Chapter Seven - All's Well That Starts Well

The next morning...

"I told you not to drink it." Potter whispered, still smiling lightly.

Severus grunted loudly, and covered his eyes with his arm. He tried to tune out Potter's voice from next to him but it seemed impossible now.

"What have I done?" He moaned, clutching the small vial.

"Besides seducing me, you mean?" Potter smirked. "Well, you rode a hippogriff, jumped off him, befriended Hagrid, walked naked-"

"Yes, thank you, no need to list it." Severus sneered irritated. Tentative finger brushed against his side, softly, ready to pull back any time.

"Is this so bad?" Potter asked carefully.

Severus had to admit, it wasn't that bad at all. And still, he felt humiliated.

"I've made an idiot out of myself." He grumbled. Then as if the idea had just occurred to him he leaned on his elbows and looked at the other man. "No, wait. No. This was your potion. Your potion made an idiot out of me." He accused Potter with a mean look.

Potter, lying on his side frowned suddenly. "You're not putting this on me, are you?" He asked angrily. "I was the one who told you not to drink it, I was the one who sent you to your room, and I was the one, who said no here. So go to hell, Snape, this is your fault, not mine."

Severus didn't really hear the answer; he was too occupied with Potter's naked body. "Put on something." He all but ordered.

"You bloody..." Potter's further insults were reduced into mumbling as the young professor stood up. He clacked barefoot to the nightstand and yanked open the first drawer. He pulled out a small vial and tossed it to Severus. It hit his chest then fell onto his lap. "Drink this."

Severus obediently drank the potion. Only after that did it occur to him that he didn't even know what it was. Neither was he usually the type who obediently drank anything. This was Potter's doing again. "What was..." He couldn't finish the sentence. His sluggish mind was, once again, stuck on Potter as he leaned down and pulled on a pair of simple black boxers. Or more like, stuck on Potter's nicely toned body, and firm, round arse.

He watched the man reach for a pair of jeans. Only then, did Severus realize Potter was talking.

"I knew this would happen. I fucking knew it. I'm an idiot. I shouldn't have believed in you."

The jeans were already at Potter's knobbly knees, when Severus spoke. "Stop, that's enough."

Potter yanked on his pants, but he didn't zip it up so it almost slid back down. Severus could see the dark, curly hair that covered Potter's navel. It was one of the spots he had licked yesterday, he noted to himself, his lips almost curving into a smile.

"No, it's not enough, Snape." Potter flared looking at him. "I begged you not to do this and now here we are. I should have known, I never should have come here with you."

Potter grasped his shirt and was about to put that on too, when Severus raising an eyebrow remarked quietly, "Technically I came here with you. This is, after all, your room."

Potter stopped suddenly, shirt hanging from his shoulders. He looked around slowly. "That's right... This is my room. Why the hell am I the one getting dressed then? Get dressed and get out of here, Snape."

Severus' eyes widened. "I have no idea why you're getting dressed to be honest. I simply said put on something as your morning erection is quite distracting. I only meant some boxers or... a sheet, just to cover yourself. Now I have to get all these stuff off you again."

"Wait... what?"

"I said-"

"Yes, I know what you said. But what do you mean?"

"Potter, are you a dimwit? What is so hard to understand? If you want to talk, let's talk but then you have to wear something because I can't concentrate when your cock is begging for attention so shamelessly."

Potter blushed. Adorably. "And what if I don't want to talk?"

"I imagine it would be fairly pointless anyway, given most of your blood is currently not in your head."

"If my erection disturbs you so much, you're welcome to do something about it." Potter said still defensively and Severus didn't know what to make out of the tone.

"Yes, well, I intend to." He stretched a hand towards Potter, who didn't move just stared down at him. "I'm an old man, Potter." When the younger professor still didn't give a hand, he added, "And I just spent the night fucking on the hard ground."

Potter finally stepped forward and pulled him up. "Where... where are you going now?"

Severus stared at the other man with wide, confused eyes. "Onto the bed. What on earth is wrong with you this morning? I'm hardly subtle about my intentions."

"So... so you don't want to go away?"

"Why the hell would I want to go away?" Severus frowned. "Wait... you're not still thinking that I might tell you to forget about last night, are you?"

"Well," was all Potter said, but it explained everything.

"Potter, why is it so hard to believe me?"

"I don't know... You were all Potter this, Potter that all morning, going on about this being my fault and everything. I thought..."

Severus leaned down and picked up the small blue vial from the ground and tossed it to Harry's chest. "Potter, this was Arbitrium Liberum. It brought out my deepest desires. Which was...?" He waited for Potter to finish it.

"It better be me. If you say riding Oberon, I will throw you out right now."

Severus laughed lightly. "Of course it was you, you imbecile."

"Then what was all this you being an idiot thing, and calling me Potter again?"

"Well, I was humiliated in front of my own students yesterday, I walked stark naked in many corridors and let me remind you, those corridors are filled with paintings who might pretended to sleep, but I assure you they were not even remotely asleep, especially not when I had my cock down your throat. Not to mention the state in which we have left the Trophy room. And I've been calling you Potter in the last twenty years, it's quite hard to break that habit, after spending just one night with you. I apologize, Harry."

"Oh Merlin... The Trophy room. I didn't..."

"No, you indeed did not." Severus assured the younger professor.

"What if someone sees-"

"Your semen on the glass with the many tell-tale handprints? Well, let's hope that during this fine morning our students aren't all that interested in the many awards our Boy Hero received in the past. That would be... awkward."

Harry drew five fingers through his messy hair before he looked at Severus slightly ashamed.

"That is your fault." Severus said. "So is my humiliating walk being witness by gossiping oil paintings."

"Merlin, Severus, please forgive me." Harry begged with a pained expression.

Severus couldn't help but smile at that, as he slid his palm up the naked chest until he reached the slim neck. "I don't seem to care." He shrugged, before he leaned in and kissed Harry softly. "This being your entire fault, as well."

Breathless from many kisses they all but fainted on the bed, successfully reducing Harry's clothing to only his briefs in the meanwhile.

"I hope that is my fault though." Severus grunted between soft kisses on Harry's neck, grinding his hips down, brushing their erections together.

"Absolutely yours." Harry mumbled back, his fingers dashing through long black hair.

Severus moved further down, nipping on collar bone and chest, licking nipples and adoring every inch of skin he found. Potter obviously enjoyed his ministrations. His cock was straining in the confines of his boxers, wet and hard already, while the younger professor writhed beneath him.

"Wa-wait, Severus... wait." Potter mumbled through soft groans.

Severus lifted his head, but his hands still caressed the lithe form beneath him.

"We can't..." Harry pressed out frustrated. "The Trophy room. We have to... What if someone walks by? A student? Or Filch? Or even worse... Minerva?"

Severus shuddered at the thought of that. The Headmistress would surely kill them. He rolled off Harry and sat up.

"I'll go." He sighed, dragging himself off the bed. He looked around and realized he did not have any other clothes beside the boxers he was currently wearing. Harry seemed to comprehend the situation as well as he stood and started pulling out drawers. Giggling he tossed a few articles of clothing at Severus, who noted with a hint of warmness in his heart that they were all black and as simple as possible.

Potter pulled on jeans and shirt, too. Again. "Do you even have your wand?" He asked Severus with laughter in his voice.

Severus stopped in his motions, Potter's black shirt still only half way across his chest. There was no need to look around. "Damn it. I went mad last night." Severus mumbled through gritted teeth. He hadn't ever left behind his wand since he got it for his eleventh birthday.

"Many times." Potter assured him with a nod, stepping closer, wicked grin playing on his lips.

Suddenly Severus remembered the way those lips looked around his cock.

"Indeed." He answered, pulling Potter to himself and kissing him hard.

The rapid, loud knock on the door reminded them that they had a very good reason for getting dressed. They shared an anxious look and walked out of the bedroom. The knocking came again and Potter gulped. Severus looked down at him then took his hand. That seemed to have calmed the young professor.

He opened the door then immediately had to step aside to let in a furious looking Minerva McGonagall.

"I have been teaching here for a long time," she hissed as the door closed behind her, "but never, never in my life have I woken up to such outrage."

She looked at Harry then her glance shifted to Severus, taking in his new outfit that was obviously not his own. "The rumours about you two, I take it, are true then?" she asked calmer.

Potter tightened his grip on Severus' hand as he inquired calmly, "It depends what the rumours say."

"Oh Professor Potter, I am quite sure you do not want to hear those rumours from my person." She said with her lips thin as razor.

"We apologize for our-" Severus started but Minerva held up a hand.

"You needn't apologize, Severus, you were affected by the potion at that time." Her stern gaze turned to Harry. "You on the other hand."

"You told me yesterday it's all his fault that he drank the Arbitrium and now it's my fault? He's the one who cornered me naked, I tried to say no."

"He did." Severus assured her.

"They're true then?" Minerva asked. "All the rumours?"

"I'm not entirely sure what they include, but I assume they will be correct."

"You two are together now?" Minerva asked carefully.

"Yes." They both answered.

"Oh finally." Minerva burst out then, beaming smile spreading on her thin lips. "I will overlook your behaviour this time," She chided them softly but still smiling which confused Severus and Harry even more. "But this is a school and no matter how glad I am that this finally happened, please, the next time do remind yourselves that there are children walking between the walls of this building. You do whatever you want but do it so no one sees or hears anything, is that understood?"

The two professors nodded silently.

"Albus talked to the paintings, but I'm afraid we're too late to stop the gossip now." She walked to the door but before opening it he tapped Severus on the shoulder. "I expect both of you to show up at breakfast. Act normal but I want you to show the children what had happened between the two of you is true and genuine. No need to confuse them even more. With some luck we might be able to stir the rumour to focus on the two of you being together and not on what had happened during the night."

"Minerva..." Severus spoke hesitantly but didn't know how to say what he wanted to express.

"Severus my dear boy, this is a castle full of hormone driven teenagers, I assure you the paintings have seen worse and the Trophy Room has been taken care of. Please forgive me, but the only news worthy about this is that this time it was about the two of you. And we're all very happy about that."

"Happy?" Harry asked back incredulous.

"Of course, Harry." Minerva looked bewildered for a second. "What do you think, why did Albus leave an invaluable and rare potion to you of all people?"

Then with a last smile, she was out of the room.

Harry looked at Severus. "Are you telling me Dumbledore had this all planned?"

"If I know that old coot well enough that is absolutely possible." Severus shrugged. "But on a more important note," he pressed Harry to the door then kissed him wildly. "...You heard Minerva..." He said with a smug grin and pressed his fingers to Harry's still hard erection. "...The Trophy Room has been taken care of and we still have some time before breakfast."

Harry moaned, lips already on Severus' as he steered them back to the bedroom.

None of them noticed the lean, white bearded man with the twinkling blue eyes, who currently occupied Godric Gryffindor's painting, too.

Godric looked at the old man with a raised eyebrow. "I believe you had mentioned you were in my house. Your actions however suggest something different."

Albus chuckled beaming at his friend. "Oh old boy, bravery can take on many forms as you see. One of the bravest men I know once belonged to Slytherin. I'm sure your system would not be destroyed just because an old man displays some of the characteristics of other houses as well."

Godric laughed booming. "Some of the characteristic?" he murmured mostly to himself.

Albus smiled happily at the closed door through which his two favourite boys were currently adoring each other.

He waved goodbye to Godric and walked out of the painting whistling the Hogwarts March. The Fat Lady and Violet were waiting for him. They had a lot to discuss after all.

Who said being dead had to be boring.


Albus Dumbledore you meddling coot. I adore you.

Well, that's all. I hope you enjoyed this little story. Thank you for reading!