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On the battlements she'd plunged from not too long ago, and yet it felt like lifetimes ago, Lana gazed down at the water before her gaze rose to the horizon. The wind whipped her hair but she didn't bother pulling it behind her hair, instead taking in a deep breath of sea air. Barbossa's crew had been captured by Norrington and his men, but before their execution it'd been discovered that a couple of the prisoners, namely the ones Chloe had identified as Bo'Sun, Raghetti, Pintel, Canker, and Grapple had managed to escape, vanishing off of Port Royal. The rest of the crew whom the Royal British Navy had captured were executed for their crimes against the crown, but Commodore Norrington had taken off to try and capture the pirates who'd managed to escape under his watch, which was a terrible affront to his pride and reputation. He was also keeping an eye open for the crew of the Black Pearl, and its captain, Jack Sparrow.

Lana hoped that the Commodore was fine wherever he was right now, and hoped that one day he would find a woman truly worthy of him who could love him.

She also hoped that one day she could one day find someone she loved as much as she did Will...who would love her back.

The dark haired beauty lowered her gaze to her clenched fists, a stray tear making its way down her cheek.

One day.

Until then she'd stay with her feet firmly on the ground, and wait for him.


Lucy tried. She really had. She'd convinced herself that she'd had her adventure and that it was now time to settle down and become the daughter her father desired. She refrained from fighting, hunting, drinking. Attention was paid to her manner of dress, of speech as she tried to fit in with the giggling, simpering ladies of Port Royal. Gentlemen who'd been terrified of her before now seemed fascinated by the transformation, and since Lana most certainly was in a period of 'mourning' supposedly over her cancelled engagement it wasn't 'proper' to court her as yet so that meant that more attention went to the other three sisters. Lois seemed to tolerate it with polite disinterest, Chloe seemed completely oblivious to it entirely, and Lucy hated it with the intensity of a million burning suns.

"Miss Lana does seem quite heartbroken after Commodore Norrington ended their engagement." Marcus White declared, eyebrow raised as he watched Lana stand apart from the crowd, eyeing the horizon. "I must admit, she had us fooled, we had no idea her feelings ran that deeply for the good Commodore."

Lucy refused to answer that, but used her spanish hand fan to fan herself more viciously, biting the inside of her mouth to keep from saying something.

"I don't blame the fellow for annulling the agreement though." Leslie Lords declared with a smug expression. "She did make an utter fool of him in front of the whole of Port Royal. If she had been my wife-to-be and had done as much I would have-."

Lucy let go of her spanish fan during a vicious swish and feigned shock when it collided with his face. "Oh my! I am so sorry." She bent down, picked up her fan, and stormed away, skirt swishing with every annoyed step.

Where were undead pirates when you needed them?


"What are you gazing at?" Chloe asked, coming to her sister's side and hugging the dark hair girl close as she joined Lana at the edge of the battlement, eyes on the endless sea. "You've never been enthralled with the ocean."

"No. I still prefer dry land." Lana admitted with a smile, turning to face her. "Especially after that warning from that woman. I know she was probably half mad, but it still unnerved me."

"What woman?" Chloe asked, confused.

"I never told you about that?" Lana blinked in surprise, pulling a dark strand behind her ear. "On that little island we found you on? We were approached by this woman and she said these riddles to Will, Lois and I...and while I don't quite remember what she said to them, she warned me in this eerie rhyme against ever going to sea again and told me to stay safe on land."

Chloe frowned darkly, remembering a woman coming to her and warning her in rhyme as well.

"I might just be superstitious, but I still prefer to listen to the warning." Lana admittedly with a small smile, gaze returning to the sea. "Shan't be too difficult. I've never fostered a great love of the sea."

Chloe hadn't either, but something about her adventures had made her feel fonder for it.

Lana cleared her throat, lowering her gaze before turning to face Chloe once more. "Will is sweet on you."

Chloe's eyes widened. "I-."

"I do not want you to take my feelings for him into consideration." Lana clenched her hands together in front of her. "Will risked his life and freedom for you, Chloe, he has deep feelings for you, and I have noticed since we've been back that you are no longer blind to him."

Chloe lowered her gaze, ashamed. "Lana, I-."

"Chloe." Lana reached out and placed her hand on Chloe's arm, giving her a little squeeze. "If you and Will can make each other happy, I can ask for nothing more."

Chloe looked up at her sister, biting her bottom lip.

"Just like you decided to stop loving Commodore Norrington because that love wasn't good for you, I have decided to stop loving William as well." Lana assured her, smile sad yet genuine. "If you can find happiness with Will, I will be sore with you if you refuse to."

"He has not said anything to me since we returned." Chloe looked away, gaze going to the sea, biting the inside of her mouth. "I had thought he might-but he has done nothing-."

"This is Will we're talking about." Lana placed her arm around Chloe and gave her a little hug. "You didn't see him while we were trying to find you, Chloe. I did. He is utterly besotted with you."

Once again guilt covered Chloe's face.

"Stop that." Lana tsked. "Maybe you should visit him and force him to talk about this situation?"

Chloe pressed a kiss to Lana's cheek as she pulled away. "I think I'll go home. I'm tired."

Lana watched Chloe go and sighed, shaking her head.


Chloe had left.

Lucy had left.

Lana was so emotionally and mentally somewhere else that she might as well not be there either.

Thus, Lois was forced to three times more present at the gathering. She faked smiles and giggles and interest, fanning herself incessantly to give herself something to do as she went from crowd to crowd, making sure to give everyone some of her attention unless their sensitive egos were hurt and rumors would fly on how the Governor's family were slighting this person or that family. She danced with everyone who asked her, listened to every tidbit of gossip the women had to share, and laughed or smiled whenever it was expected of her even though she felt far from amused or entertained.

While on the Interceptor Lois had been constantly worried about her sister, guilty for having done what she'd done to her father and Commodore Norrington, and missing home and its comforts. And yet now that she was back Lois felt stressed and worn out and found in surprise that she missed the way the sea rocked you to sleep. It was terribly surprising and she tried to deny it as adamantly as possible. This was her life. Here. In the lap of luxury.

Where she had a hard time falling asleep every night.

"Don't you agree, Miss Lois?" One of the many males she'd had to smile and pretend interest in his conversation asked.

"Yes, of course." She smiled, having no idea what she was agreeing to.

"You are a sensible young woman, it is something I have always appreciated about you." Thatcher Miles declared with a smile.

Lois smiled awkwardly at him, fanning herself faster, letting her gaze sweep the crowds.

What was wrong with her?

Thatcher Miles was a young, respectable man from an old, respectable family. A match with him would be beneficial to her father, and Thatcher Miles himself was very tolerable.

And yet, for some reason, tolerable didn't seem as acceptable as it once had.

That irked her.

"Shall we dance, Miss Lois?" Thatcher Miles offered her his hand gallantly.

Pushing back the desire to decline, Lois kept that smile on her face as she placed her hand in his, and let him lead her to the dance floor.


A loud snore echoed throughout Brown's Smithy.

Pausing from where he'd been eyeing his newest creation, Will sent his employer a derisive look before shaking his head and returning his attention back to the sword in his hands. It was lighter than the ones he normally made, but the blade was sharp, slightly curved, and delicately strong, a true oxymoron. There were engravings in the silver handle, of doubloons and ships, swans and, for some reason he couldn't quite understand, dolphins. They were small and intricate, having meanings only he and a few others could understand.

"Now that you've finished your little project, will you finally gather your courage and speak to her?"

Will looked up, seeing Lucy Swann in his doorway, dressed in all her fineries, obviously having escaped the big happening up at the battlements. "Gather my courage?"

"Will, you braved the King's wrath and pirates, both undead and the normal kind, for Chloe." Lucy's gown swished as she moved towards him. "I expected you to be a tad bit more proactive now that we are no longer in mortal danger."

Will's gaze lowered to the blade in his hand once more, thumb caressing the swan on the hilt. "I can never give her the life she deserves."

"Let her decide what she deserves." Lucy rolled her eyes, hands akimbo, hip jutting to a side. Her gaze lowered to the sword in his hand and her lips twitched. "Though I'm getting the feeling you might have been more active in your pursuit than you have led us to believe."

Will cleared his throat, embarrassed by the way Lucy seemed to just see through him sometimes.

"Let me see?" Lucy reached out her hand and received the sword with near reverence, smiling as she gazed down at it. "It's beautiful, Will."

"You told me she has asked you to teach her to fight with a sword...and she would need her own sword." Will replied softly.

"You marry that girl, Will, your talent needs to be kept in the family." Lucy teased as she gave the sword back to him. "Now is the perfect time for you to give this to her. She's gone back home and is all alone."

Will looked up, frowning. "I should wait until a proper time tomorrow when your father is home and-."

"Hang proper." Lucy ordered, eyebrow raised. "You're a pirate."

Will's lips twitched and he shook his head. He sent a look in Brown's direction before turning to Lucy and grinning before leaving.

He had a blonde he needed to see.


"When I heard news that Governor Swann was enjoying the life of Port Royal now that his four daughters had returned to him, I wondered if someone had grossly miscounted."

Jumping from where she'd escaped down to a little ledge below the battlement when pretending had become too taxing, Lois turned, hand to her heart, eyes wide in shock when the body who emerged from the shadows smelt like rum and swayed slightly. "Jack?"

"'Ello love." He smiled, walking into the moonlight, that insufferable grin on his face, a bottle of rum in his hand. "Miss me?"

"Jack!" She gasped and hugged him, closing her eyes tightly, unable to believe he was there, but he smelt of the sea and the sun. It made no sense but it did and that was just so very Jack that she knew this couldn't possibly be a hallucination.

Especially not when his hand journeyed to her posterior and gave a squeeze.

Pushing away with a gasp, Lois slapped him loudly.

Jack just grinned brightly, rubbing his no doubt throbbing cheek. "Worth it."

She wanted to be furious, but although her eyes narrowed at him she knew her lips were twitching with reluctant amusement. "What are you doing here Jack? If anyone recognizes you you'll be clapped in irons and hung on the gallows at dawn's first light."

"Told you love." Jack flicked a beaded dread behind his shoulder. "I heard news that your sister somehow came back from the dead. Again. Was curious. Decided to stop on by and see for myself."

Lois looked around her although she knew that no one would venture to this hidden little ledge, all too happy and enjoying themselves above. "I think she had one more life left in her, but its completely gone now. She says she doesn't know how she knows, especially considering that she didn't know she had the ability before, but all her ability was drained out of her by the curse."

"Pity. Was a useful little thing." Jack stroked his beard thoughtfully, yet still managed to look somewhat ridiculous.

Lois chuckled softly genuinely for the first time that night.

"What is so funny?" Jack pouted.

"Nothing." Lois whispered softly. "Nothing at all."

He eyed her with ridiculously intense intent, eyes narrowed, lips pursed, before finally shrugging it off and looking up above them as the sound of Lady Mason's loud and obnoxious laughter shrieked through the air. "Not enough rum for that."

"You and your rum." Lois rolled her eyes, yet yanked the bottle out of his hand, uncorked it, and took a deep gulp.

Jack eyed her in wide-surprise.

"You were right." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand very ungracefully. "I didn't have enough rum."

Jack blinked, tilting his head curiously, before grinning his golden grin.

Lois, not wanting him to realize how unreasonably happy she was to have him here with her, frowned, pursing her lips slightly. "How long are you here for, Jack?"

"A few hours no more." Jack replied. "I am leading the good Commodore on a goose chase around the Caribbean you know. I am a busy man."

She couldn't keep the grin from tilting her lips. "You're enjoying that, aren't you?"

"All the attentions I'm getting is good for my ego." He grinned, flinging an arm around her shoulder in what he obviously thought was a suave move as he sidled next to her, gazing at the moonlit ocean. "Though I'd enjoy another's attention substantially more."

She raised an eyebrow and slapped his hand off from her shoulder. "I am clearly not drunk enough to allow such familiarities from you, Captain Sparrow, especially not in such a place where anyone could come upon us."

Jack's only answer was to raise the bottle back to her lips.

Shaking her head in amusement at him, Lois obligingly drank more.


Her father's sword was uncomfortable and clearly hadn't been used in far too long.

Hair tied back, wearing breeches and one of her father's shirts that she'd had to tie around her waist to make it remotely wearable and not eat her up in the excessive fabric, Chloe decided she was going to have to do as Lucy had and have a pair of male clothes secretly made for her in her size so she could practice more comfortably. The blonde was out in the back, secluded garden, practicing the moves that Lucy had taught her, the moon above her only source of light.

She didn't know when and why the knowledge of swordplay would serve her well, but that voice whom she hadn't heard since the cursed island...and yet knew was still very much a part of her life and future...had told her to prepare for what was to come and should she come up against blackened pirates again Chloe refused to get taken so easily next time. No. This time she would be more like Lucy and give them a fight they would remember.

Stumbling through the moves, Chloe yelped as she tripped on something in the dark and nearly went sprawling forwards. It was only thanks to warm, strong arms that went around her from behind and righted her, pulling her back against an equably warm and strong body, that she didn't end up with her face in the dirt.

Dropping the sword in shock at the intimate feel of the male behind her, Chloe's cheeks went red and she pushed away with a little cry, twirling on her heels and stopping when she saw none other than... "Will?"

He stood there in the shadows of the night, half masked by darkness, half lit by moonlight, looking very much like some sort of demon.

Ever since their pirate adventure there'd been something in Will's eyes, some black fire that had come to life and hadn't been extinguished upon their return to Port Royal. Yet he'd made no overtures to her despite what she'd thought was...she didn't know what she'd thought they'd shared during their brief time together on the Black Pearl. All she knew was that Will's secluding himself in Brown's Smithy was not the reaction she'd expected of him.

"I'm sorry for intruding on you like this without announcing myself first." He spoke the same meek, proper words that he usually would, but those dark eyes, and his tone of voice, made them seem so foreign to her.

"It is fine." She felt a little silly now that she remembered how she was dressed, the shirt so large the neck gaped open to the degree that it bared the curve of her shoulder, the breeches not fitted, somewhat long on her, the boots old and worn through. Her hair was slightly messy, having escaped in tendrils from her clip due to the excessive twirling and ridiculously exaggerated thrusts she'd given the sword. To Will she must look like a child playing in her father's clothes, which, to be honest, she was.

It was only thanks to the fact that her face was already red from exertion that she knew her blush was covered up.

This awareness of Will was still new and awkward for her. She'd known him for so many years and she was sure he must have seen her at worse times than these, especially when she'd still been a child, and yet that knowledge had never bothered her before. He'd always just been Will, and it had never dawned on her to worry how he could perceive her. Yet now it was there, that awkward embarrassment, and she ducked her gaze, cursing herself for letting herself be caught in this state.

"I hope you don't find this too presumptuous of me, but I have a gift for you."

Chloe's eyes widened in shock at this, and then when he offered her up a sword she thought he was taunting her, but the look in those eyes weren't teasing and she slowly moved closely to him, taking the sword from his hand. It was incredibly light and yet obviously sturdy. The handle fit perfectly in her hand, and the moon reflected off of its silver beautifully.

"It's beautiful." She whispered in awe, unable to believe that Will had crafted something this exquisite for her. "Thank you."

He hesitated, just looking at her, before clearing his throat and taking a step towards her. "Chloe, I am going to be improper now."

She smiled in surprise at that, giving a little chuckle of amusement at that sentence from his lips. "Improper how?"

Will was silent as he took another step towards her, eyes intent on her face as he reached out and cupped her cheek before brushing his calloused thumb against her lips.

Chloe's breath left her lips parted in shock, her eyes widening and on his. "That is highly improper."

His smile caused something to flutter in her stomach. "That was not my improper act."

The blonde barely had a second to register that before Will was leaning down and pressing his lips to hers while slipping his arm around her waist and drawing her very improperly close to him as he kissed her deeply.

Chloe gasped into the kiss, dropping her fine gift as her hands went to clutch the front of his shirt and pull him closer as she arched into his hold and kissed back.

Electricity and fire seemed to war within her body, causing her to tingle and burn from within, and she liked it. The sensations were intense and surprising and overwhelming and she whimpered in ecstasy as his grip tightened around her.

Will pulled away slightly, only enough to gaze into her eyes. "Chloe. I wish to court you."

Breathless, blushing, chest heaving, Chloe gazed up at him in silence before giving a little chuckle as she grinned up at him. "I would hope so!"

Will's face lit up so beautifully as he smiled down at her. "I-."

"Tell me later." Chloe ordered cheekily, yanking him back down to her lips, her hands trailing up to his glorious hair.

He chuckled into the kiss, and then kissed her deeper, proving to her not only just how improper he could be...but how much she liked it.


Gazing at her sister and Will from the window, Lucy smiled softly, hand to the glass. She turned away, giving them their privacy, and stared at her bed.

"What are you waiting for?"

She looked up, eyes wide when she saw Lois, surprised to see her back so soon from the party. "What do you mean?"

"You're not happy here, Luce." Lois replied as she entered the room, hair surprisingly messy. "You know it. So do we."

Lucy looked away and sat down. "I have to learn my place, that's all."

"And you have." Lois sat down next to her, placing her hand on her shoulder. "And it's not here."

Lucy looked up at her eldest sister, eyes wide. "What?"

"Lucy, I couldn't understand it before, but I do now. I've seen you out there." Lois replied sweetly. "Honey, you don't belong here. You belong somewhere where you're free."

Tears filled Lucy's eyes, her lips trembling, as that hope and desire she'd tried to kill since returning began to rise anew. "I can't leave."

"Yes. You can." Lois smiled back, eyes filling with tears as well. "I'm going to miss you so much, and I'm going to worry over you every night and day...but I know that because I love you, I have to support you and what makes you truly happy."

Lucy gazed at her sister in disbelief before throwing herself at her with sobs, holding Lois tightly as Lois held her, both sisters drawing strength and love from each other. "Thank you."

"Promise to write me." Lois sniffled. "Even if you don't have a permanent resting place or an address I can write to you back to, I need you to promise to write faithfully. As long as I know that you are happy and safe I will be happy."

"I promise." Lucy held on tighter before sniffling as she pulled away, wiping at her tears. "But, I don't know of any ship that will take me from here without father's permission. And you know he will never give it to me."

"About that, Cygnet, I think I might be of some service." A surprising voice announced from the doorway, causing Lucy to gasp and turn to see none other than Jack Sparrow in the doorway, taking a swig of a bottle of rum. "You see, I just so happen to be the captain of the finest ship in the caribbean-no, the world-and we're of the wicked sort who'd spirit a Governor's girl from the safety of her home." He grinned, gold teeth evident even in the half-light. "And we'll embellish the tale with each retelling."

Lucy laughed, wiping at her tears. "What are you doing here?"

"He's obviously here to help you escape." Lana exclaimed as she arrived, eyeing Jack with amusement. "You should be glad that the servants have the night off and that I came before father did. What if he had been with me?"

"I have rum, an idea would have come to me." Jack assured her.

Lana smirked before turning to Lucy. "Hurry."

Lucy looked between the three of them and smiled a genuine smile for the first time since returning to Port Royal.


The small group congregated on the sand, watching as the small row boat carried Jack away, while Lucy waved at them enthusiastically. Their great adventure had started with pirates stealing away one sister, and now, at least this chapter in their lives, ended with another pirate taking a very willing sister away. Lana and Lois held hands, wiping at tears and waving back just as enthusiastically as Lucy. Will's arm went around Chloe's shoulders, her head leaning against his chest as they waved more sedately, knowing that Lucy's life was going to be one of hardships now with this choice of hers, yet knowing without a doubt that despite that she would be happier.

They stayed, watching that small rowboat until it disappeared to where the Black Pearl and its crew were hidden and waiting on them.

"Father's going to be heartbroken." Lana whispered, leaning her head against Lois' shoulder.

"At first," Lois agreed softly. "But what Lucy wrote in the letter to him will come of no surprise. He's known, just as we have, how miserable she has been here, and I know that although he will miss her and worry about her, that her happiness is the most important thing for him."

"And it's not the last we'll hear of her." Chloe was sure, small smile on her lips.

"Or of Jack, I reckon." Will declared.

Lois' lips twitched. "Drat it. And I thought we'd gotten rid of him once and for all." That twitch growing into a full bloom smile, she turned and began walking back the way they'd come.

Lana and Chloe exchanged raised eyebrow, curious smiles on their faces.

"Have you notice how unkept her hair is?" Lana came closer.

"She smells of rum." Chloe gave her elder sister a contemplative look before turning to Lana. "You don't suppose-?"

"No!" Lana gasped, hand to her chest, before pausing and looking back in the direction of the sea and then back at Lois, eyes narrowing. "Do you?"

Chloe shrugged, having no idea.

A gleam of scandalized interest crossed Lana's eyes before she suddenly hurried to catch up with Lois.

Chloe turned to Will, finding him already gazing at her. That enduring blush that seemed to forever grace her countenance returned and she smiled up at him before entwining her fingers through his. "Now that Lucy has gone to find her place in this world, will you take over her duties and teach me to use the sword?" She grinned she she gazed up at him. "I could sneak out to meet you at the Smithy at nights after father falls sleep."

"How improper." He teased.

"I happen to like improper." She replied.

"It's beginning to grow on me, too." Will admitted with a grin.

Chloe smiled up at him.

Smiling back down at her, the pirate in blacksmith's clothing tightened his grip on her hand, and led her away.


Curse of the Black Pearl: Finished!