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"I can't believe tonight's opening night!" 17 year old Ella Smith grinned as she walked around backstage with her best friends; 17 year old Sarah Brown and 18 year old Laurel Brooke.
"I know! All that hard work and it's finally show time!"
"I still can't believe I have to kiss Dan." Laurel grumbled.
"Oh lighten up. Anyway, he's not Dan, he's Will Turner!" Ella giggled. Laurel rolled her eyes.

The three girls were major fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, having watched the movies far more times than anyone else they knew. So when their drama school had announced that this year the performance would be Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, the girls had been thrilled and had signed up for auditions straight away. Ella had been cast as the maid in the Swann's household, a small role but one of only a few female roles that got to speak. Sarah had one of the other speaking roles as the pirate woman Anamaria and Laurel had lucked out when she got cast as Elizabeth Swann.

"I wish Ms Henson agreed with my idea for a script change." Laurel continued.
"Just because you want to kiss Jack Sparrow." Ella teased.
"Captain Jack Sparrow, I think you'll find is his correct name." Laurel laughed.
"Sorry, just because you want to kiss Captain Jack Sparrow. Thing is though, you'd really be kissing Trevor." The girls all made a face. Trevor Wright was neither good looking nor charming, but he was a good actor and for some reason that the girls still didn't understand the teachers had cast him as Jack.
"Meh, I suppose kissing Dan is better than kissing Trevor. But kissing the real Captain Jack would be the best!" Laurel grinned and her friends rolled their eyes before pushing open the door to their allocated dressing room.