the game since he'd met Ron, but he still couldn't beat the red head. So that meant that every game he had played against Ron in the previous five years, he'd lost. A fact that constantly amused Ron to no end.

Hermione turned back to her Ancient Runes text. It was next year's course book, but that didn't matter. She had already read the sixth year material. Besides, if she was going to have to read ahead and work hard if she was going to prove that muggleborns could be as good as Purebloods. This was a fact she had come to terms with in first year. So, she threw herself into her studies, earning herself the title of know-it-all bookworm. But there was always something off that she just couldn't place. And none of her books could help her. She never felt truly… right, with herself. As if there was something missing. But what was it?

Hermione read to the end of the chapter, before she pulled the weekly letter out of her bag, and read it. What she found shocked her.

Dear Hermione,

As you are well aware, you are soon to become seventeen, and that means you will be classed as an adult. So, your father and I believe that it is time to tell you the truth. We have always wanted to tell you, but we never found the right time to do it. Every time we tried, well it just felt wrong. But now, we are telling you. Sweetheart, you're adopted. You aren't muggle born, as you first thought, but you are half Veela, half Vampire. Your parents wanted to hide you from that Dark Wizard that's always trying to kill your friend. So, they placed you with us.

On your seventeenth Birthday, you will start to change, but not by much. Your biological parents told us that you are a born submissive. That means that you won't come into your full inheritance until you are claimed by your mates. Yes, I said Mates. You have two. One Veela, one Vampire. Now, I don't know what claiming means, but I have a feeling I know what it is. If I'm right, then be sure to use protection. I may not be your biological mother, but you are still my daughter, and I don't want to be a grandmother till you are at least out of school.

Your father and I love you very much, and we know for a fact that your biological parents do too. We could see the look of complete and utter heart break on their faces as they handed you over to us, but they had to do it. They had to keep you safe.


Your mother

Jean Granger.

Hermione stared at the letter for a while, and then hid it in her robe pocket. She needed to head to the library to research Veela's and Vampires.

Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini sat in the Headmasters office, across the desk from said Headmaster. Dumbledore surveyed the two over his half moon glasses. He hadn't factored in this turn of events, but was pleased with it, none the less.

"So, you two want to help the Order?" He asked.

"Yes sir." Draco said. "We recognise what the Dark Lord really is. He promises people like us freedom, but that's just talk so he can take over easier, and then force us, and our people into servitude."

"We aren't willing to bow to that madman." Blaise said.

"Well, I believe you two have made the right decision. What do you plan to do?" Dumbledore asked.

"Stop the Inner Circle from getting inside Hogwarts, as they are planning to do. They are having Borgin use the working vanishing cabinet that links to the one here. He is confident that using that one, he can fix the connection and allow them access, past the wards." Draco explained. "We can sabotage his attempts regularly. Up until Borgin's deadline runs out."

"A good idea, I must say." Dumbledore said. "Now, tell me, how are you two coping with your creature inheritance? Have you found your mates?" Dumbledore knew they had a one year deadline to find and claim their mates before their creature blood killed them due to lack of a mate.

"Well, sir… the thing is…" Blaise said. He looked at his best friend, and they both lowered their shields, unsure how else to tell the aged Headmaster.

Dumbledore was shocked by what he found. Not only did they share a mate, but she was also the least likely one to have ever been their mate. No wonder they hadn't had any clue as to who it would be. He sighed. "She will fight you." He said.

"We know that Professor." Draco said. "But she has an even shorter deadline than we do. She has one month from her birthday."

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