Hours later, Tina had done her act several times following appearances by the new dancer, Wendy, and it was now getting dark. Tina could barely keep it together - when she went onstage after Wendy, the crowd seemed completely uninterested, and the audition had only confirmed to her that she was old news. Tears beginning to stream down her face, she rushed to the dressing room and opened her locker, fishing out the Mask from her purse. Holding it in her hands, she felt special again…the Mask was thick and heavy in her hands. Tina wiped away her tears, fully composing herself as she stared deep into the emerald green. She brought the ancient artifact up closer and closer, watching the inside shimmer until it leaped out of her hands, her vision overwhelmed by the squirming wood, suddenly alive! She stumbled back into the lockers, moaning in pain through the vicious transformation as the mask began to crack with lime green energy. Her hand slid down the metal surface of the lockers, looking for something to hold onto, but finding nothing. Snake-like whips grew from the edges, wrapping around Tina's gorgeous blonde hair, until there was no trace of it except for what stuck out from the back of her head, now fully encased in the throbbing, dark green mask. Tina's face was now covered in almost an inch of thick rubber, which had turned a brilliant green as it contorted and wrenched her facial features into a cartoonish version of herself. At this point, alone in the locker room, Tina entered into an uncontrollable tornado, speeding around the space as her pinstripe dress reweaved itself into a yellow blur, her face going through the final stages of the transformation in the obscured blur of the twister.

Inside the mask, Tina's could see through the two eye holes, which for her, protruded out like looking through a pair of binoculars. She could hear herself breathed in a muffled way, but could tell that the Mask was going to be controlling things from now on, and she was just a spectator. For a moment, underneath the thick rubber, she felt like she was suffocating, but the tightness increased, and soon she felt waves of ecstasy as she felt her signature smile grow into an exaggerated grin wider than she had ever felt it grow before.

In the locker room, Tina finally spun to a stop, her high heeled shoes squeaking like brakes as she stood in a power stance. "I'm ready for my closeup!" she shouted sultrily in a faux, smoky Marilyn Monroe voice. Tina, now The Mask, was wearing a skintight yellow dress cut down to a generously plunging V-neck, along with a shorter hem than she had ever worn, showing most of her smooth, eye-catching thighs. Whether the Mask had transformed her body or the dress was simply squeezing it into a new shape was unclear, but Tina's new figure was unmistakable: her chest had grown several cup sizes, her new cleavage bulging out of the V-neck of her dress, jiggling with every small movement, and her waist now four or five inches smaller, now to almost impossibly Barbie-like proportions, complete with a voluptuous rear. Tina's hair was gone, her entire head covered in the smooth, ridged Mask. Her eyes, noticeably bigger, sparkled and shone a deep blue as she began to strut around the change room like a catwalk.

Snapping out of her 'model' routine, Tina raced like the roadrunner to her vanity mirror, where her jaw dropped upon seeing her reflection. "Darling, you look fantastic!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, planting a huge kiss on the mirror. She stood in various poses, arching her back to highlight her bust, not realizing it was completely unnecessary - Tina's figure could cause a car crash no matter which way she stood. She turned around, marvelling at the tight, clean seam at the back of her mask…clearly this was where Stanley had been able to pull it off before, not that she was going to do the same thing anytime soon! A feeling of enormous power washed over her as she realized she could do anything, become anyone…and in an instant, Tina swirled around hundreds of times in a second, emerging from her tornado as a busty lifeguard, complete with a red bathing suit and life preserver.

"What? Someone's in trouble? Oh no!" she shouted, jogging in super slow motion, partially defying gravity. Growing tired of the character, she quickly transformed into a nurse, holding a giant needle, dressed from head to toe in a tiny white cotton outfit. "Don't worry, it'll just be a little pinch!" she said sweetly, taking the needle and sucking some of the fat from her waist with it, adopting an even more Barbie-like appearance. She winked at the mirror and spun into the form of Jessica Rabbit, tossing out a luscious body of long red hair and big, puckered lips, along with a sequinned cocktail dress. "Oh my goodness!" she cried, cocking her huge hips. With a quick spin, now she was Supergirl, then she was Poison Ivy, then she was Lara Croft, then she was a secret agent in a skintight black rubber catsuit - the possibilities were endless! Tina gazed into the mirror, the rubber of her catsuit squeaking, realizing she could be anyone…taking both of her hands, she slowly brought them up to the mask and ran them over the smooth surface of it, fully taking in her new superpower. With a devilish grin, she spun again once more, transforming into Stanley's Mask persona, complete with his yellow suit and hat, white shirt, and sharp features and masculine body! It was like Stanley, wearing the mask, was right here in front of her again, like all those years ago. "Ooooooh, ssssomebody stop me!" she shouted in his wacky voice, looking like a carbon copy of him, grinning viciously.

Wearing out her stamina with all these quick changes, Tina's bust bulged back into the suit, the fabric quickly melting back into her signature yellow dress, Stanley's classic features giving way to Tina's huge cheekbones and massive lips. Taken aback by the unexpected transformation, Tina stumbled back into the main dressing room area, bouncing into lockers and ricocheting around the room at an increasing rate like a pinball, eventually hurdling herself back towards the audition room, breaking the doors off their hinges to find Tommy and Craig packing up for the night. As the dust and splinters of wood gently fell behind her, Tina stood tall in her skintight yellow dress, hands on her hips. "Boys. Were you expecting someone else?" she asked coyly. She snapped her fingers, turning all the lights off in the small room and cueing a spotlight from an impossible angle. As she began to sing 'Big Spender' to the accompaniment from an unseen orchestra, Tommy froze, captivated by this green-faced beauty. As Tina finished up the rousing song, Tommy and Craig erupted in applause, confetti falling from the ceiling. "Way to go, way to go! Way to go! What's your name, gorgeous?" Tommy shouted, pulling out a cigar and lighting it as he made his way over to Tina, who was still frozen in her finishing pose. "Just call me The Mask." Tina said sweetly. "Well, whoever you are, you got it. Your name's gonna be up in lights in no time!" he say uproariously. TIna planted a huge kiss on Tommy's mouth as Craig watched, who had been desperate even to say one word to her the entire time. Tina winked at Craig and dashed out the door in a green blur.

Tina walked down the dark hallway, still wearing the mask. It was close to 4am, and she was wearing her black rubber catsuit, which squeaked obnoxiously as she creeped towards Stanley's apartment. Tina's mind was racing - she had never had so much attention paid to her in her entire life! The parties she had been to - the men, the women she had met. What if she woke Stanley up and they had a little fun together? Would he even want that? She couldn't imagine him ever wanting her like this, these cartoonish breasts, this ridiculous skintight suit, this maniacal face. No, she thought - and she might never get to wear it again if he found out. Gritting her massive teeth just outside Stanley's door, Tina reached up to the back of her head and fit her fingers into the seam of the mask, which felt firm and unyielding. Digging her fingers in deep, the Mask split, and the tight green rubber began to wrinkle and droop as she wrenched it away from her face. Tina's rubber catsuit was being ripped away in the emerging tornado, and her incredible new curves started to jiggle and sink back into her flesh. As she pulled and pulled, her cheeks were stretched out like they were glued, as if to let Tina know that if she changed her mind at any moment, the Mask would be more than happy to snap back to its prior perfection. The skin of her face warping and clinging to the mask like gum on the bottom of a shoe, the mask finally popped off, falling neatly into Tina's purse.

Tiptoeing into Stanley's bedroom, Tina dropped her purse on the dresser, yanking off one heel, then another, and pulling off her pinstripe dress in one move of her arms above her head. Stanley stirred awake, grateful to see his girlfriend. "Hey honey - c'mere…" he murmured lovingly. "I'm tired, Stan. G'night…" she said, plopping down on her side of the bed without even giving him a kiss, imagining his rejection of her as The Mask on loop.