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The fiery witch will be mine, or my name isn't Lucius Malfoy. Those are the voices inside Lucius' mind. Hermione is caught in a web of desire after signing a contract with 'Malfoy Fantasies' to record a love-session with Draco, her lover, which is required to produce a prototype. Draco is unable to be at the session, and Lucius demands the contract fulfillment; yet, he graciously volunteers to substitute for his son. A secret Malfoy inheritance will be revealed and will change it all.

This story is rated M. Please mind the rating, It contains graphic descrptions throught the chapters. It is not a triad. I have re-edited, it had a lot of technical problems. It is posted at AO3. For additional chapters

At the Manor's library

The Proposal

The wizard's educated voice was even-toned, "Miss Granger, you have signed a contract with Malfoy's Fantasies. I see that your head nodding, great. "His mellifluous snake-oil salesman's drawl had invaded her aural domain.

Lucius sat at the same sofa on her opposite side and elegantly sipped an Alsatian Riesling, chilled to perfection. He sat sideways, barely leaning over his left thigh with his torso towards her.

Hermione thought the snake wizard emanated a powerful air, one of a dangerous beast ready to pounce and take whatever he wished. Her assumptions were one hundred percent, right because those were his intentions.

However, to a casual observer he would have appeared at ease, all business. His overall demeanor was tranquil and reserved, which effectively concealed turbulent emotions threatening to break to the surface. To soothe his mounting tension, he stroked the white and golden Kneazle's long fur, and Magnolia purred. Meanwhile, his cock pulsated along with the vein on his temple, and even his teeth ached from the desire to consume the petite witch in front of him.

"Yes, I have never led you to assume otherwise, and you know that fact quite well. Therefore, one must acknowledge that you insist on infuriating me just because you wish to do so. Moreover, this argument is not remotely germane to the reason behind my moral objections to your proposal, or to the matter under consideration. You are the master of obfuscation." He smirked at her words, the pot calling the kettle black using vocabulary which needed to be dissected and open to interpretation.

Hermione's hair crackled with angry magic and slowly formed a halo around her face. He had seen her angry before; moreover, the pleasure of viewing the angry, glowing beauty made him smile with pure delight. She reminded him of a lioness, ruffled and dangerous; what a sensual and arousing sight to see.

Damn, these loose trousers are getting to be a problem, he thought. Casually, he picked up a pillow to rest his glass on top of it and problem solved; now, where was he?

"As Draco's father, I am the one person who is totally empathic and fully understands your current predicament, and I will go as far as offer you my sincere commiseration for your admirable yet misplaced feelings of deep loyalty towards my undeserving son. " He drank a strategic sip of wine, for effect.

"I cannot, however, feel the same in my role as the CEO of a powerful financial empire. I would be remiss in my stewardship of our trusting investors had I failed to act promptly by enacting effective solutions to meet the deadlines approaching us."

He gifted her with his most radiant smile, the one befitting a benevolent and sympathetic patriarch always ready to act on bealf those under his patronage.

Her eyes were bugging out in profound amazement at his speech which she considered a pile of crap. All kind of thoughts were crossing her mind. No way had Malfoy Sr. believed his words, nah, not possible.

Darn, he spreads it thick, Hermione registered her disgust as she moved her head from side to side in astonishment, and when he continued she was positively incredulous.

"I have sunk vast sums unto this venture. Although this deadline is one of many, there are other important deadlines to be met, i.e., the initial testing must be completed within astringent time-limits; the actual potions adjusted according to results gathered; the Muggle and Magic devices must be modified to accommodate the collected data as needed, just to name a few."

He took a deep breath for effect; his shoulders slumped a little; and he looked into the empty space; he wanted to convey the image of being truly concerned.

Now, he needed to let her surmise the objectives and go for the jugular. He sounded dejected, " Poor Draco he had so much faith in this project's success; and unless, we are able to finish the prototype , and have it ready to present to our investors within the deadlines, then we can call this entire project a failure, and we are finished."

His speech's closing remarks ended with a marked emphasis on, 'a failure and we are finished'.

The consummated politician and actor concluded with a dramatic flare, and he let his head drop just a little and let out a contained sigh, followed by a subtle yet noticeable shiver ran down his back, and while he sipped his wine slowly, the glass shook in a slightly trembling hand.

The review of the: The rich and sociopathic billionaire.-

She sat very straight, but she thought about it better and stood up a to clap twice, "Wow, damn, bravo, bravo, the great b-actor Lucius Malfoy earned a standing ovation from his captive audience during the private showing of: The rich and sociopathic billionaire. We sincerely hope that he didn't believe a word of what just came out his lips."

As if exhausted, she flopped in the sofa rather ungracefully, with complete disregard to propriety. She sat with her legs splayed, and her body at an odd angle.

"Don't you think, 'We are finished,' is quite a melodramatic statement? Ugh, we must take it into context of the actual net resources you have invested, 5.29 million galleons to be precise, which is a quantity equating to less than of one percent of your reported gross-worth. The key word is reported gross-worth, and we both know you only report a fraction of your assets. You report one vault at Gringotts, whereas you in effect have, hmm, one, two, ah, yes, ten vaults just at this branch alone. Therefore I must conclude your investment is less than a pittance, ha, ha."

She was visible agitated, and her voice had gone up a few decibels. It was a clear sign that she wasn't done with the blond-sewer-rat. The blond-rat observed her with clear fascination which further fed her distress.

"You should have tried your rehearsed lines with someone ignorant of the real facts. You well know my alternatives are non-existing. Hence I find myself pressed to choose badly; e.g., I join you in your pretended sorrow, in your desire to be a good steward, and believe that you care about Draco being successful, and unavoidably I would do as you wish."

Red with anger, she moved closer and with her finger poked his chest with force, and he jumped, a little.

"Or, I find true compassion, fall for pity-me crap, and do whatever you deem necessary." She touched her lip twice as to consider her given choices.

She recoiled in anger while Lucius watched each one of her movements with mounting excitement; just touching her lip appeared as an invitation to touch her lips with his tongue, and those open legs… His nose stuck in the air and careful to be unnoticed, he sniffed the air and was amazed at what the air wafted in his direction.

"And, why should I?" She continued in an angrier tone, "They both amount to the same," she now appeared resigned, "to your underhanded tactics to get me to comply. You have presented compelling arguments albeit half-bogus they were somehow truthful. How clever and very Slytherin of you, but what can you expect from a Primo-snake?" She sighed as in disappointment.

Her accusatory look left him unshaken. She shook her head with obvious recrimination and repeatedly shook her finger at him, a finger which he wanted to suck and taste. As matter of fact, she had missed his nipple by less than one-eight of one-inch when she had poked him; a forceful push right on top of the nipple could have been delightful. Bugger, how about if he just stretched his neck and caught the delicious digit, she insistently waved, between his teeth, and he sucked it as he wanted to do other parts of her body?

"Furthermore, you lack either of the ability or the desire to respect, and even less to comprehend my feelings on this matter. How can you ask me to, ehem, be intimate with you, i.e., shag you rotten while you perfectly know I love Draco? Do you have any idea who is your son, does the name Draco Malfoy even sound familiar; or better, are you even aware you have a son who is my lover and good friend?"

She nearly drank half a glass of water, her hands were unsteady and her eyebrows knitted with concern. Her mind was now at full throttle, in her internal dialogue she was saying, He is clearly enjoying the chase; he is rotten, not rotten he is just—.

"DESPICABLE," her voice was loud and sharp; bollocks, she wanted to remain as calm as possible, so taking a deep breath of heated air she continued.

"Despicable is what you are. Draco was right; you don't have a clue on how to be a father, and even less on how to be an unselfish parent. It is no wonder that poor Draco has such problems with relationships. In your book there is only one-number one, and his name is, Lucius Serpens Malfoy, ta, da!"

She could not even look at the slimy-blond monster-sorry-excuse-for- a-parent; scratch that out, a sorry-excuse for a human-being.

He moved a lot closer, he could feel her heat, and it was taking his entire self-restrain not to jump on her.

"Who am I then? I know to be less than a perfect parent, but I also know to be one who cares, loves, and supports his son. And why are you squeamish? All I propose is realistic and easily accomplishable. The fact remains we only need to shag the one time, okay, maybe two at the most just to be on the safe side." His tone was one of an annoyed and falsely accused individual.

Lucius sat there, neither one hair out of place nor a change in his body language. He was the perfect embodiment of a concerned CEO who just delivered a professional presentation of an honest business proposal; all it was missing was a projection screen loaded with the presentation's slide show and a laser pointer.

He looked at her eyes; they were narrowed and reflected her disgust, and much deeper, a total incomprehension at the Machiavellian machinations of this master of the forked tongue. Her lips were pursed and her teeth clenched. Gods, she was fucking delicious.

She caught his steely eyes, "I am frankly astonished at the words you just delivered, each one dripping with intent to obscure your real motives and objectives. Aren't you ashamed, and for how long have you planned this master seduction? I don't expect you will tell me, and you will probably make me sit through the rest of your well rehearsed pile of malarkey." She was a second away from a scream.

"I know this was all planned to manipulate me into capitulation and do whatever is that you want me to do." She demurely closed her legs, after noticing his fixed look on the top of her thighs, and was he covertly sniffing on her direction, the nerve of the insect, a nasty cockroach; she promptly crossed her calves, moved them to the side in a demure pose, and gritted her teeth angrily.

Hermione was the picture of property, but her chest was heaving and it kept Lucius enthralled, he wanted one of the beautiful nipples inside his mouth, to chew and savor it like a bonbon. He shook his head to clear it. Too bad she crossed her legs, he was almost sure she was getting aroused, darn.

Her voice was sharp which made his desire to conquer her even greater; her angry voice acted as potent aphrodisiac. She had him thinking. Yes, the little termagant has me figured out; it is a tough choice, should I want her for her intellect, or for her garden of carnal delights?

"Mr. Malfoy, hello?" He loved her sexy angry voice.

"Yes, you are right, you are so clever, and indeed you will need to sit and understand the technical aspects of our needed encounter."

He knew she had him. If he wished to avoid a royal confrontation, he knew it was necessary to tread lightly upon the witch's injured sensibility.

"Ehem, we can further address your concerns in a moment. For your information, the room had been prepared to sense, determine, and record the pleasure ratio during the entire session any given time. It is the last set of empirical data we need in order to calculate the final parameters. The results will be plugged into the Arithmency formulas; the same formulas you helped to develop as I clearly recall."

The last remark was made in order to appeal to her intellectual pride. He moved in her direction to over one centimeter closer to his target.

Sweat ran down his back, it was caused by her proximity and the unmitigated desire to pounce on her without any finesse. He wanted to tear down her clothes; to stick his tongue between her thighs and lap her juices; he wanted to bite her, lick her, and suck her lips and tongue; and to finally make love to each square inch of her body until she was covered with his releases from head to toe.

He knew what he wanted, he wanted all of her. He wanted to lick every place available to him and pierce her flesh wherever he let him. He wanted to bathe his face in her essence and to scream her name as he came.

STOP IT LUCIUS, keep your head cool before you spew fire and scare the prey. Remember if you fuck this up, she is running like a rabbit into a hole until Draco comes back. I said STOP IT! And a loud roar blasted inside his head.

'Bugger, what a noisy inner-moderator,' he thought. He then cleared his throat in a futile attempt to slow the momentum of the inexorably growing lust. Even his teeth hurt by now and each nerve on his body, he needed her badly.

"The results will be used to calculate the arrays of the exact proportions of each set of parameters which be plugged in the formulas and produce the enchantment. Well that, and our precise body dimensions at each instance." He heard himself said.

His throat was parched dry as his body temperature rose, so he drank another large sip of his wine. Thinking about the particular proportions of their bodies during their sexual encounter had made him dizzy with need. He could feel his cock harder and large and already inside the snitch, the one he wanted to catch.

"The measurements and recorded data and other sets of formulas, along with the captured motions and emotions, will be plugged into the Muggle machine, and the end result will be the prototype of the-most-desirable-fantasy-couple." He looked at her expectantly; he hoped to have made a good pitch. Or was it important? After all, she had already told him he was full of malarkey, and she knew where he wanted to lead her.

"With this product, Malfoy Fantasies' games will let others live the dream of being the Wizarding world's most famous couple and will bring joy many couples in our word; never mind the bonus of the goodwill towards Draco and you."

Lucius sipped his wine never taking his eyes away from her and gauging her reactions. His right eye closed a little bit, appreciative of what he saw. She didn't miss any of it.

Loosing Control

Fairy legions, a crow's foot, eight roosters crowing, a cave full of gold, simmer a cauldron of blood with the fire of the dragon, all for the female who is heaven on earth. I swear upon all I value, the fiery witch will be mine, or my name is not Lucius Serpens Malfoy. Before the night is over, we both shall burn.

Lucius thought the ditty as he admired the witch, and he wondered for less than a second where the words had come from, they had sounded like an old incantation. Oh, well, he was just too smart for his own good.

Hermione was seething and dripping anger through her pores; nevertheless, the wizard's words were having a strange effect upon her. She had already called on him, and he let it slide along his impervious snakeskin. She had said enough, and he had let the issue run-down as drops of light rain; frankly, his open declaration of desire was confusing her, and some nascent, warm feelings were running across her neural network to alert all the proper clusters to be ready for possible action.

Lucius eyes admired her, and his hands shook and itched from the need to hold her. To him, she was perfection, the very embodiment of pure sensuality, and her sharp intellect made her the effigy of perfection. In other words the only one deemed worth of his adoration.

He wanted his body to be one with hers, and he had earlier assessed that just once should be enough. Of this, he was no longer real sure, and he could almost ascertain it was the wrong conclusion. He looked at her and expected the retort still to come, and while he waited he continued to appear disinterested, he most certainly wasn't.

He marveled at the metered rise and fall of her breasts. Each time she exhaled, he could clearly see the outline of her lacy bra behind the silky jersey, and he knew exactly what was hidden behind.

If he just searched through his memory annals, he would find a picture of each soft ivory pillow, left and right, each divine confection topped with a perfect nipple which begged for his tongue, his lips. The taste would better than any dessert he had eaten in his privileged life, he was certain.

The tongue would start at the bottom of each perfectly shaped conic wonder and would lick each inch on his climb…Stop it, he growled softly and took a deep breath before his willpower would forsake him. Just a couple of seconds, and he would be ravishing her.

He was already half gone. He tried telling himself, Talk, Lucius, talk, drink, however, the new inner voice was advising him, in that loud and gravelly voice. She is yours, take her, and consume her with your fire. TAKE HER!

In a supreme show of will power he continued, "Ah, yes, I forgot the cameras, in addition to measuring our bodies during the entire session, it will also include other relevant measurements; namely, body temperature, breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, moisture levels, secretions, at ehem, of course the increased blood flow to—ehem, and other relevant physiological responses, before, during, and after ehem, from each one of us." His forehead was now covered with beads of cold sweat.

His voice tone had lowered and thickened, and his eyes, with dark, dilated pupils had acquired a lusty and glassy overlay; in his mind, he could picture the reasons for each of the predicted changes in their bodies and wanted to bite his fingers to stop the oncoming moan. He needed to change the conversation's direction. His body was arched as if he was a bow, and he hadn't noticed how his hips had curved an inch or more forward.

It would seem there wasn't a safe way to address the proposed recording session, and the fact was now downing on Lucius.

"And as you must have noticed, Draco is now my spitting image, hmm, although modesty apart, I am better endowed. As for my features, they lack the Black's pointed look. Do pardon my lack of humility but I am a Malfoy, and I lack modesty altogether. I am digressing, I apologize. As I was saying, we know that Draco won't be back for weeks; Draco is stuck on the island as you well know, so we must use my measurements and yours, of course." No smirks, lewd smiles, just talking—business?

"How convenient to have sent him just a month before the prototype was due, have you no shame, you despicable scumbag? I asked before and ask again, how long have you been planning this, you, you albino cockroach?"

Her eyes were speckled with colored flashes of pure magic which made her even more desirable. This foreplay was just too much for him. He had been planning this for longer he would ever dare to admit to her. She was being invasive; it was entirely none of her business. And he was neither an albino nor a cockroach, and she was adorable when she was angry.

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