Chance Encounters

Summary: A series of one-shots depicting chance encounters between Edward and Bella.
Disclaimer: Twilight is the property of Stephanie Meyer. Therefore, it is not mine. :) Enjoy.

The wind whipped my hair around my face, I spluttered repeatedly, attempting in vain to dislodge strands of hair from my mouth. Finally, I sighed, accepting that it was an exercise in futility, much like dressing one's bed. I pulled my coat more tightly around myself, trying without success to protect myself from the cold the bitter wind brought with it. I huffed, thinking that now would be the perfect time for a cup of coffee, if I actually drank the bloody stuff, that was. Which I didn't, unfortunately. It never failed to trigger my gag reflex. I was one of the few of my generation that simply loathed the stuff. It was a shame really. I was certain that it would come in quite handy whilst cramming late at night. I sighed. No matter.

A particularly nasty gust of wind caused a not insignificant amount of my own hair to lift into the air and slap me violently in the face. One would almost think that it had a personal grudge against me and was using the wind as the perfect excuse to exact its revenge. Well, maybe it would just be me that would think that.

I adjusted the strap of my bag on my shoulder, thinking to myself that the walk home was taking an inordinately long time. Of course, that was simply due to the fact that it was blowing a gale and absolutely freezing. Time stops when you're cold and miserable. I looked up at the sky and found smug, grey clouds staring back at me. I could see them straining against the pressure being exerted by their heavy contents. It was only a matter of time before the heavens would open and I would be soaked through, not unlike a drowned rat. I would ask myself whether this day could get any worse, but I feared the ramifications of my hypothetical, silent question.

The aforementioned heavens then proceeded to open, hastening to perform the clearly very important task of soaking me to my underwear and then some. The bullet like rain seemed to sneer in derision at my pathetic and useless excuse for a jacket, which had been even less adept at keeping me dry than it had been at keeping me warm. Or perhaps that was just me?

My hat had made a valiant attempt at protecting me from the wind, but crumpled at the feet of the mighty rain. It was now plastered to my forehead, useless as my jacket. It now simply served to collect more moisture from the unforgiving and taunting sky. I had to be nearly home by now, it felt as though I had been walking for hours. As my teeth began to chatter, thoughts of warmth and bed and hot drinks and television and books caused a smile to tilt the corners of my mouth upwards. I imagined myself finally reaching my door, going inside, peeling off my wet clothes, which now felt like an uncomfortable, wet, slimy, second skin. I would then proceed to jump into my shower, turn the temperature up as high as it would go, and simply stand there until the water ran cold. Then I would pull on my most comfortable pair of pyjamas, fuzzy socks and have a nice cup of tea in front of the television. I was jolted from my fantasy by a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning across the sky. I then fully took in my surroundings for the first time in my journey home.

I was indeed close to home, mere minutes away, in fact. However, a cursory glance to the sky told me under no uncertain terms that I would have to get inside more quickly than that. Knowing my luck, and judging by the events of the day, it was not infeasible that I could be struck by lightning. Stranger things had certainly, and would continue to, happen. Thunder, well, 'thundered' and furious flashes of lightning darted across the sky, travelling closer by the second. I hurriedly ducked into a cafe partially nestled into a corner on the street. I had been in it a few times before, it was nice enough. At the moment though, I didn't really care. All I wanted was to get away from the dreadful, and potentially life threatening weather. Perhaps I was being a tad dramatic, just a smidgen. However, if anyone managed to get injured out there, it would undoubtedly be me.

I shook my head at my track record of foul luck. Coupled with my clumsy nature, I was, well, to put it somewhat delicately, screwed. I shook my wet hair I entered the door, not unlike a dog, I thought with a slight grimace. The dryness and warmth of the cafe was such that I simply stood there for a moment, basking in the lack of cold and wet. I must have stood there for longer than I had thought. A male throat was being cleared impatientlywaiting for me to move out of the way. I did so hurriedly, shooting an apologetic look to the owner of said throat. he simply nodded curtly, pulled up his collar as far as it would go, hunched his shoulders and prepared to venture out into the torrential weather. Was I imagining things, or did he just rolll his eyes at me? I think he did. They were a very strange shade of green. I shook my head, that wasn't important, and then I saw that he was gone. With little more than a flash of haphazard hair.

I shrugged my shoulders. If he was so moronic as to want to venture out into what seemed to be the eye of the storm, that was his problem. One thing was certain though, I would not be following him anytime soon. I then made my way to the counter to order a nice, steaming cup of tea, or perhaps hot chocolate? Anything but that evil, foul, drink coffee! Plus a slice of cake. Yes, a slice of cake would be nice. I recieved my order and then proceeded to the nearest table. I would look over some notes , perhaps read a book, and wait the strength if the weather to subside somewhat. Then I would venture out into the evening. However, for now, I was going to enjoy the pleasant feeling the hot liquid travelling down my throat, and my delicious, scrumptious cake.

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