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The little girl screams, and points out the front of the car. The mother looks over and sighs, feeling sad. In front of them is a car, completely crushed on the passenger side, a huge truck sits a few feet away, barely a scratch on it. The passenger door of the car is open; a girl is sat in the passenger seat, screaming. Even from in the car they can hear her. "I can't feel my legs. I can't feel my legs." The paramedics are trying to calm her down but she is replaying the scene in her head. How her and her mom were driving down the street, singing along to some crappy music coming from the car stereo. How her mom didn't see the truck coming towards them, how her mom screamed as she tried to brake, but not in time. How she had felt as the entire weight of the truck had collided with her, the thin metal door barely protecting her. How her mother had screamed.

The screaming doesn't haunt me as much as it used to. I've spent the last six months in therapy, physical and mental. I have learned to cope with being paralyzed and how to cope with my issues. And now it has been decided that I should move to Forks to live with my father. My mother was killed in the crash so I have no choice, I will be starting at Forks high school, its bad enough being the new kid but being disabled as well? It's going to be terrible. But I have to keep on going, no matter how hard it gets I have to prove to people that I'm not just the disabled girl. I'm Bella Swan and I'm stronger than all of them. There's more to me than just my disability.

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