(First 2 chapters take place when Valerie is ten.)

Valerie has always lived in the shadow of her big sister; she was either too strange or too young to hang out with her outside the house. Valerie did find one comfort among her life in her small town and that was climbing she enjoyed it to her nothing could top the feel of wind blowing threw her hair the crunch of leaves as she climbed and the feel of the rough bark under her bare feet. Valerie could climb farther up then any girl in the village and she even beat most of the boys in the village except for Peter who seemed to spend more time in the woods then his own home and something about him did not feel right but also made her feel safe.

Valerie ran through town square following after Prue and Roxana playing their favorite game Wolf were one kid takes on the role of the werewolf and has to catch the other players and Valerie drew the short stick and was the werewolf again. "I'm going to get you." Valerie called after Prudence. Valerie stop in front of the blacksmiths and saw Lucie she ran over to Lucie and said "Lucie what are you doing out here only young men are aloud here today for training." Lucie look down at Valerie and said "I'm waiting for Henry now go back to your game with Prudence and Roxana." Valerie bit her lower lip and said "why not come play with us Lucie." Lucie patted Valerie's head and said "I'm too old to play such silly childish games Valerie now go." Valerie look at her older sister upset and turned and turned back chasing her friends.

Valerie never understood why Lucie all suddenly stop wanting to play with Valerie just because Valerie was 10 and Lucie was 13. "Full moon tonight lock up and get inside before the sunset!" The town's priest shouted. Valerie saw a family chaining one of their five pigs to the sacrifice post; as long as Valerie could remember every full moon one of the families has to sacrifice one of their livestock to the Werewolf to protect the village from being slaughtered.

"Valerie I have to go in!" Prudence and Roxana yelled to her. Valerie froze she look up at the sky the sun was still high in the sky more than enough time to keep playing why do they have to go in so early she decided she would keep playing till her mom calls her no way was the full moon going to ruin her day. She ran back through town square she saw Lucie talking to Henry a Golden brown haired boy with dark brown eyes he was training with the blacksmith to take over when he gets older; was he the reason Lucie doesn't like hanging out with her anymore.

Valerie shook her head not wanting to believe Lucie didn't like hanging out with her. Valerie ran into the forest she's been through this forest a thousand times over she remembers were every root is where every sharp rock that could penetrate her foot and hurt it was and especially the trees that were the easiest and the trees hardest to climb. Today her mind was set on the tree that even peter couldn't climb is she could reach the top she would finally beat peter. She found it after a few minutes the tallest tree in the entire forest and it had very few branches to climb and grasp but Valerie would be the first to climb it.

She walked up to the tree and grasp on to the first branch and started climbing up the tree but when she was barely half way up someone called up to her "Valerie have you lost your mind." Valerie looked down to see peter standing right under the tree peter has black hair and hazel eyes. "No I'm just climbing." Peter shouted back up worried "This tree is rotted beyond belief it could fall down at any moment get down from there!" Valerie climbs another branch and replied "No I'm not letting you talk me out of this I will be the first one to climb up this tree."

Peter seemed to get more angry then worried he begged "Valerie is climbing up this tree worth your life." Valerie answered "I told you I'm climbing to the top." She reached another branch which broke under her weight causing her to lose her balance she fell to the ground with a loud thud. "VALERIE!" Peter ran over to her and said "Are you ok." "Yes I'm fine." Valerie stood up seemingly unharmed except for her feet bleeding. "Let me bandage your foot." "No I'm fine I'm going home." Valerie said taking off running towards her house tears streaming down her face she made it home just as the sun started setting. "Valerie where were you!" Valerie's mom pulled her into a hug.

"Playing mom." Valerie's mom pulled her inside the house and blocked the door behind them she look at Valerie and replied "You had me so worried Valerie you know on a full moon night you have to come home super early." Valerie looked at her mom and said "Sorry mom I promise I'll be home earlier next time." Valerie's mom gave Valerie a kiss on the head and said "Now tell me what happened to your foot." Valerie looks down at her foot that made a small puddle of blood on the floor she said "I step on a sharp rock." Valerie's mom picks her up and bandaged her foot and said "Now get off to bed no supper tonight for not coming home on time." Valerie nodded and climbed up to her bed and fell to sleep easier then she thought.

Valerie woke up to the sound of someone screaming and the first thing she thought as oh no the wolf got someone she shot out of bed and ran down stairs grabbing one of her mom's silver cooking Knife and ran outside to the source of the scream she reached central square and came face to face with a Black werewolf his eyes more yellow then the yeast we use to make are bread. She drops the Knife and was frozen in place with fear. The Wolf sniffed her and his eyes narrowed at her and Valerie cringed when she saw the wolf pearly white teeth sharp enough to gulp her up in a single gulp.

The wolf seemed to smile at her and he took a nip and Valerie step back the wolfs teeth just missing her nose by an inch. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" Valerie heard someone yell and an arrow hit the wolf in the side the wolf let out a slight yelp. "Valerie over here!" Valerie took off running towards the voice but it wasn't long till she heard the wolf's footsteps behind her. Henry was holding a bow and arrow and had the door opened to the black smith open. Valerie dived inside and henry closed the door fast. Valerie looks at the door and heard a voice in her head say I'll be back for you one day. But no one was there not even the wolf.

"Valerie are you ok?" Henry said offering a hand to help her up. "Yeah he didn't get me." She took his hand and he pulled her up he look at her. The old blacksmith hobbled into view and asked "Now young lady will you tell me why you're outside on a full moon?" Valerie look down at the ground and said "I heard someone scream so without thinking I came running to make sure no one got hurt." The Blacksmith said "That was Brave of you but also stupide of you." Henry look at Valerie and said "You can spend the rest of the Night here with us I'll walk you home in the morning when it's safe." Valerie nodded.