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Prologue: Saying Good-Bye

I clutch at my head tightly, biting my lip fiercely in an attempt to keep the tears out of my eyes. What do I do? Oh my god, what the hell am I supposed to do now? Someone... anybody... Mom... Someone help my Mom...

Gulping past the lump that had suddenly appeared in my throat, I walk over to the bed, pulling up a seat in the simple folding chair we had placed there for all of Mom's visitors. I take the pale, limp hand in my own, squeezing it gently. I can only stare at the small figure in the bed as the hot tears stream down my face. She wasn't moving.

"Mommy?" I choke out quietly, nearly shocking myself with the ability to speak. Since when could I do that? In fact, when was the last time I had ever called her Mommy? "Mommy? Mommy, answer me, Mommy." I say again in a strange, very high-pitched voice as I gently rub my thumb over the back of her hand. Her hand was so hot, it almost hurt to hold. But I wanted to, anyway, cause I knew she would want me to. I had to be careful though, cause too much pressure hurt her and I really didn't want to hurt her when she was already in so much pain... She was already in so much pain from the disease eating her up inside. I wouldn't dare hurt her when she was fighting so much for me and my big brother and my dad.

"... Sora?" She whispers softly. My heart leaps inside of my chest as I clutch at her hand, mentally thanking all the gods that I knew – ancient and otherwise – for giving me that much more time with my Mom.

"I'm here, Mom. I'm here, Mommy." I whisper back to her, trying to see her through my blurry vision. For some reason, I couldn't see her very clearly. Probably cause I was crying so damn much. A faint smile appears on my mom's face as she weakly moves her other hand to put it over the back of mine. Then I knew. Oh my god.

"Sora... you have to take care of your brother. Okay? He's not as strong as you are. He won't be able to take this, honey." She informs me quietly. I blink in confusion. What the? What the hell was she talking about? Was she talking about Ven? Tough, totally fearless older brother Ven? The guy who could kick my ass from one end of the island and back without even breaking a sweat? Did she finally lose her mind from the fever? "Sora, promise me. You have to take care of him. He's not as strong as you. Neither is she, but we both know that." Alright, it was official. My mother's last words were feverish gibberish. Who the hell was she talking about? "Take care of your little brother, Sora. Take care of your sister. They're going to need you... and Ven. They'll need you both, sweetie. I know how little you are, you're still so small, but you need to be strong, So-So." So-So? She hadn't called me that since I was like, five! Little brother... oh my god, she was hallucinating. Her final words were hallucinations? She couldn't DO this to me!

"Mom! No, mom, I don't HAVE a little brother OR a sister! Mom, please! What am I supposed to do now, Mom? How do I find Ven? How can I get a hold of Master Eraqus?" I beg as the machines at her side suddenly start beeping and her eyes flutter slightly. She couldn't do this! Mom!

"I love you, Sora. I love you so much, sweetie. Take... care... of... them..."

A loud long blare suddenly sounds out throughout the room as I let out a loud scream.