It was movie night over at Willow's house, her parents being out of town, and Spike just knew Xander was going to give in and allow the girls to pick a bunch of chick-flicks. The boy caved any time Willow gave him that look, but no, that wasn't true. Xander gave in on the small stuff, the stuff he didn't give a rat's arse about, but the big things, those he stood up for. Spike still had trouble believing he was one of the things Xander cared that much about.

Spike still didn't understand how Xander had convinced them to pull out the chip. He'd stopped bringing it up because the only response he'd get, from any of the four of them, was this dreamy look and some comment about sharing thoughts. Spike guessed Xander must have seen something worthwhile in him for the rest of them to go along with the dechipping, but he wasn't sure he wanted to know. He still liked to think of himself as the Big Bad, from time to time at least, although he hadn't had much chance to act bad lately, what with most of the Sunnydale demons dead in the labs.

When Xander and Buffy came back carrying bowls of popcorn, Buffy caught Willow's eye and they both started giggling. Tara gave them an indulgent look while Xander, looking happy but confused, kept asking "What?" Not that the girls would tell him. They liked their little secrets, and Spike had given up thinking all secrets were plans aimed at him. None of them were getting on Xander, telling him it was time to kick the vampire out, so he figured he could give them the benefit of the doubt.

Besides Spike had plans of his own. The Scoobies been spending most of the summer together, making up for the school-year split-up, but in a few nights Buffy would be spending what she called "quality time with Mom" while Willow and Tara had a date scheduled, what Xander called "doing spells." Spike had a bit of spellwork of his own in mind, although he wasn't sure how well it would go off.

Working on an oblique approach, unsure how to make the first move with a human, Spike suggested they go patrolling. Another demon he could have up and grabbed. Not much for subtlety, demons, but a human you had to court, and he wasn't sure how. He'd never picked up the knack while he'd still been human himself and as a demon, hadn't needed it.

Scanning the cemetery, looking past gravestones and crypts, Spike made sure they were alone. "Bit boring, this."

"And you were expecting hijinks?"

"I was hoping there'd be a bit of physical action." The truth, that, although misleading. Now or never. "I've got something we can do."

Xander's eyes narrowed. "Do I really want to know? No, wait, I probably don't."

The lad had been so much more open just a few months ago. Spike figured, well no, it was more like he hoped, that the sexual tension was getting to him too. If it was something else, Spike was so screwed. "I'll teach you to fight."

"You'll whatzit?"

"Come on," Spike drawled. "Anything you've picked up is obviously haphazard. Could save your life someday, to know what you're doing."

Xander stared at Spike as if he was trying to look through him. "And you'll be doing this out of the goodness of your heart?"

"Hell no," Spike said. Shrugging he added, "Like to fight, don't I?" Like to do other things too.

"Thought you stopped fighting humans. I mean, not chipped now I know, but I thought you'd given that up and not just for Lent." Xander looked more curious than afraid.

"Wouldn't be fighting so much as teaching. There's a difference." As Spike took a step toward Xander, he called out, "Rule One: don't get caught." With a leap, he closed the distance. Swinging Xander around, he pushed him one, two, three steps until he had him pinned against the wall of a crypt.

"Hey," Xander shouted.

Slapping a hand over Xander's mouth, Spike said, "Now, now, that'd be cheating." As Xander squirmed against him, Spike stepped in, effectively trapping Xander between himself and the wall.

Spike grinned as Xander tried to speak, the lad's lips tickling the palm. He let his hand up. Xander glanced down to where Spike's body was pressed against his. "This is you teaching me how to fight?"

This is it, Spike thought. At least he doesn't seem upset, not yet. Spike let a slow smile, showing confidence he didn't feel, spread across his lips as he ground his hips against Xander's. A stray thought of what happened to slow and subtle was banished to the back of his mind. The boy wasn't complaining yet. "Maybe fighting wasn't exactly what I had in mind." He leaned closer, moving slowly, giving Xander all the time in the world to stop him. Xander didn't.

The kiss was a series of feather-light touches, quickly losing their tentativeness as Xander responded in kind. When Spike pulled back, anticipating lust, possibly mixed with uncertainty, Xander pushed against him, squirming to get away. "Are you nuts? Buffy patrols here, or Willow could be walking by. Well, OK, that's not likely but that'd be..."

Diving for Xander's mouth, Spike slipped his tongue in. Xander's hand reached around, pulling Spike in even closer. This time when they broke the kiss it was by mutual consent, each of them pulling back just enough that lips were no longer touching lips. Noting Xander's confidence, his lack of "oh my God I'm kissing a man" uncertainty, Spike, whispering intensely, said, "You've done this before. You've already popped this cherry."

Xander blushed furiously. "Um, there might have been this guy in Oxnard?" Eyes narrowing, he added, "If you tell anyone, and I do mean anyone, I'll be vacuuming you up. Got it?"

No telling the girls then. Spike was a bit disappointed that Xander wanted to keep him as his dirty little secret, but not enough to stop the seduction. Stepping back just a bit, he brushed his hand down Xander's torso, dropping further and further south until he was rubbing up and down over Xander's cock. "It's possible you could convince me to keep this to myself."

Xander grabbed Spike's ass as if it were a lifeline.

Just as their lips were about to meet, Spike pulled back. "Come on," he said, grabbing Xander's hand, running to the front of the crypt, moving just fast enough that Xander could barely keep his balance. Feeling unaccountably shy as they reached the door, Spike gestured for Xander to go first, receiving a look, full of lust certainly but also of something unreadable, in response. As Spike shut the door behind them, Xander launched himself at Spike, shoving him into the door, shutting it firmly as they ground against it. His hands seemed to be everywhere: under Spike's shirt; on his ass, pulling their hips together; behind Spike's head holding him still as Xander's tongue forced its way into his mouth.

Gods my boy is enthusiastic, Spike thought as one leg wrapped itself around Xander, shoving their hips even closer as he ground his cock against Xander's. After he'd kissed along the edge of Spike's jaw, Xander bit at his jugular, pulling the skin into his mouth, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. With a shout, Spike shifted to vamp-face.

Chuckling, Xander asked, "Liked that, did you?" He lifted his head, his eyes growing wide as he let out an "oh." Spike, wondering how Xander was going to handle vamp-face, watched closely as Xander smiled, a wide smile full of delight, and traced the ridges with one hand. As Spike closed his eyes, leaning into the caresses, he heard Xander ask, "Where else are you ridged?"

After a few minutes, the hands went away. "Hey," Spike called out.

"Need two hands to get your shirt off," Xander said.

As Spike took his hands off of Xander's ass, reaching for his own shirt, ready to rip it off, Xander slapped at him. "Don't be impatient."

Eyes still shut, Spike pouted.

"I suppose I could multi-task," he heard.

As a tongue started tracing its way along his ridges, Spike lost himself in the sensation. His lips curled up, pleased not only at the caresses but that Xander didn't mind his vamp-face. He felt his clothes being pushed back, over his shoulders, and then bunch up atop his upper arms. "Meant to do that?"

"Um, yeahsure. I was so hoping to disable you."

Spike shrugged off the jacket and shirt.

"How'd you do that?"

Opening his eyes, Spike didn't bother to answer but said, "Done being patient." Grabbing Xander's shirt, Spike tore down the front. Buttons flew everywhere.

"Hey," Xander yelled.

"Don't worry," Spike said, tracing fingers down Xander's torso. "I can nick you another ugly shirt."

"That's buy. B. U. Y. And hey, my shirt is not... ghahhh."

"Liked that, did you?" Spike asked as he continued to brush his hands over Xander's jeans.

Whatever Xander said, wasn't coherent.

Spike took three steps back. When Xander started to follow, Spike held one hand out, saying, "Don't be impatient."

Using vamp speed, Spike tore his clothes off, tossing boots and pants aside. He walked slowly backward until he was just far enough away. Turning, he leaned over, reaching out to rest his hands on the raised marble of the coffin. Looking over his shoulder, he wriggled his ass toward Xander and said, "Fuck me."

Xander took two steps toward him and then stopped.

"What?" Spike practically growled.

"Um, lube?" Xander sounded uncertain, as if unsure whether a vampire would use lube.

"Jacket pocket," Spike replied.

Spike heard rustling from the general vicinity of his jacket and Xander muttering something about boy scouts, although he didn't catch the reference. "Will you please come on?" he shouted.

"OK, OK," Xander replied. "It's not like I don't want it as much as you do." Quicker than Spike would expect from a human, Xander was behind him, telling Spike he was ready.

"Just shove it in already."

It was a finger.

"Bloody hell. You don't have to stretch me out. I'm a demon. I like pain."

He could almost hear Xander opening his mouth to object. Spike gripped the marble so tightly that he thought he could feel dent marks, but then Xander's cock was there, pushing against his asshole and shoving into him with a small pop, filling him up. On the fourth stroke, when Xander found his prostate, Spike shouted out his approval. As Xander's cock hit his sweet spot again and again in a rhythmic pattern, Spike shouted out, "There's my boy." Xander lost his rhythm for a moment, but then found it again, laying one hand on Spike's back while the other found his cock, rubbing it back and forth in counter-rhythm to his cock so that Spike thrust back onto Xander's cock and then forward into his hand, back and forth, and back and forth, until with a shout, he came, and then Xander was coming too, filling his ass with warm spunk.

After Xander had pulled out of him, Spike stayed there, stretched out, his hands still on the edge of the coffin, looking down until Xander, placing his hands on Spike's waist, drew them back gently. Spike let himself follow until he was standing, his back warmed by Xander's chest.

Closing his eyes, Spike rested there until Xander asked if they couldn't sit down. He followed Xander to a bench, irritated that the moment was gone. Xander, shivering against the cold marble, said, "I guess you weren't a boy scout."

"What are you going on about?" Spike grumped as Xander scooched over next to him.

"When I found the lube, I figured you were either being prepared or had been planning on seducing me and really, what's the likelihood of that? But if you were preparedness guy, you'd have a mattress here, or at least a blanket."

Sensing the nervousness underneath the babble, Spike leaned in to kiss Xander. "Maybe next time," he muttered. When Xander started grinning through their kisses, Spike asked, with a lighter tone, "What?"

"You said 'next time'," Xander explained with a goofy grin.

Spike smirked. "The sooner we get home, the sooner next time starts."

Xander was gone in a flash, pulling on his clothes. As Spike blinked at him, Xander called out, "What the hell are you still sitting there for?"

The next night was back to business as usual, hanging with the whole Scoobie crowd, heading off to hear Giles sing. None of them had believed him when Spike had mentioned it but seemed willing to go along and find out. Spike, figuring they thought he'd be proved wrong, was looking forward to seeing their faces when they did surprise Giles. He and Xander were walking ahead while the three girls trailed behind, stopping to look at shoes and such not, when Xander reached down and took Spike's hand in his.

Spike almost stopped but then convinced his feet to keep moving forward. "Thought you didn't want the girls to know you're pitching for the other team," he whispered.

Tara noticed it first, of course. Spike could hear her pointing it out to Willow and then there was a gaggle of giggles behind them. Xander turned his head, calling out an amused "What?" although he obviously knew what they were going on about.

"Took you long enough," Willow called out before Buffy distracted her, pulling her over to yet another store window.

Spike blinked in surprise. They Slayer was sensitive enough to give them a bit of space?

"You don't mind?" Xander asked. When Spike glanced up, Xander looked as pale as a ghost.

Spike thought back to that time outside the museum, when he'd taunted Xander and been wounded himself by the hurt in Xander's eyes, to the night Xander had rescued him in the ruins of the library and his decision to betray the boy, to how he'd sworn he'd never shag, much less love, a human. Squeezing Xander's hand, he said, "It's what I always wanted."