Hermione stood up, wiping her hand across her forehead. Whilst the warmth and sunshine was more than welcome in early spring, it made gardening a lot more strenuous. As she ran her hand through her hair, Ron stepped out of the back door into the garden, holding two glasses of lemonade.

"Thought you could use a drink," He said, as though he'd read her mind. Grinning, he joined her as she sat down on a wooden bench and handed her a glass.

"You know," He said, as she leant her head back and sipped her glass, shivering slightly as the cool liquid hit her teeth. "You could do the gardening by magic..."

"I know," She said lazily. "But, as I have told you on many previous occasions, Ronald, I like doing it by hand. It reminds me of my childhood."

"But gardening!" Ron said incredulously. "It just seems so pointless..."

"Go inside then," She said, jumping up and returning to the rose bed.

"Nah," Ron said airily, "I like it here." He put his feet up on the bench, resting his head on his arms, admiring Hermione's figure as she worked. She was wearing a white, sleeveless blouse tucked into short, denim shorts, accompanied with a gold charm bracelet that Ron had given her for her twenty first birthday. The bracelet currently only held two charms; a large, gold '21' and a plain gold heart, the latter of which Ron gave to her on their wedding day.

Setting down his now empty glass, Ron stood up and went to stand behind Hermione, placing his hands on her hips. When she ignored him and continued with the gardening, he rolled his head onto her shoulder, kissing her cheek.

She giggled and kissed him back, before continuing digging a hole in the earth.

"Stop gardening for a bit," He said gently, wiping some earth from her face.

"But-" She protested, but was cut off as his lips brushed hers. He ran his fingers through his hair and broke their kiss, laughing slightly.

"What?" She said, slightly irritated.

"You've got a rose petal," He said softly, taking the petal out of her hair and waving it in her face before dropping it behind him.

"Oh," She laughed and then kissed him passionately, her hands furiously undoing the buttons to his shirt as he held her in his arms. They fell to the floor, Hermione ripping off his shirt as his hands slid up her blouse.

A short while later, Ron sat up, laughing, as Hermione hurried to put her shorts and blouse on.

"I can't believe we just did that," She whispered.

"We've done it before," Ron pointed out.

"Not in the garden!" She hissed, though her tone was light. "Come on, Ronald, put some clothes on."

Grinning, Ron pulled on his boxers and shorts.

"C'mon," He said lightly, putting his arm around Hermione's waist and leading her back into the house. "I've had enough of the garden for one day."

That night, Ron had fallen asleep by the fire as they'd watched one of Hermione's favourite shows on the TV. Sighing, she stood up, kissed his forehead and went upstairs. She went into the bathroom, glancing up at her reflection as she brushed her teeth. It was then she noticed a small, clear bottle of potion sitting on the cupboard behind her. Her eyes widening in shock, she made a mental note to tell Ron in the morning.