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To the Airport

"I don't want to go anywhere," Lucius told her as he licked her inner thigh lazily; all I want to is to feel you around me. If it could be possible, I would live attached to you. I waited too long."

"It would lose its appeal," Hermione answered.

"Not possible, I would become a pleasure addict, I have heard about them. Dragons can have sex for hours at the time, for days and weeks. They stop to eat, when they first mate they stay away from other living creatures, the males can become quite aggressive towards those interfering." He laid his head over her thigh.

"I get drunk with your scent, will you allow us to mate as Dragons?" he asked, his face expectant.

"I don't think so, it sounds wrong. Why talk about it?"

"My darling, I want to talk about you and me. I am simply afraid you will leave me." He sounded afraid, "I cannot imagine life without you next to me. I love you. Just hold you and kiss me once before we leave."

"Cannot, I don't want you following me and setting me on fire," her body already responding to him.

"I want you, and I want to have you like this forever.'' His hand travelling the length of her body, while kissing her skin desperately and pressing his body against hers, "Just a fast one, please my love I need you."

Before she could move away from him, he was upon her kissing her mouth deeply, "Oh, yes, this is so good, my love," his fingers in her mouth, she bit them, "My flesh in yours." As he moved for release, he held and spread her thighs; his face expressive, displaying his arousal and his breath labored. He groaned, as he pushed in her, his mouth open in ecstasy.

His eyes closed, his arms holding her closely, his skin very warm, she saw markings around his neck, "My Dragon, yes."

The room, filled with their sounds, smelled of burning fire.

As they hurriedly, and Lucius still wanting to kiss her, "That wasn't enough, I want to be like this always, you look beautiful," he embraced her, and she pushed him away gently. His mouth on her breasts.

"Not for the near future, with a toddler and two babies down the road who knows when we will have time, whereas we will need to be very resourceful; you are right about one thing; I crave to have you next to me. It is more than sex, when you go away from me I feel as if I were missing a part of me. Your body against mine makes want more of the same. We need to get ready or we are going to be late, please don't," she moved away from him, his face was once again changed with lust. His fingers sought her again and pushed her back in the bed.

"Once again, I am burning for you, I cannot go anywhere consumed by this lust," he bit her shoulder roughly turning her around to—, "Stop it Lucius, please we need to get going, we are very late." Using her fighting stances she rolled out the bed, but he grabbed her foot and licked it.

When she turned around she screamed. "Gods look in the mirror." And she laughed.

He looked, what she thought a marking were scales around the neck, and his eyes were reptilian, she hadn't told him about the earlier markings since they had gone away.

"I told you, I must have you again, I cannot be responsible if turn into a dragon and attack you in front of everyone." He crossed his arms as if he was a small child and pouted.

She laughed with mirth at the beautiful wizard behaving as a toddler, it made her melt, nevertheless," We have less than one hour, and must drive/fly, cannot apparate at Heathrow, the Muggle Airport. Let's go."

He got dressed and wore a driving cap and dark glasses, and she did the same, their eyes were both glowing, it seemed to be an after glow after love making, in less than two hours their lives would never be the same; the little dragon was coming home.

Three months later-The Manor-

The latest adult game from Malfoy Fantasies was a big success. Especially after the tragedy befallen the heir of the Malfoy empire, and the revelations that have rocked the wizarding world…

The silver-blond-hair wizard sat at the library, drinking a cup of his favorite white tea blend reading aloud, from one of the pile of magazines and news papers on the center of the side table. A just showing witch had her feet on his lap. He bent and kissed her belly. "You smell delectable," he sniffed, "arousal, early, hmm, I love my enhanced senses; it is a must with the lack of opportunities lately."

Investigative reporters had finally figured some of the mystery out, or better, he led them to the findings, too tired of being hounded. Hermione was showing, and they wanted to marry. It was time to close that chapter. He read aloud.

Lucius Malfoy, the playboy wizard who has broken many hearts was seen in the company of Miss Hermione Granger from the Golden trio, and engaged to Mr. Draco Malfoy victim of a queer drowning accident while walking by the surf. See their picture both wearing dark glasses and looking sad and abject. She had difficulty moving such grief.

Lucius let out a malicious chuckle, "She couldn't move from shagging her dragon." She smacked his arm and he smirked. "The truth is the truth, let's read."

Finally the private jet from Malfoy Enterprises landed a generous gesture from Mr. Malfoy. Of course, he had his own agenda.

The first out the plane was Mr. Harry Potter. He is now married, to a witch who was been missing, for nearly three years, Narcissa Malfoy. They recently returned from a remote Indonesian island owned by the Malfoy Empire. He has grown a good half foot and no longer wears glasses. What a heartbreak to see him so handsome and already married, some witches have all the luck.

They were accompanied by their two children, two boys, one a 22-month old, and the other closely behind, an 11-month old.

The elder's heritage cannot be denied, refer to picture at the right top of this article of Draco Malfoy at the same age, check out the likeness, it is amazing; so close is the resemblance that you could say they are twins. As for the younger, he is a miniature of Harry J. Potter; all that is missing is the scar on his forehead and his eyes are blue.

It would seem the disappearance of both Lord and Lady Potter has the word babies written all over. He had, indeed, written the truth to his former fiancée, Mrs. Ginevra Longbottom, weeks after this departure. As per interview conducted by this reporter the fall of the year they left our country. This is Lady Ginevra Longbottom told us.

"Harry wrote me that his leaving had nothing to with Mrs. Malfoy's pregnancy. I mean Narcissa wasn't pregnant at the time. Now, I guess that she wasn't, at least not from him. Ah, you looked surprised. Someone told me, they were spotted the day they left via Portkey, at the Ministry' international departure hall. They were not sure but they thought that she looked, you know, pregnant. "This was the declaration of Lady Longbottom.-

At this Lucius stopped reading for a moment, and both of the broke in loud laughter, "One has to love the way people piece things together, all wrong. It is obvious that Lady Longbottom still craves the limelight. She is such a liar, I am still planning a just revenge, I haven't forgotten. Hurting Narcissa, hurting you by having sex with Draco, she deserves punishment. My new dragon nature is in tune with my Slytherin nature, and more than ever I love revenge. We must plan something extremely wicked." After a bite or two of a chocolate biscuit, he continued reading aloud.

"Above is a picture of the statuesque Lady Potter, looking beautiful and magnificent. She looks two decades younger. This reporter has, through a good reliable source, than the island magic makes loving Malfoy couples closer in age; which in this instance, made Narcissa Potter, nee Malfoy, and nee Black, into the witch on this picture. Must be because she was still a Malfoy at the time they left.-"

The picture in question showed a glowing Harry Potter, helping his radiant and gorgeous blond wife into a Muggle limousine, and a nanny right behind him with two toddlers on tow. "They are right, a blue eyed Harry Potter and Draco as toddlers, adorable. I love the naughty little dragon, tail, fire, and all. Most of the time, I guess." Lucius chuckled and continued reading.

As we had earlier indicated, we observed Lord Malfoy and Miss Granger were both dressed in mourning clothes, their faces tired and clouded with grief. These pictures were taken right after the Malfoy's empire heir, Draco Abraxas Malfoy, reported missing, was dragged by the rough surf and probably eaten by a shark. He wasn't carrying a wand at the time.

Lucius Malfoy, the owner of the most successful adult entertainment firm, Malfoy Fantasies, [go to page 12 for details], always heartless and out for his own benefit, didn't disappoint us this time. The ruthless Dark Wizard has won the custody of the older child brought up by the Potter-Black couple. He claimed custody upon arrival. His name is Draconis, imagine that. She must have been sentimental when the child was born.

The billionaire playboy ripped the child away from the only parents he has known, right at the bottom of the stairs of the plane. One thing was puzzling; Draconis ran at the sighting of Lord Malfoy and Miss Granger while giggling and screaming in joy. This reporter wonders if the couple had visited the island several times.

The little wizard covered Miss Granger with kisses and hugs. Furthermore, witnesses swore he called her 'My Mimi mummy,' and Lord Malfoy, 'My daddy Luchus'. Your conjectures are as good as mine. Must be noted that he also jumped into his father's arms and fell asleep before leaving the airport; the blond angel was holding a dragon, and sucking a chocolate milk bottle as he was taken into the imposing Muggle car.

As usual both Miss Granger, the media hating queen, and Lord Malfoy growled at the reporters. I was there and I can tell you they growled and the tyke giggled. Refer to second picture, third and seventh picture from the top down.

Lord Lucius, who also appears nearly two decades younger…dark magic, is not out the question and his fiancée… it now appears as if Mr. Draco Malfoy was depressed over their affair, and there are those who had reported Miss Granger taking a long sabbatical to take care of Draconis. Is it a new baby about to arrive...blah, blah."

Lucius laughed with mischief, "They are so wrong, I guess I owe Narcissa my great aunt Griselda's necklace. She jokingly mentioned to be her price. Oh well, I never liked rubies, and now they have become her favorite. A small price, don't you agree princess. Let's skip this and go to page 12." The princess growled, she didn't want to give any jewelry, since she had become enamored of all that glitter and was gold.

He turned the pages while the princess in question attacked him. "No more of giving away our treasure, ok?" followed long kiss, meanwhile her deft small hands unbuttoned his trousers and her nose nuzzled the wanted item. Before things heated up, he drank a glass of water and continued.

"Page 12-Lucius Malfoy, the owner of the most successful adult entertainment firm, Malfoy Fantasies in association with George and Ronald Weasley's 'Happy Kittens', has just released the fantasy everyone wants to own, the posthumous released fantasy, Be us, Love as we did."

The charm is a combination of Muggle Tekonology [sic] and Magic. It is played in a modified Muggle device, and the couple watching the moving picture, become the players, feeling and loving as they did. Or if you are a single, you decide what player you would like to be; a win-win situation even for single folk.

You guessed everyone wanted one, and by now you probably own one or your copy will be owl to you. The waiting list is nearly one year long world wide. You can deny it and tell your parents and friends you will never buy one, wink, but facts speak for themselves. I don't have one, wink.

The sales are astronomical along the Wizarding World, if you count the number of copies sold just in the British islands. It features very private love scenes, of the golden couple few weeks before Draco Malfoy's tragic demise while the treacherous father had not yet made his move. Their love will forever be shared with everyone, what a gift for everyone, this is the future.

Now we don't have to imagine if their private lives were just as hot and great as we thought; now we know. Several famous artists are in the process of creating art work featuring the lovers of the century and there is talk of a book being written.

Twenty five per cent of the profits will be donated to the war fund which supports many displaced children and families from the last war."

How things worked out

He dropped the paper and moved closer to kiss the top of her head and licked her ear. He wanted her badly and should take advantage of the time alone. The precious time never lasted; her fingers already busy caused a hiss to escape his lips as her lips descend upon him. As it often happened, smoke came out both of their ears.

"Three new babies, isn't life grand? I always had said Draco would have been a fine wizard if a Black had not raised him, you are such a good mommy, and I can already the changes. It is your influence on him. Oh, Merlin, gods," he shuddered and his eyes closed. "What are you doing? What do you say if we go to the—"

Does he or doesn't him. Is he or is he not?

A blond chubby toddler came in running, a nurse and two elves after him. Giggling, and screaming, he ran and climbed on top of his mommy, and landed on her already growing belly. Not paying attention to the protests of all the adults, he stood on her thighs, hugged her with his grubby hands on a tight, strangling hug, followed with big sticky smooch on her cheek, no right on top of her eye.

He pulled hard on the shinny ribbon securing her braid clearly ready to pocket it. He usually tried to keep all the shinny 'treasures' he 'found'. His daddy had made a small cave outside where the young dragon loved to play and hide all his treasures.

His hands all sticky with marmalade or was it with honey? Her face and jumper had little hand prints all over… He was a tornado, her braid just about undone, and the ribbon half hanging at her side. He was sweaty, and appeared very tired, fighting sleep and rubbing his eyes with the sticky hands. He sported a dark chocolate moustache from his choco-flavored milk.

Once he secured his prize he jumped to his dad, and Daddy had to protect his lower half as the terror landed hard on his lap. Draco ran his grubby fingers across his coiffeur hair, and made a mess of it as he managed to take Daddy's velvet ribbon. He followed up with a sloppy smooch and proclaimed in a loud voice.

"Pere, dis goo boy lufs yus. Go pool?" He wanted to swim and play all the time. They were both tired from chasing after him and playing all day long.

They had hired, thus far, three nannies, the one before a former school mate. She left after two days, crying at his naughty antics, and with the absurd claim that he had burned her eyebrows, indeed.

"A Malfoy heir does not do things of the sort, he has impeccable manners," Lord Malfoy reprimanded her while writing her two days paycheck and a small compensation for her alleged singed eyebrows and burned eyelashes.

Hermione was giggling and tickling the toddler on his sides, "Why is little dragon all sticky and not taking a nap, naughty little wizard?"

"Acose, not wanna, wants mummy and papa go chwimin."

"No swimming, it is nap time. OK sweetie?" Hermione asked him sweetly, she wanted quality time with Lucius, badly. Her hormones were acting up early, and she needed him badly.

"No akei eeti," the naughty toddler answered, and moved with alacrity towards his mommy. He wanted to treat her with a loud smooch of her own.

Lucius rolled his eyes, and then tried to catch the lad's eyes, for just a second. He could swear, he saw a naughty glimmer, if he could only look into his eyes. The lad avoided eye contact all of the time. Baby Draco, years ago, was the same. He was always plotting something. Maybe he was being a bit paranoid.

Lucius composed himself, his body aroused and wanting his witch.

"Draco, it is nap time, Mommy said no swimming."

Draco was sweetly patting Lucius chin and leaned his head on his dad's chest, while he sucked his thumb and gently kicked Hermione's belly.

"Ok, Dwaky go'leepy wif Per an Mommy." He acquiesced.

"No, and no, Draco doesn't go to sleep with Mommy and Père" Lucius was firm; he could count the times when he had access to his witch in the daytime. It was as if Draco was doing his best to keep them apart; as if he knew. But the little dragon said, "Ok, Dwaky goo boy."

Raising a Dragon

However, sometimes, all love aside, Lucius could swear that Draco was just waiting to grow up and take his witch back. And just then, Draco would come and sit by his daddy for hours, to kiss and love him with all he could give, and Lucius would forget his suspicions.

Meanwhile, Draco's sleeping times with mommy and daddy were severely curtailed. The babies were born, a boy and girl, both dragon bloods, just as the small reading announced when they found out about her pregnancy. They changed to fast moving baby dragons once in a while, and Nannies were brought from Malfoy Island and life continued at the Manor.

The same rules for Draco applied to the twins, who would go and sleep with their big brother when they wanted company, and with their new dogs. However, during the weekends, the marital bed would be rather crowded and all was well.

The young wizard remembered some of the Manor layout but he often got lost. He played with Mina and Hera, the pigmy elven owls, all the time and dug out all his baby toys. He carried Tiky, the toy dragon, in a small muggle rucksack that his mommy bought for him, along with all the treasures he would find during the day. When the twins grew up the same was done for them. Needless to say there were not often invited to parties due to their greediness.

Moreover, it was as is his memory from his later years had been whipped out, with only a few exceptions. He recognized Harry, the Weasleys, and Theo; however he did not recognize any other friends. Somehow he knew Dobby and Severus were dead.

He behaved with Narcissa, neither warm, not cold, just as he acted with the visitors to the Manor or maybe closer. She was Harry's wife and James' mom, and he would often make her cry when she tried kissing or hugging. Never as anything else, and he would not let her get close to him. James turned into his best friend and later all Potter and Malfoy children would be everywhere together.

He would often mention Hogwarts and Boldi, Lucius guessed Voldemort. He would scream during his nightmares that Boldi and Bella were going to get him, and the volfie was bad and wanted to bite him. In more than one occasion, Lucius had to go by the drawing room to make sure the monsters were not there.

He would wake up in the midst of night terrors, soaked in sweat and shaking. At those times, he only wanted his Père and for Lucius to rock him with the wand in his hand. The det-iters (death-eaters) were out there, lurking and waiting.

At those times, Lucius would realize that his little wizard was still damaged. And he would work even harder to make him forget. And many a time, he would come back to his witch with tears in his eyes. Even after the babies were born, his dedication for Draco did not waiver.

At Hermione's insistence, Draco started therapy with a mind healer by the time he turned five. They all hoped the fears would diminish with time, but the dreams plagued him for years to come.

Draco loved for his daddy to read to him, to take him for a horse ride and to the park. Nothing had changed from when he was that age, or better, his daddy had time for him, and for his other two children. Draco would even bring his blanket, and would go to sleep under his daddy's desk. If any, Draco was even more loving, a surprisingly good and protective older brother.

He was growing up into a happy child, no scowls, a funny and sunny disposition, and Lucius would make sure of that. Draco would follow him everywhere, and jumped to catch up with him at the floo to go with his father to the office. He would sit on the ground building muggle blocks. Then, after the office, they would go to eat gigantic ice creams and both would go home with bad belly aches.

Lucius made the time and was committed to make it up to his Draco. He was determined to use his second chance well.

Although Narcissa refused to let Mimi adopt him she never claimed him. Many times Lucius came asking for her terms, offering to sweeten the adoption, hoping Draco would forget about marrying Mimi later on.

Ah, before Draco went to sleep that particular day of the swimming request, he looked at Lucius and winked his eye. And right after, the Malfoy smirk adorned his face and he whispered, "The witch is mine just wait. I love you daddy." His speech sounded clear and more grown up, he didn't repeat it again, at least not during his childhood.

Lucius could only wait. He knew that dragons were possessive and would steal back what belonged to them. The legends said they could wait life times. He would wait and fight with Draco, or not. When the time came, things would play out their own game. One thing was for sure, Draco stopped calling Hermione mummy when he was around seven and just called her, Mimi.

Neighbors would often tell each other that they had seen five shinny dragons flying during hot summer nights; it was only talk, probably kites or a new electronic muggle toy, they had hair and spew out fire while flying.

Lucius waited, that was all he could do.

The end

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