I'm running. I'm running for my life. My mother is dead and my sister is gone and I'm running. Running through the pouring rain and into

the black night. Everything around me is a rainy blur and the glass on the pavement is cutting the skin on the bottom of my feet. They' re

gaining on me I can hear them. I can sense the hatred they have towards me, it pours out in waves. I push my feet to go on faster but

they don't obey. Instead they buckle from underneath me and I am send skating across the pavement on my bare knees. Surprisingly I

barely feel it, but I know I scraped them pretty bad cause I am now leaving a trail of blood behind me. But that doesn't stop me I get right

back and start trying to run again but I tumble down a few times before I can get on a steady pace again. This of coarse slowed me down

and they are closer to me then they should have been. I keep running because I know there is nothing else left to do then try to get away.

Even if I fail at least I would die knowing I was the last one standing, the last one that survived their torturous hunt for us. No I wasn't

going to die, at least not by their hand I wasn't going to let them get what they wanted. As I neared the end of the street a clearing came

into view, in the clearing there was a small gate that had the word CARRIE engraved on to it. Without thinking I pushed opened the rusty

old gates and continued in not knowing they were already waiting inside.