Given that this character was a main player, and in an animated version, I hope you all will know enough of her past that this will make sense.. I have a picture of her outfit as designed by me for this installment on my DA account under Yukiochan1


Sparrow typed away at the computer, playing watch duty for this shift. Her mind was split, parts drifting back to the events that had transpired when Dick and Danielle had returned to Gotham for school. In all honesty it was to be expected. Just because they'd managed to avoid Bruce at the manner and not returned to the cave didn't mean he didn't have access to them. If Danielle and Dick were to suddenly disappear from school, it'd heap large amounts of suspicion on them and Bruce, and being labeled their guardian, of course Bruce would have the authority to pull them from class.

She's never admit, how her heart clenched seeing Bruce standing next to the principal. The sheer fear that filled her when Bruce politely asked for a moment of privacy with Dick and herself and the principal had smiled when walking out the door. She'd never admit how badly she wanted to pull the man back, just to avoid the conversation she knew was forthcoming, or how badly she wanted to reach out for Dick, squeeze his hand just for reassurance, just to know it'd be okay. No, she'd never admit that, not even to herself.

Instead she stood straight and tall, a gentle smile on her lips till the school official had left, letting it slip to a thin line.

"I suppose you think I won't find you." Bruce said, somewhere between the Bruce persona and the Bat voice, forming a lump in Danielles throat. "You think you could hide? I gave a direct order. You're to return home. Immediately." There was no room for argument,but the world be damned if Danielle instincts of defensive sarcasm and that cold shell so perfectly erected after years on the streets and training with Bruce didn't fly up.

"Are you at such a loss Bruce, that you'd risk everything coming here? Speaking so openly?" Danielle near whispered out, feigning indifference. She was playing a bluff, and if it blew up, they'd loose everything. By the narrowing of his eyes it must be working. It was quite dangerous to speak in such an open space about their night life, even if it was cryptic. But damn it if the anger wasn't beginning to build. This was NOT what they needed! Was Bruce so thick headed, even at this age? "We're here, all appearances are kept and if ever we're needed, give us a memo." She said gesturing towards the news paper on the desk, her way of saying that in the event of some charity or some other function that called for the appearance of Dick Grayson or Danielle Fischer, they'd show.

Her face fell, her stomach falling low in her belly. "Until then.. good luck Bruce.." She whispered out softly, turning to leave, opening the door just a crack with that 'child of Wayne' smile for the secretary and other personnel outside the door. Dick was following silent, pulling back his own mask until he hear it.. his body going tense at the booming command hidden behind the name called.

"Dick." Came the deep growl, rumbling out from Bruces chest.

There was a pain in Danielles chest when she gave a sideways glance to her brother.

"Bye, Bruce." He said, turning with a soft smile, a broken smile, just for appearances. He then turned, pushing through the door and back into the school, and her heart shattered.

Was there any way of salvaging this now? She'd turned, halfway, a pleading look on her face. 'Bruce please, please tell him you need him, tell him you love him, bring him back home..' her heard pleaded silently. But she froze, finding herself unable to look the man in the eyes, so instead she turned back, silently exiting, closing the door softly behind her.

A urgent beep from the console in front of her drew her attention. With a few swipes and a radar was brought up on screen, an image of a ship hurtling through space, one she recognized. Her eyes were large behind her domino, the words stuck in her throat as she hoarsely croaked out, "Kori.." Desperately she swiped over the keys, attempting to mask the arrival from the watchtower while simultaneously calculating the landing point. There was a secret, descreet message sent out to the big blue boy scout. 'this one's mine.'

Dani swallowed hard, staring up at the fast approaching ship. If she remembered correctly. Star wasn't the happiest alien to have fallen to Earth. She couldn't take Kori on even in a calm condition, in an angered out of control condition... This would have to be approached in a very delicate way... Though backup couldn't hurt...

She slammed the button that sent an alarm through their small cave of an approaching mission, the first of its use. "Suit up!" She called into the mic that would ring out her message across the cave. "We're heading out!"

Sparrow turned back to the screen, watching the ship sail among the stars. She let out a silen prayer that her words could sooth the angered Tamaranean..


"Keep your distance as much as you can." Dani warned.

"It's another old friend of yours?" Wally questioned unamused. Everyone was suited up, strapped in and they were on their way to the estimated land site of Koriand'r s ship. Sparrow had debriefed them slightly on their new 'mission'.

"You could say that."

"So, anything we should be warned about to avoid someone ending up in the ICU like last time? You know, guns, bombs, giant kitchen knives?" Artemis asked with sarcasm.

Sparrow grinned. "No, nothing like that." She turned back forward. "Just superhuman strength, flying and starbolts." Her grin widened at the stunned silence of her comrades. "Refrain from going on the offensive. She's not an enemy, but she'll be lost and we'll have to run interference to prevent any lasting damage to the civilian populace or surrounding areas. Don't underestimate her for a minute, she'll run through us without a thought."

"And we're supposed to be thinking of this girl as a friend?" Superboy asked darkly.

"There's.. situations.. behind why she's here Superboy. She's angry and hurt on a strange planet. Her reaction of anger shouldn't be such a surprise." She met his gaze. She read the file and even so, it was no secret that Conners reaction to the unknown or misunderstood was regularly anger. She knew the clone could sympathize. "Besides.. I'm hoping it won't come down to that..."

"Approaching landing site now.." Megan stated, hovering the bioship above the streets so they could exit. Sparrow looked up to see a trail of smashed cars and shattered windows, up heaved concrete and cracked asphalt.

"Looks like someone started the party without us..." Wally blurted out with a slack jaw.

"Scared KF?" Robin teased, elbowing the speedster.

"Of course not!"

Kaldur approached Sparrow quietly whispering into her ear. "Are you sure we shouldn't call in the league?"

Sparrow reeled in her expression, knowing it was her own large eyes, her own worry and fear that clawed at her chest that was off setting their leader. She was on point this time, it was her who had to bring Starfire in, calm her down and get everything back to normal. No time for worry! She glanced over to Dick. "You've done it once on your own.. you'll do it again.." She straightened when Kal placed a hand on her shoulder. "Alright. Lets head out team! The hole in the floor of the ship opened and Sparrow was the first down.


It certainly wasn't hard to follow the trail of destruction that Koriand'r had left behind her, cars were trashed and lampposts were bent down to the ground. Steel beams from buildings were dented and twisted. She had definitely left her mark.

When the purple came into view, every muscle in her body tensed. This only magnified when she saw Starfires bound hands raise to strike at a very unstable pillar supporting a patio of patrons at a restaurant that hasn't managed to feel before the earth shaking force known as Koriand'r. He fist pummeled against the support beam, drawing panic screams from the civilians as the foundation cracked and buckled.

"Kid Flash!" Kaldur called out. The speedster was quick to respond, running forward and up the side of the building, snatching up the patrons and rushing them into the building just barely before the patio sections came crashing down from the tremendous blows.

'Megan, knock her out into the open away from the buildings and leave her to me. Focus on clearing the area!' Sparrow commanded through the psychic link.

'Are you crazy?!" Robin asked immediately. 'You can't take that on alone!'

'I have a plan...' it didn't sound even half as convincing as it needed to be.

'And if it doesn't work?' Kaldur questioned cautiously.

'Then we go to plan B.'

'Plan B?'

'You guys..'

'We don't do suicide missions!' Robin yelled out.

'Then do what I say! Get the civilians out of here! Megan, now!'

Reluctantly the martian released a psychic blast that knocked the Tamaranean back towards the center of the street where Sparrow was quick to meet her, sending a strong glare to her teammates to ensure they followed the order to evacuate any remaining civilians. If things went sour with Kori.. the surrounding area would be a disaster zone.

"Starfire!' Sparrow called out, drawing the angered aliens attention to her after the blast that knocked her back. The angered Tamaranean turned on her with a growl, giving Sparrow her first good look at her. She immediately cataloged several differences from her own Kori. For starters, where her Koris hair was long enough to pass for a cathedral style train on a dress, this ones hair was quite short and her uniform was much more.. conservative. A fitted purple dress with high slits, blue gray leggings, high purple boots and long fingerless gloves in the same color as the tights, accented with green gems and gold accents. Still, she knew it was Starfire. She couldn't be surprised, with all the other differences, that Starfire would look different.

Starfire circled her, and Sparrow moved with her, unwilling to allow her eyes off the girl in front of her. One wrong move and she wouldn't be coming back alive.. Words flew from Stars mouth, all in Tamaranean, and none she knew definite translations for. Oh she'd heard them before, many times, but never been given a proper definition. As her Dick had once told her, they were words she needn't know.. which gave her enough clue to their meanings. Still she held her hands up, palms out turned in a symbol of peace.

"Star-AH!" Sparrow dove to the side as Starfire charged, slamming her bound fists into the street where Sparrow had been standing only a moment earlier. "Damn it!" Sparrow muttered under her breath. "Koriand'r!" She shouted out, the Tamaranean stumbled in her next charge, pausing mid attack. Demanding an answer in her own language. Sparrow swallowed, her tongue feeling heavy in her mouth as she tried to force out the words so strange to her.


Robin watched as Sparrow narrowly avoided the blow this alien creature had taken against her. The bird rolled to the side, tumbling amongst the sharp jags of metal and asphalt. When she didn't draw a weapon, when the alien charged again he couldn't keep away. He made a running start back to the action.

"Rob!" KF called after him. "She said to stay away!" Wally growled when he was ignored by his friend, headed after the boy wonder. He grabbed out and took hold of Robins arm just a few feet away from the pair. "Dude!" Anything else he was going to say was lost on his tongue when he heard the strange language drift on the air. He and Rob looked up to watch as Sparrow conversed, a bit awkwardly, with their new guest.


Danielle tried to sound soothing, though Tamaranean was a far cry from a natural language to her. Even with tutoring from Kori, her knowledge of the language was limited at best. If this was going to work, she'd have to get Kori to understand her on her own level. After several calmings of 'It's alright' and 'we're friends' or 'calm downs' she decided to make her move and called out the words that she hoped Kori would heed, gesturing softly and slowly to the target.


"Dude.. what's she doing...?" Wally asked slowly as he watched the alien creature approach Sparrow cautiously, if not a bit agitated. Sparrow was calm, holding her ground and whispering sweat, gentle words in a language neither male had ever heard before. He felt Rob stiffen next to him when the alien was only centimeters away from Sparrow, finding his own feet about to bolt forward to push the enemy away from his teammate. In the next instant, he found himself floor as the two girls were.. kissing..

If it had been anyone else, Robin would be telling KF to pick his jaw up off the floor, but he was certain, for even just a moment, he'd joined the speedster. He watched as Sparrow sat pliant to the aliens kiss, still, but anything but stiff. The alien however, didn't seem too happy of the situation, it almost looked.. demanding, something forced, needed..

"I think we just met Sparrows girlfriend..." Wally muttered out... "Hot..."

"Shut up!" Robin shouted, punching the speedster in the shoulder before heading out towards the two girls who had finished their kiss.


"You can.. understand me now?" Sparrow asked cautiously.

"Who do you know my name.." Came Koriand'rs demand.

"It's a long story.. best saved for later. We should probably not be here when the police showed up.. you've caused a lot of destruction trying to free yourself from those. They may not take too well to that."

"Sparrow!" Robin came running in with a offensive stance. Kori responded with slipping into a battle stance of her own, best she could with her hands still bound. Sparrow held her hand out, holding Robin a bay and gently making a lowering motion with her other at Starfire.

"Robin stop... She's on our side..."

"I'm not on anyones side!" Starfire said defiantly.

"Koriand'r.. I want to help you.. I know you're in trouble."

"All the more reason you should NOT be helping!"

"Can't do that." Sparrow said simply. "See here, we're the heroes.. we help people in trouble. It's what we do." By this point the others had begun to gather.

"They'll be looking for me.."

"And we'll be here when they show up.."

"When who shows up exactly? And why are we not involved in this little decision?" Wally asked angrilly.

"Sparrow.. what is happening here...?" Asked Kaldur calmly.

"Again.. long story Aqualad.. Best saved for the ship.. If I may?" She turned to Starfire with a multi tool in her hand. She reached out gently for the cuffs. Star flinched away for a moment before allowing Sparrow to take the cuffs in her hand and work on them to release the Tamaranean. The metal binding Koriand'rs wrists fell heavy to the ground. Starfire rubbed her wrists absently.

"We need to leave."

"And we're taking her with us?" Artemis said cynically.

"I promise to explain everything on the ship.." Sparrow offered. She knew it'd be a long night. It already had been and it was barely just begun. Now she had to explain an entire history, of HER Starfire as well as the likely history of THIS Star.. But looking at the the red haired Tamaranean, a simple thought passed her mind. Perhaps it was time they held their own recruitment..


TOTALLY DIDN'T TURN OUT LIKE I WANTED! . hope you all can enjoy anyway.. The kiss? Well I went on teen titans version of knowledge conversion through lip contact, why Sparrow? Comedic relief.. cuz trust me, next chapter or maybe even more.. we all know Wally will be all over it!