Chance Encounters

A series of one-shots depicting chance encounters between Edward and Bella.

I mimed the words to the familiar song as I reluctantly sipped at the vile tasting liquid. Coffee, a vain attempt to wake myself up after a long night of little to no sleep. I looked at the clock and sighed heavily. Classes would begin in an hour. I would have to leave in about forty minutes to arrive on time. I sighed once again but halfway through it morphed into a yawn. I groaned and forced another gulp of the now cold and even more disgusting drink down my throat. It wasn't even doing any good, I was suffering for my good reason. My eyelids continued to droop. My head continued to pound. And the thought of the long day before me continued to make me groan loudly. I think I was frightening the other customers sitting around me just a tad. They'd given me a wide berth after the first torrent of frustrated groans and mumbling. I was far too exhausted to care.

Perhaps I should go into the ladies' bathroom, fill one of the sinks with water and dunk my head into it. That would work, right? I shook my head, I was being completely ridiculous. A waitress approached my table with more than a little trepidation. My mumbling must have been louder than I'd thought. She gestured to the coffee pot in her hand, asking if I would like a refill. I glared at the pot. No way was I drinking that tar. Not again. My glare must have been more menacing than I'd realised because the poor girl scurried off, terrified. Shame, I thought, I would have liked a cup of tea. The coffee wasn't doing its job of waking me up so I may as well enjoy my hot beverage.

I glanced at the clock again. A further ten minutes had passed. I heaved yet another sigh and groaned another groan. More surreptitious glances from my fellow customers. They would really have to practice them. I didn't realise it until the intensity of their gazes increased, but I was, yet again, mumbling to myself, '' Stupid customers, stupid, disgusting, coffee, stupid no sleep. stupid tiredness, stupid, stupid. Stupid!'' Wow, one would think that a woman studying English literature would be able to think of a better adjective than 'Stupid', or even just another adjective. Well, there you go, that's what sleep deprivation can do to a person. Perhaps that was the reason they were staring, my overuse of the common adjective, 'stupid', as opposed to the fact that I was talking to myself. Maybe I should have stayed in bed today. I was starting to fear for my sanity.

My eyes traveled once again to the clock and I noted the time with surprise. My inner, and outer, I guess, monologues' rambling had killed another ten minutes, It was strange that I kept glancing at the clock every ten minutes. One would think I was doing it on purpose. I would have to leave in about twenty minutes to make it to class on time, and even that was pushing it. I tried desperately to think of way to wake myself up, any way. Coffee? Ugh, besides I already tried that, it didn't work. Food? My stomach turned at the suggestion; too tired. Sleep? Not an option, I'm afraid. Tea, that might work. Even if it didn't, it sounded absolutely delicious right now. My inner monologue didn't stop there, though. My inner Bella apparently didn't agree with me that sleep was not a viable option. Sleep, she screamed, sleep, sleep, SLEEP! No, I shook my head vigorously trying to shut the inner Bella out. Easier said than done, unfortunately.

A different waitress to the one before came to my table. She had brown hair and kind, brown eyes. I asked her as politely as I possibly could in my current state of exhaustion for a nice, steaming, strong, cup of coffee. She smiled and said that it would just be a moment. I guess I had succeeded, a little anyway. I thanked her when she brought me the tea. I took a sip and it was...glorious. My eyes began to droop even more, they were so very heavy. And this table, so very comfortable. I guess I could rest my eyes, just for a few moments. Then I would drink my tea and leave. I would feel all the better for it. I heard myself agree to this brilliant idea before allowing myself to be embraced by the ever comfortable arms of sleep.

I snuggled more deeply into my covers and pillows of my bed, never before had I realised what a luxury sleep was. I would never again take it for granted. I had a niggling suspicion that I was forgetting something, something, but what was it. Who cares, I would simply let myself be overtaken by the bliss of sleep. All of a sudden, I was violently jolted. I bolted upright, startled and disorientated. What had happened, who the hell was in my bedroom, who had awoken me from that wondrous sleep? I took in my surroundings, and remembered that I was not, in fact, in my bedroom. I was in a diner, not the cleanest diner either, a thought that caused me to wrinkle my nose in distaste as I realised I had been laying my head on the table. A man with auburn hair had rushed past me and thrown an apology behind, perhaps in the direction of the bathroom. I didn't know and I didn't particularly care. I found it quite rude to be honest. My gaze dropped and I realised with horror that I had been drooling, a pool of it collecting on the table top. I hurriedly grabbed a handful to mop up the mess, then another to clean it off my face. I glanced around to see if anyone had noticed. Perhaps a few had, from the glances they were shooting my way, causing a blush to creep up my neck. However, the vast majority of my fellow customers seemed oblivious. For that, I guess, I could be thankful.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window and sighed. My naturally unruly hair had jumped at the opportunity to further inconvenience me and looked something akin to a bird's nest. As I quite vainly tried to tame it, my gaze automatically, once again traveled to the clock. I almost slapped myself for my stupidity. Class. If I didn't leave now, I would be late. I gathered my things quickly, threw some money onto the table to pay for my drinks, and left the diner trying without success to make my hair look something like normal. I grudgingly admitted to myself that if it hadn't been for that, in my opinion, extremely rude man, I would have been extremely late for class.

I hope you enjoyed it. It may remain a one-shot, turn into a series of one shots, or even a fully-fledged story. At the momemt, it is an attempt to kill the writer's block that as been plaguing my other stories. Let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading,