Dinner passed slowly, ever so slowly. Rachel's steam and charm and fluttering charisma petered out the second Quinn walked away. She spoke to colleagues, to the marketing folks, to press, and to her co-stars and all she thought about was Quinn.

Surely, she hadn't read the situation wrong.

They could laugh about it. They did laugh about it.

They never miscommunicated anymore because they said exactly what they thought when they thought it. It almost became a joke when something went wrong.

You bought apples and not oranges? I said oranges.

I heard apples.

Christ, it's the end of the world.

They had fun. They joked. They loved each other in ways other people dreamed about loving someone. And here she was, sitting alone at a table and wondering where she went wrong. She needed to fix it. She needed to fix it and quick.

She stood, excused herself from the table and breezed out of the ballroom. She paced through the glorious lobby and up to the golden-encrusted elevators before smacking the Up button.

And then her eyes fell on her reflection in her black dress and green tie and green earrings. Like an antithesis memory, it shot her back to day of her non-wedding where she stood in white. She stood in front of the elevator doors, Noah on her arm, Leroy in her ear and Quinn in her heart. She knew then that she wouldn't be getting married. She knew right then in that moment.

Just like then, she knew now. It hit her like a brick because the memory and pulse of their love flooded over her. Quinn wasn't mad. Quinn wasn't hurt.

Quinn loved her like nothing else.

And Quinn was playing with her, just like she'd played with her their very first date. At the thought, she grinned at her reflection.

Yeah, she was definitely going to get what she wanted. It shot rockets through her veins and over her nerves. Images of Quinn taking her however she pleased in a manner that didn't make her want to break down and cry in the weight of their love… well, it turned her the hell on.

She bit her bottom lip, stepped into the elevator and smacked the button for 33. It went up with Rachel's thoughts of going down and her insides churned in excitement. She hadn't seen Quinn naked in three weeks. She hadn't touched her. She hadn't kissed her down there, around there, behind there.

And if Quinn was in her room smiling with playful joy like Rachel imagined her to be, it would be quite a fun evening.

As her feet took her to the door of their room, she took a breath, smirked at the 303 room number with a shake of her head and then breezed inside.

"Baby?" she called, but nothing came. "Bee?"

She let the door fall shut behind her, waited while her eyes focused in the dark and then eased into the room.

"Bee, you in here?"


Rachel grinned.

"Where are you?"

"You can't see me?"


"Good," she purred, that voice suddenly behind Rachel and wafting over her bare shoulders. The light flicked on, fingers landed on her zipper and THEN yanked it down the middle of her back in two seconds flat.

"What are you-" she gasped before a hand smacked over her mouth.

"You don't get to make a sound."

Those lips moved beneath Quinn's hand and she grinned.

"Not a sound or I stop. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

She pulled her hand away to let Rachel answer and smirked when she nodded slowly. She felt Rachel relax in front of her and stepped closer. Her chin fell to the girl's bare shoulder as she dragged her hands up the back of her loose dress. She felt bare skin, dimples, a bra strap, and chiseled shoulders.

God, she adored that back. And she'd shown Rachel just how much on their wedding night. The memory was her favorite.

She slipped her hands under either side of the dress and pushed it down her hips. It pooled at her feet and Rachel shivered against her.

"What are you thinking?" Quinn murmured.

She felt Rachel gulp and lean into her front, hands dragging to her sides to clasp over Quinn's on her hips. She didn't dare speak a word.

"Short, I asked you a question. What do you want?"

Rachel trembled and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. She gripped the back of Quinn's hands.

She wanted Quinn, now, everywhere, and hard.

"Tell me what you want or I'm going to take what I want," Quinn smirked against her neck. She placed a kiss over the tie looped around that elegant neck and stepped fully into Rachel's back. Her head lulled over her shoulder and she looked down.

The sight ripped her breath away.

The green tie lay over her black lacy bra and her flat stomach extended down to a matching black thong. Quinn let her eyes dance all the way down those long glorious legs and back. She laced her arms around Rachel's stomach and hugged her. She missed feeling her in her arms. She missed feeling that heart beat right alongside hers.

She missed everything about her.

"I love you," she murmured into the tie, bit down and then pulled. "And I'm sorry."

Rachel froze.

Nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing made a sound.

And like a clicking bomb, the tension snapped in half as Quinn snapped Rachel against the wall, gripped the tie, spun it around and pulled. Rachel gasped, arched back and gripped for anything and everything.

But there was nothing.

Quinn slammed her hips into Rachel's bare ass and pulled on the tie. She was going to split Rachel down the middle. The brunette's neck and shoulders craned back as Quinn rolled her hips into the wall over and over and over again.

Rachel spread her thighs, angled just right and let the wall rub over her exactly where she wanted each time Quinn forced her into it.

"Open wider," Quinn husked into her reddening neck. She watched Rachel pull her thighs further apart, pushed her hips back into that ass and held it, rocking Rachel against the wall over and over. She twisted her left fist around the tie and pulled harder. Rachel craned back against Quinn's front.

"You wanted this so you're getting it," the blonde groaned into her neck. "If you want me to stop, say stop. Otherwise, don't say anything."

Rachel gulped, feeling her small adam's apple bulge around the tight fabric choking her throat. It felt like heaven. She forced a nod and Quinn yanked her off the wall, spun her around and crashed their lips together.

She pulled her mouth apart, felt Rachel gasp for air and then smothered that request with tongue. She smothered it, swallowed it and denied it. She crawled her right hand up Rachel's back, switched the tie over and pulled down, tightening it around her glorious throat. She felt Rachel's tongue go still at the move, but it only made her want to delve deeper. She flicked at it, moved it, rubbed it, and massaged it.

And Rachel simply tried to breathe as shock after shock raced down her torso and screamed between her legs. She clung to Quinn's shoulders as a hand slipped back to her front and crawled down her body. Her head swam with the need for air, but Quinn only pulled tighter, delved deeper and assaulted every inch of her mouth.

Fingers slid over her thong and she stepped wide.

And she felt those assaulting lips smile against hers.


She was getting exactly what she wanted. She felt taken.

By Quinn Fabray-Berry.

And Jesus Christ, it was beautiful.

Quinn's fingers met wet thong and she groaned around Rachel's tongue, pulled tighter on the tie between those perfect shoulder blades and walked her back to the bed. The back of her knees hit the edge and Rachel collapsed backwards, the tie spinning around her neck to become reins in one beautiful motion.

Quinn smirked, gripped it and straddled her prey.

"This what you wanted?" she groaned, pulling her dress up her thighs to pool it around her spread hips. Rachel rocked beneath her, eyes on that porcelain hand gripping her tie like she was something to ride.

Maybe she was.

God, hopefully she was.

She nodded with a glint in her eye and cocked an eyebrow at her wife.

Take me, she screamed with a simple look.

"I'm gonna," Quinn murmured, gripped the tie and rolled her hips down. "After you take my clothes off. Come on, up. Strip me."

Rachel clenched her abs, sat herself up and damn near ripped the red dress right off her love. She ripped the side zipper down, peeled it off her shoulders down her torso and then, on pure instinct, grasped at her breasts.

Quinn's hands snapped around her wrists, ripped them off her and pinned them to the bed, laying Rachel back down in the process.

"You don't get to touch me."

"B-" she started and then snapped her mouth shut.

"Mm, that was close, Short. Remember the rules. Don't move these," Quinn growled, squeezed her wrists against the mattress and then let them go.

She grabbed the dress material on her hips and pulled it up and over her head. With a flick, she tossed it to the floor and turned back to the helpless brunette on her back beneath her, arms spread, black lacy bra shimmering and stomach rising and falling with every gasp she took.

"Anyone ever tell you that you look like sex on a stick?"

Rachel shook her head. Quinn reached forward, grasped the tie again and pulled, yanking Rachel back up and two inches from her lips.

"Anyone ever tell you that you're intoxicating?"

Rachel shook her head. And Quinn twisted the tie around her hand, pulling her even closer. She darted her tongue out to run it over that bottom lip like earlier in the night.

Rachel sighed.

Quinn yanked.

And Rachel tensed back up.

"Anyone ever tell you that you belong to me?"

Rachel nodded. Quinn smirked.

"Oh really?"

She nodded again.

"How many people?"

Rachel smiled.

"Mm, and yet you still almost married another girl…" Quinn smirked. Rachel rolled her eyes and Quinn yanked once more. She straightened up, her breasts bouncing just slightly. Quinn's eyes fell, unable to help themselves, and watched them.

She watched them so, so hard. They were mesmerizing.

And she had no idea why. She had a pair.

She felt her own pair daily.

But gosh, Rachel's were… were perfect.

She pressed a palm to the girl's chest and pushed her back on the bed. She reached up, wrapped the tie tightly around Rachel's neck and then smiled.

"If you can't breathe, take it off."

Rachel nodded.

And Quinn attacked her breasts. She grabbed the bra cups, jerked them down and attached her lips to one nipple and fingers to the other. She bit and pinched simultaneously and listened to the raunchiest nose erupt from the mouth above her.

It was like music to her ears.

And she wanted to hear the whole fucking song.

She circled her tongue around the already hardened nipple- hardened pre-dinner, pre-airport- and sucked while she twisted the other. Rachel bucked her hips into Quinn and the blonde only responded harder.

"You wanted this, you take it."

Rachel groaned. She was going to go absolutely insane.

Quinn released her breasts, sat up and dragged her blunt nails down the entirety of Rachel's front. She watched welts form in their wake and grinned.

"Do you like being marked by your Bee?"

Rachel nodded and rolled her hips up, needing nothing more than those fingers between her legs. But they were never, ever between her legs.

Jesus hated her.

And Quinn dragged her nails down once more as Rachel growled in delight. She gripped the bedspread in both hands. Her nipples tingled, her stomach clenched and the ache between her legs burned.

God, she needed air. She swallowed against the tight material looped around her neck and her eyes fluttered shut.

Quinn grinned watching her fall apart. It was only the beginning.

Rachel was going to regret ever asking for this.

She beamed with excitement, reached down to unwind and grip the tied tie. Rachel's eyes popped open and found those bright, sultry hazels. And then she found the smirk beneath them and something inside her knotted up.

Quinn watched the thoughts transpose themselves over her face. Everything about that made her flutter in excitement. This was going to be so, so fun. Really quite awful, but so much fun.

She leaned back, the tie in her left hand tightening around Rachel's throat, and dragged her right hand down her own abs, into her underwear and through her soaked folds.

Rachel gaped.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"I said don't, don't speak," Quinn moaned, sliding two fingers through herself. She gripped the tie tighter, the muscles in her arm rippling as she did, closed her eyes and rolled her hips.


She yanked the tie tighter and Rachel's neck jerked with it. The brunette snapped her mouth shut, clenched the bedspread and watched Quinn ride her own hand on top of Rachel's thighs while gripping the reins around her throat.


She lay back, eyes transfixed and watched.

God, she watched.

She watched her abs clutch and release. She watched sweat run down her neck. She watched her tongue push out to run over her lips. She watched blonde hair jerk forward and back with each rock of her hips.

She wanted to touch her.

God, she wanted to touch her.

"Can I touch you?"


She groaned and clenched the bed harder. Her eyes fell to Quinn's underwear where the bulge of knuckles maneuvered beneath it. She could imagine exactly what they were doing. Her fingers knew Quinn better than Quinn's fingers knew Quinn. And god, she found herself outrageously jealous.





Quinn moaned as she slipped two fingers inside herself and Rachel's insides clenched. She clenched right below Quinn's split thighs, right below exactly where she wanted to be.

"You're driving me crazy."

"I told you not to speak."

Quinn leaned forward, looped the tie once around her neck and leaned right back. It tightened and tightened and tightened until Rachel felt her air dying.

"Now watch me fuck myself," Quinn growled, pulled her fingers out and ran them up the length of her slit.

"I, I," Rachel choked out. "I can't see it."

Quinn smirked, pulled her hand out, slid her underwear to the side and went back to business that way. She slid her wet fingers over herself, between her lips, around her clit, and then pushed back inside.

Rachel squeaked and Quinn pulled, the material tightening just a bit more. She was going to suffocate. She was seriously going to suffocate and she didn't know whether to blame the fucking goddess touching herself on her lap or the tie laced tightly around her throat.

Liza freaking Minnelli, she was going to die.

In the most perfect way possible.

"I want," she gasped, "to touch you."

"I'm doing just fine, thanks," the blonde moaned and worked three fingers back inside. She rolled her hips into her hand and looked down, seeing her wetness spread over Rachel's abs.

Oh, yes.

Ohhhh, yes.

"You feel me on your stomach?" Quinn moaned.

Rachel nodded, her cheeks turning redder by the second.

"Can you breathe?"

She nodded again.

"Good," Quinn gasped, pulled tighter and curled her fingers. A moan ripped from her mouth and she hunched forward, pushing further inside and gasping at the feeling. Her hair danced over Rachel's nipples and the brunette focused all of her energy on not passing out.

She would not pass out.

She would not miss this.

She was Rachel freaking Fabray, she could handle shit.

"How, how's it feel?" she gasped.

Quinn simply moaned in return and curled inside. She rocked her hips to the non-existent beat in her head, rolling on her hand like she was actually riding Rachel. She pushed deeper, stretching herself and groaning in pain.

Reflex was to yank tighter.

Reflex was to curl further forward.

Reflex was to fuck herself harder.

So she did them all.

And Rachel's hands snapped to her bare back, scratched down her skin and then crawled back up to her hair to grasp and yank the blonde's lips to hers.

Rachel didn't care about the rules.

She needed to feel her. She smashed their lips together and Quinn yanked harder in return. Rachel's air officially cut off- by tongue, by lips, by tie- and she didn't care one bit. She kissed like her life depended on it and maybe it did. She pulled their lips apart, played with her favorite tongue, licked at those teeth, bit at her lips and gasped for air that didn't come.

And Quinn…

Quinn grinded herself silly. She rolled her hips into her hand. She rolled her hips against Rachel. She felt the pool of slick arousal building between them and it only caused more to spill free. Three weeks was far too long.

And now, she'd get hers.

And later, she'd give Rachel what she really wanted.

But only when the brunette was so incredibly livid she couldn't stand it.

So she rolled harder, kissed her wife, and rubbed deeper, grabbing and pulling every bit of wetness she could as she pulled out and ran it over the rest of her. She circled her clit, faster and harder, and then pushed back inside.

She gasped into Rachel's darkening lips and tried to keep form.

But she couldn't. Her thighs trembled, her arms shook, her back quivered. She was going to explode and all over Rachel even more than she already had.

She lost her control and ability to kiss, collapsed into Rachel's neck and picked up her pace. She imagined it to be Rachel's hand. She imagined the brunette so deep inside her. She imagined those fingers swirling over her.

"I love you," she moaned, unable to help herself and so, so close.

Rachel took the window and her need for air, ripped the tie out of Quinn's hand and rocked them to the right. The blonde gasped, eyes wide, and hand unable to stop as Rachel rolled on top of her.

Her eyes locked on the girl's light purple face as she unwound the tie, gasped fresh air and pulled it off her neck.

Fury exploded and she grasped Quinn's hands, wrapped the tie around them, yanked them to the left and then dropped between Quinn's legs.

It happened in five seconds flat and before Quinn knew it, she was rolling over and Rachel's tongue was pushing inside her. She groaned with ecstasy and went to grip brown hair before realizing she couldn't. Now she was bound.

God, she was such a sneaky little leprechaun.

Quinn spread her legs, opened her eyes, looked down and watched. She watched the brown hair bob between her legs. She watched black eyes peel up to look her dead in the face. She watched a tongue lazily fall out, flatten and drag up the length of her, all with those eyes on her.

Her head collapsed into the mattress and she spread even wider.

Rachel delved inside, outside, around and all over. And then she picked her spot, pushed inside and pumped at her with her tongue.

A moan ripped from Quinn's lips, her abs tightened and her body shot forward. Her insides clenched around Rachel's tongue and milked it for all it had.

And Rachel gave it to her. She pushed, pulled, massaged and swirled inside as Quinn's body quivered over into lava and shot free. She came once and then twice, stiffening into what could've been the statue of a greek goddess, before collapsing back onto the bed with a gasp.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god," she muttered over and over and over again.


"Whatever! That was, that was…"

Rachel pulled to her knees, wiped the back of her hand over her wet jaw and sneered.

"Horribly mean?"

"And so amazing."

"Quinn Fabray."


"Do not call me-"

Quinn snapped her head up.

"I was saying Quinn Fabray-Berry. Not calling you Berry, love."

"Oh," she blushed. "Sorry."


"Are you not going to apologize?"

"Nope, I'm going to sleep," Quinn sighed, curled onto her side and reached for a pillow. Rachel watched her pull it down the bed, curl around it and sigh blissfully.


"Night, love."

"You are joking, right? Right?" Rachel stood, plastered her hands on her hips and took in her lovely lingerie-clad wife.

"Post-Coital Bee doesn't kid."



"Seriously? You're done? You're not, like, reciprocating?" Rachel huffed.

Quinn smiled inside, her plan totally working and in exactly the way she wanted, right down to the diva stance and hands on her hips. She picked her head up and looked at Rachel.

"Well, yes!"

"I just touched myself, Rachel. Reciprocating would be letting you touch yourself. Right? I mean, you're smart and all- valedictorian and stuff- so isn't that right?" she smirked. Rachel's lips pursed and she shook her head, smoke billowing from her ears.

"You are unbelievable."

"So are you, baby. And that tongue, too. Top notch."

"I hate you."

"Come sleep with me."

"I'm trying!"

Quinn giggled, smothering her face in her pillow to hide it, and then looked back at her wife.

"Come here. Come lie down with me."

"I don't want to."


"Why are you doing this?"

"I'm giving you what you want."

"You almost gave me what I want. You were so, so close. And you blew it by your little display of selfishness," Rachel fought, pulled off her bra and thong and threw on a tank.

Quinn grinned watching her. Patience was a virtue, baby.

Maybe she needed some Emerson?

The blonde pulled her achy body up, stripped off her bra and crawled to the top of the bed. She threw back the covers, dove inside and cuddled into a pillow.

And Rachel watched her, flabbergasted like she'd never been before.

"Seriously? This isn't a joke?"

"Come to bed, love."

"Ugh!" Rachel groaned and crawled in bed beside the most hated love of her life. "I seriously, seriously despise you right now."

"You love me," Quinn purred, rolled over and curled around the brunette. She buried her face in her neck, looped her arm over her stomach and laced her leg in between Rachel's. "And I love you back."


And like that, Quinn's plan pushed into Stage 2 rather perfectly.