Chapter 1 - The Corruption.

I really don't know how it happened, or even why it happened. Times have changed, Ooo has changed from its once bright appearance to a land stained with blood, sugar and tears. I am not at liberty to reveal my identity to you, but I will tell you what has happened from the very beginning till the end.

It began with him, one whom we held so dear and close to our hearts, that fact that he did it was the worst blow that was dealt. I suppose it began when he turned twenty, he had changed from the little boy he was into a handsome young man. The kingdom rejoiced when they heard that their beloved Princess was engaged to the hero, an even greater celebration took place when they were married a fortnight after. But that was not how it began, dear reader it would be a crime if I steered away from the topic, forgive me for my age and my ailments interfere with my narration at times. This is how it most likely began.

He had decided that before he turned twenty he would go on a great journey and rid the land of Ooo of all its monsters, villains and evil-doers. He had been gone for a year and when he returned, true to his word not an evil-doer was to be seen. But there was a change in him, his policies towards evil and anything which was slightly evil was to eliminate it once and for all. With no remorse he drew his blade on anything he considered evil.

At first we all thought that it we all thought that any evil in the land had to be cleansed with an iron fist but then we realised that everyone good or bad, tall or short had to right to a fair trial. But Finn slaughtered them all the same in his zealous quest to keep the candy kingdom safe. Marceline was next on his list, all the former liking that he had for the vampire lady had evaporated, she was a threat and had to be taken care off. He could not bring himself to finish her off and hence banished her to the nightosphere. The once famous axe-bass was then cast into to flames as if to sever off all ties with the sexy vampire lady.

After his marriage it only became worse, for now the land of Ooo had been rid of all its evil inhabitants Finn lost all purpose. Perhaps it was then that the warrior blood in him stirred, it had long replaced the hero blood that once resided in his body. He became paranoid, fearing that others rulers would take the throne from him, poor Bubblegum was helpless, she too lost it and joined him in his purpose. She had finally perfected a formula to make the candy people invulnerable to fear. Finn built up an army of candy-lings and wherever he went he saw and he conquered. Ooo had reached the ultimate utopian state, freedom of speech was a joke. Night time curfews had been imposed. No one dared to leave or enter the candy kingdom. This unfortunately was only the beginning, over time Bubblegum had lost the voice of reason that once defined her sole existence. She had become just as zealous, paranoid and hard-hearted as her husband.

With her help he sought to conquer the entire planet and then to unknown frontiers. As crazy as she seemed to be she never lost her flair for science and till date many agree that that has been the best explanation for Finn's unending victories.

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