Chapter 18: Legacy


Andromeda Tonks slowly climbed the stairs and looked for her grandson, whom she had raised as if he were her own son. She had taken care of him since he had been one and a half months old and he was sometimes so very like his mother that Andromeda almost felt as if she had been given back her little Dora.

She sighed. Now was not the time to think about her daughter. The wound was still every bit as raw as it had been eleven years ago.

The door to the room that had once been her daughter's stood ajar. She had never used it for anything except a… tribute to Dora.

Andromeda entered it and found a familiar, eleven-year-old boy sitting on the bed, even though his hair was turquoise right now. But Andromeda had never even begun to wonder about what made him change his appearance. She had learned when raising Dora that there was simply no sense in trying.

When she moved closer, Andromeda thought she understood for once. Teddy was holding a picture in his hands – a picture of himself with turquoise hair in the arms of his parents.

"Teddy?" she said gently. Lately, he had insisted on being called Ted, arguing that 'Teddy' wasn't an appropriate name for an eleven-year-old who would start his first year at Hogwarts in a few days. But right now he didn't seem to mind.

"I found this," he said, looking at the picture. "You never showed it to me."

Andromeda smiled. "I must have forgotten about it. I think you were only a few weeks old when that picture was taken."

"Mum looks beautiful with the pink hair," Teddy said.

"Oh, yes, it was her favourite colour," Andromeda nodded, trying to suppress her own pain.

"And Dad has my eyes."

Andromeda nodded again, deciding not to point out that he had his father's eyes and not vice versa.

"Which houses were they in again?" Teddy asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

But Andromeda smiled patiently. She had expected him to want to know more about his parents now that he was older and able to understand and about to go to Hogwarts as well.

"Your Mum was in Hufflepuff and your Dad in Gryffindor."

"But Mum was an Auror, right?" Teddy asked, never tearing his eyes away from the photo.

"Yes, she was."

"Why wasn't she in Gryffindor then? Surely, you have to be brave to become an Auror."

Andromeda smiled. "She was brave, one of the bravest women I have ever known. But more important than her bravery was her big heart. She loved you and your Dad so very much."

"Then why did she leave me?" Teddy asked so quietly Andromeda could barely hear him.

She sighed and had to fight the urge to take him in her arms. She knew that was not what he wanted right now. "Oh honey, you know that your mother never wanted to leave you, but she didn't have a choice," Andromeda replied simply. She had never been able to accuse her daughter of having made the wrong decision all those years ago. There was no point, anyway. Nothing could change the past. And Andromeda knew that her daughter wouldn't have been the same after Remus' death.

Teddy was silent for a while. "I think I still want to be in Gryffindor. And I want to be brave, just as brave as they were. They died fighting Voldemort, right?"

"Yes, they did. But they didn't fight to be brave. They fought for a better world for you to grow up in," Andromeda said.

Teddy nodded and lapsed back into his silence, which Andromeda didn't dare to break. "Do you think that they would be proud of me?" he asked suddenly.

"Of course they're proud of you and they're always with you wherever you go – in your heart," she whispered.

Teddy looked surprised, but then he smiled. "Can I have this room when I return for the holidays?"

Now it was Andromeda's turn to be surprised. "Are you sure that's what you want? It was your mother's…"

"And I was born in here, wasn't I?"

"Yes, you were. But for me, it contains too many memories," Andromeda admitted. She really couldn't have slept in here.

"That's why I want to have it. It's like I can feel them in here," Teddy confessed.

Andromeda closed her eyes for a second. "In that case, consider it yours," she replied.

"Thanks, Gran," Teddy said and sank back onto the bed, still clutching the photo. "You know what? I think I want to be an Auror, too."

Andromeda laughed. "Then you better be good at school," she said while standing up.

"Were Mum and Dad good at school?" he asked eagerly.

For a brief second Andromeda thought of all the mayhem Dora had caused at school and quickly decided not to mention that. "Oh yes. Your Dad was a prefect."

Teddy looked impressed. Andromeda smiled and was about to leave the room while her grandson continued to stare at the photo. But she stopped at the door and turned around. "Are you sure you're alright, Teddy?"

He looked at her with Remus' eyes and Dora's innocent and kind face. "I'm fine, Gran." Then he smiled. "And I told you not to call me 'Teddy' anymore!"

Andromeda smiled in relief. "My mistake," she said and left, but not without glancing at her daughter's son once more, who was now walking through the room and checking everything that had once belonged to his parents with the excitement of a young, but happy boy.