Author's Note: This drabble came to me after watching the last few scenes the Malfoys had in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2", which I think gave a clear, good idea of the shift in the relationship between the members of the family in the aftermath of the battle.
Last time I checked, English still wasn't my first language, and I had no beta for this, so bear with me and my mistakes, please. I also own none of the characters, quite obviously. If I did, Lucius and Narcissa would already have their own book series.

She had lied to him.

She had lied to the Dark Lord to save their son – their boy – and by doing so, she put them all in danger. Even in the light of this new realization, Lucius couldn't find it in himself to be angry or displeased. He was awed, surprised at how brave his Narcissa had been and his heart ached as he watched them walk away from him, walk away from the raging battle.

His wife and his son were simply slipping through his fingers like water, and he had seen the look in Narcissa's eyes when she held Draco close as she had done countless times in the past. She was disappointed, hurt…and he knew he was the one to blame.

He had put their lives on the line, trying to serve a higher power that had degenerated into something he couldn't have predicted – or could he?

He had been weak, too scared to step back and put his family first. No matter how hard he tried, he had let them down, his wife and his son. He had risked their lives, brought evil into their own home, and forced them to bend to the terrible wishes and desires of a devil.

He had failed them.

And now he stood in the middle; the battle and his screaming sister-in-law calling his name on one side, and his family on the other, slipping away in silence, turning their backs on him as he had turned his own back on them for years.

He wanted to scream for them to come back, wanted to stop them and promise that everything would be alright and they would be safe. But he knew that his words would have been empty and useless. If anything, Narcissa had been the one to make sure everything would be alright, lying to Voldemort, thus preserving Harry Potter's life and giving the boy a fighting chance.

He was a failure, Lucius Malfoy. But it was time to start trying to fix his mistakes.

With a last glance at the battlefield, Lucius ran to reach Narcissa and Draco; he couldn't let them go and disappear, they were all he had left to live for.

So he chose life.