Chapter 1: Key To My Heart

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Gwen's P.O.V

"Hmmm...what in the world! Derek, what are you doing?" I said to my little brother as I just woke up.

"Ahhh!" he screamed while turning around to face me.

I sat there in shock at what I had just seen. And from my own brother! Who is a guy! He can't be... No of course not. I mean, nooooooooo.

"Are you wearing... my bra?" I asked.

Derek quickly unhooked it and threw it in the floor.

"Ha...Ha...pshhh what bra?" he asked nervously.

"Derek..." I said while glaring at him.



"Okay, Okay! Shesh! Look, it's not what you think. In health we are doing this experiment where you have to pretend you're the opposite gender. And since I'm a guy, I have to act like a girl by wearing skirts, tank tops, high heeled shoes, bras, and... panties."

0_0... "Oh...My...God! Hahahaha! can your teacher tell if you're wearing panties?" I asked

"Trust me, she has her ways." he said creeped out. "But can we keep this a secret, please!"

Even though this was REALLY funny, it was also REALLY embarrassing. Sure, my brother gets on my nerves sometimes but I would never do something that low. "Sure."

After our conversation Derek left and I changed into a midnight blue polo shirt, black shorts, and midnight blue converse. After I put my clothes on I went into the bathroom and put on a crap load of eyeliner, mascara, and blue eye shadow.

Once I was done with that I went over to my computer and checked my email. There were 17 unread messages. 4 from Pixie Corpse, 3 from Reaper, 7 from Cody, 2 from Trent, and 1 from... Chris McClain.

I immediately opened that one first.

Dear Gwen,

I am pleased to inform you that there will be another season of Total Drama. Every other camper will be there as well. Please have your things packed and ready to go by Saturday, April 12. Thank you!

P.S. By the way, there is no way you can get out of this. You signed a contact. And if you're thinking that those contracts already expired, you're right; so we just had your parents sign a new contract.


Chris McLean

Wait... Isn't today April 12th?

I rushed out the door and into the kitchen where my mom was.

"You signed a contract saying I would be on the new season of Total Drama!" I screamed at her.

"Whoa, calm down sweetie. Yes, I did." she answered.

"Why!" I yelled.

"Because that was a good experience for you. You made new friends, you learned how to get along with people you didn't like, and besides you had fun didn't you?" she asked.

Well, I guess I had SOME fun, but most of the time I hated it.

"You see... now go pack your bags. Chef and Chris will be here soon." she told me.

Before I could even walk away the doorbell rang.

"Shit!" I whispered.

I ran half way up the staircase before my mom let Chef and Chris in. Chef ran after me and then barged into my room.

"Not packed yet? To bad!" Chef chuckled.

He found a suitcase in my closet and roughly opened it. Then he opened my dresser drawers and randomly picked clothing, and knowing Chef he probably put my worst cloths in there.

Having only 5 minutes left before I had to leave, I grabbed a huge bag on the floor and filled it up with my makeup, curling/straightening irons, other bathroom supplies, my phone, iPod, wallet, and 5 pairs of nice clothing.

I followed Chef downstairs and quickly said goodbye to my mom and Derek.

As terrible as it is, I walked out the door, but decided to have a little fun first.

RAPE!" I screamed.

Chef suddenly dropped my bags as my neighbors looked at him with disgust.

"Why you little bitc..." he started to say as soon as my neighbor, Granny Smith, came outside to help me and hit him upside the head with her purse.

"You best be leaving this sweet girl alone!" Granny Smith said.

"Fine... get in the car when you're ready." Chef growled at me as he picked up my bags off the ground and put them in the car.

Ughhhh! I hate Chef, Chris, and his stupid TV shows! Why'd my mom have to sign that stupid contract!

I got into the car and as soon as I did Chris turned back to face me and Chef started to drive.

"Hi Gwen." he said smiling.

"What's with you?" I asked a little creeped out.

"Oh nothing... I'm just glad that your mom agreed to have you on the show." Chris said.

"Why...?" I asked.

"Well after TDWT Chef and I viewed all the footage to see who would be perfect for the next season, and after seeing what happened between you and Duncan, we just had to have you back." Chris said while turning back around.

Oh shit! I forgot Duncan would be there, and Courtney will probably be there too! Ughhh this sucks! I really don't want to see him again, especially not after what he did on TDWT.


Chris had just finished telling us our second challenge and since our team won the first challenge we got a sheep shearer, while the other team got an old pair of rusty garden shears.

Cody had just dived into the pool of sheep at the bottom of the cliff when I heard Duncan and Alejandro yelling at each other.

"Not cool man, not cool!" Duncan said.

"But she's your ex, and I cannot help the way I feel about her!" Alejandro replied.

"Well figure it out or you're going to feel a whole lot of pain." Duncan growled.

I didn't think too much about it and went back to the challenge. A little while after Heather dived in and brought back a sheep. Cody and I quickly ran over to her and helped sheared the sheep. While doing this I over heard Alejandro talking to Courtney.

"I've been thinking about the future." Alejandro said.

"You have?" Courtney asked.

"Yes, tomorrow, and the day after, and even the day after that." Alejandro replied.

"I'm aware of what the future is." Courtney said a bit annoyed.

"Not when it comes to me." Alejandro said smoothly while Courtney blushed.

She realized what she was doing and glared at him and then looked at Duncan to actually see him crying.

*Gasp* "Grrr... Claims he wasn't into her anymore, ugh, what is his deal!" I muttered to myself after I saw Duncan crying over Courtney.

I stood to the side watching the other members of my team go back and forth from jumping and shearing until Cody came up to me.

"Need a shoulder? I've got two." Cody said sweetly.

"Maybe you were right. Duncan can be a real jerk sometimes." I said sadly.

"I know, I know. What can I do to make you feel better?" Cody asked.

"Can you make the pain go away?" I asked.

"If you mean Courtney, consider it gone." Cody said.

At the end of the challenge Duncan threw a dingo at Cody and since Cody got caught in the bungee cord we lost the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony Sierra and Cody sat on the top bench and Courtney, Heather, and I sat on the bottom bench.

"Sooo...?" Courtney asked Heather.

"Definitely." Heather said.

"Were talking about the same thing, right?" Courtney asked.

"Yes, voting off Gwen, definitely." Heather answered tricking Courtney.

"Just checking." Courtney said oblivious to Heather and I's deal.

Chris stood at the podium and started talking. "It's been a tough day for many of you, but one of you is about to have the worst day of all. Sierra, last to arrive, first to get injured. Courtney, slow with the emu, quick with the flirting. Cody, a petty fuse sent you spinning all the way here. Heather, not your most focused performance, and Gwen, Duncan? Really? Let the voting begin. Cody you're up first."

"Yahoo!" Cody said while getting up very clumsy.

After Cody voted the rest of us went.

"Okay, one vote for Courtney, one for Gwen, a second vote for Courtney, a second for Gwen, and the last vote is for... Sierra. It's a tie!" Chris said.

"No!" Everyone said in unison.

"It was an accident Gwen, I swear!" Cody said while shaking Sierra as she started crying.

"My favorite cop show is on Via Satellite in ten so let's make this tie breaker snappy."

Since Courtney and I had the same number of votes we had to feed baby Koala bears eucalyptus with our mouths as our tie breaker. Only problem, I'm allergic to eucalyptus.

In the end Courtney won, and that meant I was eliminated. I asked Chris if I could go into the confessionals one more time and say goodbye to Duncan.

Yes, I was a little ticked off because he was crying over Courtney but now that I think about it, he probably only did that so she would get distracted and get voted off. As I was walking over to first class I passed the storage room and heard some moaning.

"What the hell?" I whispered to myself.

My curiosity took over and I opened the door only to find Duncan and Courtney making out. They stopped as soon as they heard me and Duncan frowned as Courtney smiled.

"How... could you?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

"Gwen let me explain, I..." Duncan started to say before Courtney cut him off.

"You see Gwen, Duncan is mine. He always has been. He was only using you to win, but now that you got eliminated he's back with me." she explained.

"What! That's not..." Duncan started to say before I slapped him. Courtney stood there in shock and I punched her before I left.

I ran as fast as I could back over to the elimination room. Chef was gone but he left my parachute by the bleachers. I opened the door to the plane and put my parachute on getting ready to jump. I could hear Duncan screaming my name, telling me to wait, but I just had to leave before I got hurt some more. I turned around to face one of the cameras in the room. "Never fall in love in Total Drama" I said, before I took a deep breath and jumped.

*End Of Flashback*

"Were here!" I heard someone say as I came back to reality.

I got out of the car and realized I was back at Camp Wawanakwa.

Chef took my bags and started walking towards one of the cabins. He kicked open the door and placed my bags on a bed that hadn't been claimed yet and left.

I was about to sit down but before I could Bridgette and Leshawna came running in.

"Gwen!" they both screamed while hugging me.

"How are you guys? I haven't seen you in forever!" I said after they let go of the hug.

"Were fine, how about you?" Leshawna asked.

"Good, so is everyone here yet, or no?" I asked, hoping 2 specific people hadn't been picked up yet.

"Yeah, everyone's here. You were the last to get picked up." Bridgette said.

Dang it!

"So how are you and Danger Boy doing?" Leshawna asked.

"Yeah, last time we watched the show we saw you guys kiss and then the cable at the resort went down for weeks! And by the way, why aren't you visiting Duncan right now?" Bridgette added.

Memories and emotions all hit me at once. "Why don't we talk outside." I said. They both looked at each other and then at me, following behind as I walked to a table outside our cabin. They could tell something was wrong as soon as I frowned. I sat down with my legs on both sides of the table's bench and told my 2 best friends the whole story.

"That C.I.T Bitch! I can go pound her for you if you want." Leshawna said.

"No that's okay. I don't want this season to be to awkward." I said.

I turned around hearing a screen door slam. There he was. His black hair and green Mohawk, his multiple piercings, his tan, muscled body, his skull shirt and shorts, and his red converse.


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