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Preparations for the movie~!

Early in the morning, in the Hawkeye residence, Riza was in her room, preparing for the movie.

Suddenly, she got a text from Roy, she whipped out her phone and checked it "Hey Riza, sorry yesterday we weren't able to buy the ticket…so as the team's, today we're gonna go buy it, you have no problem with that right?"

She quickly replied "Yea, sure no problem."

Unlike any other teenage girls, Riza was different from others, she didn't put any make-up on, she didn't wear any too exposing clothes, and she wasn't afraid off insects unlike other girls.

The only thing common about Riza and any other teenage girls was that she like any others was female.

Maybe other girls would like to go on a shopping spree, spend as much money, like hell they care, others would buy tons and tons of clothes, too exposing, make-up and dress up like a Barbie doll.

They would go eat at a good restaurant, until their tummies are practiacally bloated, before they start screaming and shouting about how ugly they look, then go slim down before continuing again…other girls would probably have been into many relationships and asked their boyfriends to buy for them gifts and kiss them or do something lovingly disgusting.

Other girls might be boastful and think highly of themselves, they would even give their body away to those irresponsible men who treated them like dirt and just wanted to have fun with them.

Those bimbos boobs may be above average, but their knowledge were below average.

Riza was different, although she might not be the most beautiful girl in the world, she was still pretty, and she had the brains.

She had always liked sports, such as handball, netball, rollerblading, and skating.

As she thought of all those teenage girls, she then realized that she was afraid of her new friends not approving her.

The only reason why she was here in this new town and this new school was all just because she didn't fit in her old school; everyone there thought she was a loser when she in fact was not.

Riza finished taking her shower, snapping out of her thoughts after she remembered that she still had a lot of things to do.

She quickly wrapped her nude body and went over to the changing room.

She took her clothes, wore them, before coming out of the bathroom. She quickly dried her hair with a towel, and the hair dryer before combing it and tying it into her usual neat ponytail.

After that, she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was wearing a simple short hot pink shorts along with a spongebob T-shirt with the wording "Can I go to the restroom please?"

She smiled to herself, she had liked that T-shirt it was cute.

After picking up her laptop, pencil case, notebook and her charger, she placed all these items into her small backpack.

Then she grabbed her I-phone, house keys, wallet and Ezlink card and stuffed them into her pocket.

Walking out of her room, she picked up her dirty clothes, walked down the stairs, into the kitchen and placed the clothes into the laundry basket. She turned to her mother who was making breakfast and her dad who was reading the daily newspaper.

"Good morning mom and dad." Riza said smiling at them, as se took her seat opposite of her father.

The only response from them was a good morning and a warm smile.

"Today we'll be having some waffles… and a cup of tea for you Riza." Riza's mom smiled at her.

"Kay mom."

After five minutes later, Riza received her plate of waffles along with a cup of steaming tea.

She ate quickly before saying goodbye to her parents, and walking out of the house.

And to her surprise, someone was waiting outside for her…and that guy looked pretty familiar to her.



Riza stared at him, quite surprised, "wow, he's wearing the same shirt as mine…"

"eh? Riza's wearing the same shirt as me…?" Roy thought to himself, quite amused.

The continued having a staring competition for about another five minutes before Roy broke it by saying "Hey, think we should go now."

Riza nodded her head before walking to the bus stop, Roy by her side.

Roy made a long face as he remembered what happened in the morning.


Roy was taking a shower in the bathroom when someone rang him…

And that particular person was Maes.

"Hello?" Roy's mother asked.

"Ello? Is Roy there?"

"Hold on a moment, by the way, who's this speaking?"

"Oh! Sorry Mrs Mustang, it's me, Maes!"

"Oh! Maes! Hold on a second."

All Maes could hear was a loud shout, coming from Roy's mother calling out her son.

"MOM! I'm taking a shower! In a minute!" Roy screamed.


"Hello? Maes, sorry, but Roy is taking a bath, would you like to pass the message?" Roy's mother, Christmas asked politely.

"Yea, just tell him to pick…the new girl…Riza up." Maes said, with a slight hint of humour, and trying to hint Christmas on getting Roy and Riza together.

"Oh!" Christmas realized what Maes was talking about, she had ALWAYS understood what Maes wanted to get her son to do, they were like brother, and Christmas and Maes's mother was close.

"I promise I will…somehow…" Roy's mother said, while smirking.

"Well then, see ya later aunty! Bye! Oh, and tell Roy to meet us at the ticket counter."

"Well, sure, bye Maes."

The the line went off and…

"ROY!" Roy's mother's mission began.

~End of flashback~

Roy heaved a huge sigh as they continued walking.

But the only thing the two teenagers didn't realized was that Riza's parents had been looking at them from the dining room's window for some time.

"Hmm…so, Bethode, our baby girl has grown up huh? And I guess she has met a new friend…or should I say… boyfriend…?"

She looked towards her husband to see him looking quite unusual… he looked like he was both angry and proud?

He started muttering about if Roy doesn't take good care of his daughter he would…

Leyla chuckled to herself as she looked over at her husband who looked quite grumpy.

Although being a parent was to protect their children and be with them no matter what, there will be one point when they have to let their children go.

She smiled out of the window; Roy and Riza were sitting on the bench waiting for the bus, both shy and unable to say anything.

While waiting for the bus, Roy's mouth got quite itchy and had many questions floating in his head. "I wonder what she's thinking…" He glances at Riza. "Hmm…should I ask her what she would like to get later at the movie?" Roy glanced back at Riza again. "Eh? What kind of animals does she like?" Roy glanced at Riza again, his face looking quite distressed. "What does she like to eat?" Sweats started forming on his forehead. "Ahhhhh! Most of all, when is her birthday?" Roy gave out a loud sigh, yes his mind couldn't take it anymore, he HAD to say something to her, at least talk to her.

"Are you alright Roy?" Riza asked worriedly. " I wonder why he kept glancing at me just now…" "Nah, I'm fine… I just have a question to ask."

"Oh?" Riza looked at Roy, curiosity written all over her face.

"Here goes…" Roy gulped before shooting out all his questions.

"When is your birthday? What do you like to eat? Do you want to get some snacks at movie place later? If you want to, what do you want to order? Do you think we should go buy the tickets first, along with the others?"

Riza stared at Roy weirdly. "…why is he asking so many questions, does he think I can answer all of them in a go? Shhsshhh"

Riza closed her eyes, thought about all the answers, breathed in and out before replying to Roy.

" My birthday is on fifteen September, I like to eat berries, sure, we should get some snacks at the counter before buying the tickets, cause I know there will be a long qeue later, or maybe you should tell what you would like so I could buy for the two of us first, while you buy all the tickets for us." Riza said all in one go.

"Hmm…that sounds like a plan." Roy replied.

Bus fifteen had just arrived and they quickly boarded it.

They sat together in the bus, silently doing different things.

Riza stared out of the bus window, looking at the passing scenery, while Roy took out his Galaxy phone and started texting Maes and the others not to buy their tickets later, because he was going to buy it. All they had to do was to pay him back the cost.

" Bzz…Bzzz…" Roy's Galaxy went off.

Roy unlocked his phone…only to see a very annoying message by Maes.

"Roy, thanks for buying the ticket for me and Gracia and the rest, I will return thhe money back to you buddy…I hope you enjoy spending your time with Riza~ I'll text the others to come at a later time…oh, and by the way, GO AND GET A GIRLFRIEND MAN! EVEN BETTER, GET RIZA! Go go go! Go buddy! xDDD" Roy's left eye began to twitch after reading the message, yes he was not going to tolerate any nonsense from this guy.

But then a thought occurred to him, what if Riza WAS his type, what if he really did LIKE her, what if she HAD the same feeling for him….most importantly, what if…they could really…WORK OUT?"

He sighed again, leaning back onto the seat.

Riza noticed this and placed her hand on his forehead.

Roy blinked his eyes a few times before asking "Riza, why are you putting your hand on my head…?"

Riza raised an eyebrow before replying "Just checking if you were having a fever…Roy, your face is terribly red, are you ok?"

Riza's face carried a really worried gaze…and Roy felt really happy when Riza was touching his forehead, not in a perverted way, but more of…a warm feeling?

"I'm not having a fever…" Roy said, blushing , although it was a weird sight, but there he was, Riza getting why his face was red now, quickly removed her hand, her face also very red.

After about ten minutes of riding in the bus silently, Roy and Riza finally reached their destination.

They got off the bus and walked to the shopping mall, hearing some whispers from nearby people who kept whispering each other.

"OMG! That boy is so cute…too bad he has a girlfriend…"

"Wow, they bothered to dress the same T-shirt together, my boyfriend wouldn't do it…"

"Aww…puppy love…"

Roy and Riza walked faster and faster until they were running to the elevator, blushing madly after hearing all those comments, yes they were embarrassed, although they know that those comments usually would not have any effect on people who aren't in love together.

But there was this really warm and nice feeling in them which said it was ok to be together, making them run around, afraid, scared, happy, weird…

Riza shook her head and continued towards the movie theatre, Roy walking beside her.

"So…I'll go buy the food…" Riza said.

"And I'll go buy the tickets, see you later at the table over there." Roy replied before zooming off to the queue, while Riza walked towards the other queue.

"Boys really…" Riza thought, shaking her head.

"Girls really…" Roy thought, shaking his head too.

"These two really…" Maes said, shaking his head.

"Give them time Maes…" Maes's girlfriend, Gracia, suggested gently.

"Well… ok nevermind, the girls would follow Riza while me and the boys would go and check up on Roy, see you honey." Maes ended the conversation, with a light peck on Gracia's cheek.

She sighed, walking to Riza along with the other girls.

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