From John Smith's journal

Today is going to be the biggest day of my life. At last I'm going to join my new job.

I hung my bag on my shoulder & took a look of myself in the glass window of the nearby shop. Everything was perfect.

After the waiting of fifteen minutes, the bus arrived at last. I jumped into the bus & quickly found a seat near the window. I always liked window seats.

'May I seat beside you?' suddenly a bell like voice rang in my ear. I turned my head to see a girl of about in her late teen, standing beside me. 'Oh yes.' I moved a little to make room for her. 'Thanks.' She smiled revealing her pearly white teeth. Her copper skin was glittering like pure gold in the sun. Her raven hair was flying with the wind, trying to hide her angel face behind the dark veil. She was trying to keep them in the place but they were not listening to her. 'Beautiful day isn't it?' she sounded embarrassed as her hair flew on my face. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her hair. 'Yes..' I mumbled as I forgot how to talk. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of her breathtaking smile. But then the bus stopped to the next station.

'Hi, Nakoma' the girl waved at another short haired girl waiting for her at the station from the window. 'Come on.' another girl screamed. 'Wait a minute.' The girl beside me beamed & literally ran out of the bus to hug her friend. The bus began to move again. But I couldn't take my eyes off her. But at last she disappeared out of my sight. A big sigh escaped from my mouth. It was like a sweet dream come to an end & I woke up to find myself back into the real world again.

I got down in the next station. I looked around myself. I was new in this city as I grew up in England. I didn't know anything about it. 'Hi, John.' A familiar voice called me from behind. I turned to find my childhood friend, the redhead Thomas Brown. 'Hey, what are you doing here?' I ran to hug my old friend.

'I've joined Virginia Real- Estate Company too.' Thomas gave me a happy grin 'Director General Ratcliffe has sent me to take you to the office.' 'Let's go' I joined him into the black limousine.

The car stopped in front of a big building. We stepped into the lift. The lift stopped at the 15th floor. 'Go into the room. He is waiting for you.' Thomas grinned to encourage me.

I walked into the air conditioned room surrounded by the glass door. 'Come in, John Smith.' A voice spoke.' I took my seat in front of a semi bald headed, obese, purple suited man. 'I'm John Ratcliffe, director general of Virginia Real Estate Company.' He stretched his hand forward to shake my hand. 'I'm glad to meet you.' My hands meet him in a cordial handshake.

'I've heard about you, Smith. You're a talented architect.' He smiled. But the smile gave me creep. 'Let me tell you about your work.' He took a sip of wine from the bottle & opened a map on the table. I moved closer eagerly to hear him.

But somehow I couldn't like this man.

From Pocahontas's journal-

'Hey, I've two good news for you.' Nakoma beamed as we both entered into the car waiting for us at the station. I had just graduated from the high school & returning home. 'What news, dear?' I wondered as the whole day was too gloomy for me. 'First, you've got adopted in Virginia University in journalism.' Nakoma plastered a wide smile on her face 'Secondly, your father has returned from Sweden.' 'What! My father is back!' I hugged my friend tightly & kissed on her cheek 'Bless you, Nakoma.' 'Hey!' Nakoma wiped her cheek with the back of her hand 'We're not the children anymore.' I smiled. The wild wind was playing with my raven hair. Yes, I had just completed eighteen but inside I always felt like a seven years old.

The car stopped near the gate of Chico hominy Handicraft Company area. We owned this company for generations. My father Wereconoco Powatan was the chief of the company now. We owned about 16000 acres of land for this company with 700 people working here. They lived here with their families in about 60 quarters. It was like a small village & we were like a family. I was the only heiress of this huge legacy.

At last we stopped near the large office building of the Chico Hominy Company. 'Hey, look. Here's Koccum.' Nakoma blushed as a tall, dark & handsome young man with a ponytail joined us in the elevator. He was the only son of late Mr. Tomoco who held the half of the share of this company. After him Koccum held the share now.

'Hey, Pocahontas!' Koccoum smiled at me 'You look stunning today.' He placed his arm around my shoulder. 'Oh, really!' I raised my eyebrows. 'Yes you're.' he left the elevator as it stopped at the 15th floor. 'He's handsome.' Nakoma watched him with admiring eyes. I smiled. My friend had always a crush on him. I walked near the reception & Nakoma left me to follow Koccoum.

"Sir Powatan is in the meeting.' The girl at the reception smiled. I was ready to wait for a while but when she told my name over the phone I was called inside. I walked into the cozy white chamber of my father. I found him sitting with his eyes close in his favorite revolving chair.

'Father' I rushed beside him. His dark eyes were opened & his face lit up with an affectionate smile. 'I know about your admission in the university.' He kissed my hair 'I'm proud of you my child.' 'I missed you too father.' I buried my head in his shoulder. We sat like that in a long silence. At last I broke the silence. 'How about your meeting with Mr. Masawomek?'

His dark eyes filled with pain. 'He doesn't want to donate for this company. The company is falling. I don't know how to save this age old legacy.' I understood his pain from the grim tone of his voice. The company was falling. But it was not the question of our reputation but also the livelihoods of 700 families. I settled my head on his shoulder unable to find any word to console him.

At last father broke the silence 'Koccum has asked your hand in marriage.' 'What?' my jaw practically hit the floor? How could he?

'You & Koccoum had wonderful relationship since childhood.' Father smiled softly 'I told him that he could have my blessings.'

'But…' I lost my words. How could Koccum mistake my sisterly intimacy as love. 'But father' I tried to speak not wanting to hurt his feelings 'I'm not ready for marriage yet.'

Father looked into my eyes. 'Follow me.' He said. I followed him to the window to see the tiny quarters below. 'Koccum holds the half of the share of this company. As the heiress you've to save your people & the company from falling.'

I sighed. I knew my duty. But it was too hard for me. I needed to decide. I walked out of the room. I pulled my hoodie over my head. I refused the car. I needed some time to think, to decide my future. I took a deep breath & walked into the crowd of the street.

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