Alright, so I'm adding my contribution to this great crazy thing that is 100 drabbles. I'm warning you now; these won't all be exactly 100 words. This one is 130. Too bad, close enough. I'm using this to break through writer's block. It's kind of fun. I'm probably going to be posting quite a few over the next couple days, but I don't know if I'll make it to 100. I'll need encouragement! ;D

Drabble Number: One

Title: Hunger

Summary: "Merlin forsakes food so Arthur can eat."

Rating: K+, maybe? No good at ratings.

Warnings: None

The days seemed to drag on as the famine got worse, not better. Crops were dying in the fields, animals were dying from starvation and therefore unable to become food themselves, and although the water ran plentiful—thank god—the citizens of Camelot couldn't live on just water. Not forever.

Placing the meager amount of food in front of Arthur, Merlin walked a few steps away and looked down. He couldn't watch the food being eaten. He was too hungry. He hadn't eaten in three days—ever since the order to stop distributing food was released.

But he didn't want Arthur to feel bad and offer to share. Arthur was the Prince, and Merlin was only a servant. He would starve if it meant Arthur could eat.

He was the protector, after all.