No one spoke for the rest of the night and well into the morning. They were all hoping to get out of there, but no one wanted to jinks it by talking about it. Seymour kept biting his nails until his finger tips bled. The nun who usually came to teach them lessons was so mad that no one was talking that she left early, giving them all time off. Finally Jim got sick of the quiet.

"I can't take this anymore!" he yelled. "When's that Mushnik guy going to be here, already?" Almost as if on cue, Mr. Goldsmith was at the boys' door.

"Krelborn! Get your stuff and come with me," he said quickly, and then he left. Seymour sat there on his bunk, mouth wide open.

"What?" he said in a small voice? "Did…. Did he…"

"Yes!" Jimmy and David yelled in unison. "You're getting out of here!"

"Wow…" Seymour's mind was racing. Out of this place. Far away from Mr. Goldsmith and the bullies that had bothered me since forever.

Seymour jumped down from his bunk, hurting himself in the process, and gathered the few clothes that he had. Jim and David stood by the door, smiling sadly.

"We'll miss you, Seymour," David said.

"Told you you'd get out of here before us," Jimmy said. Seymour smiled at his friends, but felt a pang of sadness. What if he'd never see his friends again? They were the first people who had ever been his friend. And what about the home? It was the only home he'd ever known. I'm moving forward in life. He told himself. One day I'll be out of this town for good. We'll see each other again.

The boys said their goodbyes then Seymour went downstairs. Mr. Goldsmith and Mr. Mushnik were waiting for him there. "Are you ready, Seymour?" Mr. Mushnik asked.

"Yes, sir."

"Let's go then." Mr. Mushnik and Mr. Goldsmith talked for a minute, then the two left. They walked in silence for a while, taking a few turns here and there. Finally they reached a crumbling, old building. The sign said 'Mushnik's Skid Row Florists Shop.' Seymour stopped for a minute, taking everything in. He was out of the boy's home, hopefully forever. He took in a deep breath, started walking forward, and tripped. He got up and rushed into the shop after Mr. Mushnik.